Monday, May 30, 2016

Yay....i left in the area!!! haha

So we left alittle bit this week!! well in reality alot of things happned!.... so we went to the hosptial for my comp and while we were there the doctor didnt listen to us. So we called hermana Wilson and she came over and was like ok! so her and president came and were like lets talk to him so they did and it was awesome! After 5 hours in the hosptial, we got it done with the medications haha!

Also this sunday was awesome! One of our investigators that we havent visited in months came to CHURCH! i was like no way! My comp doesnt know her so she was like what! i was like oh my gosh what a miracle! so we are going to put her with fecha tonight and she wants to be baptised! Turns out that the ward wanted to get her baptized casue we told them that she was intersted but since we couldnbt go out they did this on their own and have been talking to her and now she wants to be baptized! so to say that im just a little excited is an understatement! haha

Also i had AMERICAN CANDY AND SYRUP!!! i was SOOOOOO excited!!! one of the supermercados sells american food!! in Asuncion of course and is carisimo bit OH MY GOSH!!!! haha ill send a pic.. the candy is gone and it wsa soooo good!

ALso we went to a wedding and a baptism for 3 bocas! it was soo cool! ill send pics they are only 18 and 19 years old.... but ya! the bride looked soo pretty! haha

Anyways that was my week! 

Love you guys lots!

Hermana Breon
i made pancakes and we tped the hermana liders room muahaha
To Mom:

I walked on my foot a little! im only walking on my tippy toes but ya! its pretty cool! hahaha nah... its ok want a pic.... its kinda gross ask dad for it if you ant to see but dont worry.... i hear that its gonna be ok hha also i have a doc appointment on thursday so well see how that goe! 

Oh ya its memorials day... wierd... you guys are in summer.... im still freaking out about thhat hahha! 
oh and next week.... i hit the middle of my mission.... is that wierd or what! I feel like im gonna be ok after this and that im gonna acomplish what i was sent here to do. hhaha por fin! hahaa nah.... im excited... my compñ keeps telling me that im like a mom.... thats the first in my life ive been told that! im definately changing.... i can see it... its wierd... i act a little more mature and like i feel older haha well im still my self... dont get me wrong but ya! its super wierd... haha hermana ludlow is like saying that she thinks ill be an hermana lider or train in august and i laughed and said i dont want to hahaha but ya....

Hey i heard a rumor that hermanas cn wear pants now! what the heck! i dont believe it, but tell me if its true... hhaha 

Anyways love you lots!!! 


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Wooohooo another week in house and it was fun

So this week i was in house again haha So we went alittle crazy on saturday but we went to church on sunday and now we are out again haha so were ok now haah but this week my comp found out that she has a medical problem so weve been dealing with the emotions that come from that... i totally get it haha so ive been here to help her out alot. And so this week we made chinese food and didd green face masks that kinda came out scary haha we also burned matches for fun haha 

So its been sooo cold here! im like what! its paraguay! hhaha so weve been chillin in tights and drinking cocido... which im like totally addicted to... and ya haha that was the week hahah ojala i get to work this week!!!! The doc said one month but im gonna try this week... just alittle.... hhaha

Anyways love you guys!!!

Hermana Breon
To mom:
ya syd sent me the pic haha! thats awesome! She like doesnt even need to go up to colledgeª! shes like basically got a job! hhaha maybe a few art classes but thats it! hahh its really good! you know what she said to me in my emial... shes like i dont like doing white people haha! i laughed haha

Yess im in house ALL THE TIME!!! IM GOING CRAZY!!!!!!! i like litterally have to stick my head out side and breath fresh aire becasue i just cant anymore hha the doctor first told me 2 weeks but then she said one month... so im gonna try to work a little bit on thursday.... i cant take it anymore hhahha 

Monday, May 16, 2016

A new comp!!!

So this week I got a new comp and you know what! she's Sydney's friend from middle school! and you know what's super freaky... so we were talking and she knows like all my friends who went to Higley High!!!! It was so wierd... last night we were talking and I was like oh ya I had this friend who went on a mission and she was like where and I said and then Iwas  like well this is their name and she was like no way I was scripture buddies with them in seminary and like do you know their friend... I was like no way I grew up with them!! how freaky is that! haha Her name is Hermana Ludlow and she's from Gilbert.... its super wierd.... haha she just finished her training and is now with me! haha 

So this week I was in house cause like I had to go to the doctors and they had to burn something off my foot so now I can't walk for 2 weeks to a month. soI'm  praying that everything will work out fine haha! 

But ya so that was my week! I sent pictures!!! haha my new comp and we were on the roof because it was like super foggy and really cold haha 

Love you guys have a good week!!! 

Hermana Breon
Me and Hermana Ludlow!! My new comp!
Me and my comp with the Hermana Liders that we live with. We're on the rooftop above our place. 

