Saturday, June 13, 2015

Travel Papers Before the Call?

Soooo, on Monday, April 27th, Hayley's Travel documents arrived. Hayley's curiosity got the better of her and she opted to open them to see if it might say where she was going on her mission. Just to check. Once she opened them, she saw that she was expected to get a visa and send for her Birth Certificate. As she glanced a little more, she noticed where she was going on a mission.
Then, she called her mom to tell her that something came in the mail. The picture she sent Mom showed that the envelope was ripped open. Mom said to her that she knew Hayley already knew where and asked her where it said. She finally confessed and told her the place it said. She also told her sister and Dad. It was a place no one expected and hardly knew. So Mom told some co-workers. But, Hayley decided not to reveal it to anyone else until the Official Call came in the mail.

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