To Mom: 
Now about me, so i got it (the wart) burned off thursday and at first she didnt give me any like pain killer at all and it HURT!!! so i was like ummmmmm can i get anesthesia. she was like fine.... so then it was good and i didnt feel anything! so ya its now a huge blood blister and hurts haha but its ok.. hahah so thats what happend. Im cool though haha
Anyways! this week was a good one hahah!
I'm glad dad is ok haha! but that sounds like classic dad!

 so heres the list of things I need...

Green face mask
Neutrogena face wash...cualquier
Piano guys cds
EFY cds
foundation.. kelly sent me chelle before my mission but i need one tone darker
cover up... cover girl the liqyid tube with the silver cap thingy light or fair but probably light
cool stuff you find i ike surprises
hair oil thing that you send me....AMAZING and now im out.. its garnier frutice and its the moraccan oil sirum
Really thats the needs.... i dont know about anything else but when i get this it'll be at my 11 month mark.... WHAT!!! its so wierd to think about hhaha

Love you lots!

Me and Hermana Salgado at the Temple!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


So this week is cambios and my comp is leaving :( shes going away to a new area and i have a new comp that i dont know yet cause she hasn't called haha so ya!! 

I dont really have much to say cause i got sick and had to stay inside all this week haha so ya... but i hope that everyone had a good mothers day!!! 

Love you guys lots!!!

Hermana Breon

To Mom:

So i dont know my new comps name casue she hasn't called so ill tell you next week.
About my foot. So we went to the doctors today and she said that i can get it burned off thursday and then i can walk after 2 weeks. but i have to not walk at all for 2 weeks. But ya! after that i should be good! Im not going home.

Anyways thats what happened today. So ya dont worry about me.

And i am praying (i said that) and im growing closer to christ. its a slow process....
Ill try to send home my list of things that i need.... i forgot it hahaha 

You want to know what was funny. so at the hospital there were germans and they were staring at me like crazy! hhaha they probably see the german in me haha 

I still dont know my comp..... well i have until 6 tonight so well see! i have to wait for the call from her so its kinda wierd haha! all i know is that im getting a new one.... i wonder if its sombody that ive already been comps with haha wouldnt that be funny hahaha! 

(1hour later)
i have montana Ludlow as my next COMP!!!!!!!!!!!!! she just called!!!! AHHH!!!! she was like i know your sister!!! i was like what!!! haaa how crazy is that!!!! haha i just thought i tell you!! hahah 
(Montana is from Queen Creek, Arizona near our house and she was a friend of Sydney's in school at Ben Franklin!)

love you lots!

Monday, May 2, 2016

HOOOLAAAA!!! Especial Cambios this week.... que loco

SOoo this week was pretty crazy. So I have a nasty wart in my foot and can't walk at all, so this week we had special cambios so that I could help another Hermana in the mission! So her name was Hermana Huicho and she is from Mexico!!!! haha! She has dengue so my comp went to her area and I got to help her till today... that's why I'm writing so late haha!  so ya! Her area was more campo than mine, so it was cool going there to drop her off! She is so awesome! I want her as my comp someday! I love that girl! But I have my comp back too! So I have mixed feelings.... sad cause I want my comp, but sad cause Hermana Huicho was so cool! haha! Anyway it turns out that we had the same comp too, Hermana Banda!!! haha! 

SO ya this week I just worked on the spanish and helped somebody else out for a change! I loved it haha! I told Presidente that I can help sombody out anyday haha! 

SO cool experience time.... So today we were on a collectivo (bus) going home and we were standing by this lady and she asked who we are and stuff and so we started to talk to her and she said that missionaries pass the house all the time, but she never let's them in, but after talking to us she wants to find out more! At that moment it made me realize that being on a mission is AWESOME! and that sharing the gospel makes you happy and others happy! and I realized that I could understand spanish better than I think and that there are people out there just waiting to hear! 


Love you guys lots!!

Hermana Breon

To Mom:
We had interviews with Pres this week and he was talking about the atonement and my relation with Jesus Christ and I like realized that I need a stronger one haha but ya... definately made me think haha. He was like, the atonement is there for all the trials that you are gonna go through and stuff and he was like, you have had many trials in your mission and I was like YA! haha! He was like God is trying to make you better and you are gonna do great things after this. and I was like I hope so! hahahhhah! nah! But it was a good interview for sure haha  but I was soooo happpy that I could help sombody else with a physical thing! haha President was like now you can help somebody else and I was like yes andI'm  sooo happy! haha It felt good to do that while I'm going through my own problems haha! AND I made a friend! haha! 
WOW!!! the ward sounds soooo wierd.... I mean small. haha I hope that when I come home that the others from the other coronado wards can be there! they're my friends! haha! I have something to tell you about the foot,  but I'll wait to say it to you... don't worry its nothing major haha so ya. 

Love you lots!!