Monday, October 26, 2015

Paraguay! Semana 7

Wow! Im here! This is seriously so crazy! I was so sad to leave the CCM! 
Well we got here to Paraguay and it was so hot! haha! It reminded me of Arizona so much! just think AZ heat and humidity like you would in the rain forest! YUP! But i wasnt complaining about it too bad haha! There were 4 Latina hermanas with us and they were complaining about how hot it was haha! I was kinda used to it cause of AZ haha! ANywho! The President and Hermana Wilson are super nice! I love them so much! Suprisingly in the interview with the President I understood everything beside one thing! I was very impressed with my spanish knowledge hahaha! Anyways they fed us this HUGE Alumerzo and it was so good! for the first day we were with the APs and the oficina missionaries and the President and Hermana Wilson. Only 2 were american so all of us english speakers got to talk to them and ask what we were going to expect. After that they let the hermanas sleep for 3 HOURS!!! It was amazing especially because we had been up since 3 that morning! Then after cena they took the hermanas to the hotel for the night! 
The next day we got our trainers. My trainer is Hermana Cowley. She is from Pleasent Grove Utah and is super nice. She has only been in Paraguay for 7 months. My area is Villa Anita. Its about 1 hour south from  the mission home. They put us all in taxis and we all went our seperate ways. So that was sad. 

But here the ward is very nice. There is 100 members technically but there is only 30 who come to church so ya. In our ward, we share it with the district leader and his companion. 

There really hasnt been much going on because my toe has gotten worse so we went to the hospital and the doctor thinks its sprained (Which we told hermana Wilson and she thinks its broken becasue its been almost 3 week and it still hurts.) Anyways i have an appointment on friday to see if it has gotten better. 

ANYWAYS! Paraguay is pretty different and i mean REALLY different from the US and Argentina. Kinda have culture shock. haha! OH and there is a ton of jungle! Its crazy!!!!!!


Love you all lots!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Breon

Friday, October 23, 2015

Arrival Pics at the Paraguay Asunción Mission Home!

President Y Hermana Wilson con Hayley.
In front of the Welcome Banner!
The new arrivals!
The New Arrivals with their Trainers! It looks like Hayley might be paired up with a Norte Americana trainer!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I'm here!!!!! (Her first day in Paraguay!)

Im here! Its so humid and hot! haha! The moment we walked out of the plane there was mosquitos! haha! Its way different here but i think im gonna love it! My visa picture is way funny! They got me looking crazy! I showed president and the American Elders and they laughed! Its that funny! Its crazy how green it is here! It looks like im in the jungle! haha! The Paraguay Flag is everywhere and it is super cool! haha! The other Hermanas that are with me think that its so hot! haha! They are from cooler places! haha! Its kinda like Arizona except with humidity. haha! right now its 100 degrees outside! woo! haha! I think im gonna get super tan! haha! Love the Mission President and his wife! They are so nice! I cant wait to understand everything they are saying! haha! 
Im safe! and hot! haha! Love you Mucho!!!


Ps ... its way cool here! haha Me and the other hermana were just looking out the window the whole way here! The ELders are already sweating haha! 


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Last Week in the CCM...Semana 5

So this week was crazy! It flew by soooooo fast! So you know how i said that i thought that my toe was broken? well thankfully its not! The area doctor came and he looked at it and it said that it was super sprained. So I asked him if i could go to proselestismo on sat and he was like ok if your foot feels ok! So I was like praying and praying cause i really wanted to go!
 Well Saturday rolled around and i was determined to go. I was limping around the CCM with a man tennis shoe on (it was bright flourecent orange and on my other foot was my normal missionary shoe so it looked funny) but my companions were like no Hermana Breon dont go! you should rest! But i really didnt want to stay at the CCM for 5 HOURS and do nothing but study Spanish when i could be out in Buenos Aires proselighting. So i went. I was in the Buenos Aries este area with all the american districts. Us sisters were right next to an area where their district leader was located. So we walked around and NOBODY was out! After 2 hours of doing nothing, my foot was serioulsy killing me. So I reluctantly went to a local business and called their DL so that way we could go back to the CCM. My foot was hurting so bad. So he happened to be a a teacher that works here home, Hermano Gómez. He isnt married so he lives with his mom (thats what they do here, they live with their parents till they get married.) Anyways so he drove over with his mom and picked us up. He asked if my companions wanted to stay and proseletie or come with me. They came with me. At first i wanted them to stay but im glad they came because we went to his house and were there for 3 hours! haha! I met some of his family, learned that he sleeps light and actually learned alot about him! hahahaha! His mom was saying all this stuff and he was like MOM! hahaha! I understodd basically everything that she was saying! It was crazy! she was talking faster and i knew everything! He really didnt traslate so i felt bad for my companions who were sitting there kinda lost. She asked how long we had been in the CCM and I told her for about 5 weeks and they said about 3 and she was like OH! and said to me thats why you understand everything i am saying and responding back haha! After talking for a while she wanted to sing a Hymn and so we did! Im serious! The Spririt was sooooooooooooooo strong! I was like you cant end on that and then not give a lesson! So i asked if we could and we gave a lession on faith. I haveent felt the spirit so strong then in that moment. I was bearing my testimony and i dont even remember what i said! All I remember is me spiting out words that was not mine. My companions testified and it seriously was the BEST lesson ever! I almost cried, she cried, Hmo Gómez almost cried..... like awesome!!!!!! She shared her testimony and WOW! I just cant describe it...... It was awesome! My goal is for every lesson to be THAT good! 
After that we gave her huge hugs cause we had to go back but I love that lady sooooooo much! I felt God´s love for her and im so sad i will never see her again! 
After that we rode the bus back to the CCM with Hmo Gómez and picked up the other missionaries. So once again I had an unusual Prosesletismo! haha! My district was thinks that im being prepared for something awesome in the mission. They were like there is no way you are having these different experiences than everybody else if it wasnt for a reason!
Im gonna miss Argentina SOOOOOOOOO much!!!! I wish i was serving the people here but i know im needed elsewhere.

Well back to my toe..... 
Its ok now and mom.... the spider bite was just a bite... its gone now haha! Im wearing a normal shoe haha i just still have my toe wrapped up but i think everything is gonna be ok! 

OH another sppriritual thing... So in IPs we had one with Hmo. Gómez and everytime we have it i feel like the spirit is not there and after proseletismo, i know it can be powerful and i wanted that for this lesson bad. We were in comp study and it just wasnt feleling right. My companions agreed and we changed it. We went in and asked him to bear his testimony and then we knew where to go. Hermana Lovall gave this awesome paragraph in the folleto and it just was like BOOM sprirt is there! Then Hermana Hunsaker bore her testimony and BOOM BOOM! Powerfull and then I bore mine and I felt like i was on fire! It was just another awesome lesson! Im so grateful for the Spririt helping us testify even if it is a pretend lesson. Hmo Gómez was like almost crying! So i knew he felt it too. SOOOO AWESOME!

Last night was the best storm ever! It rained like crazy, thunder and lightnig! Well the rain came in our window and soaked our carpet! we had to hurry and dry it. After that we went downstairs because we are singing with my district for a special musical number on sunday. Us hermanas walked in and we saw that a window was opened and rain was flooding in! So we ran and got towels and tried to clean it up as best as we could... the wallpaper was ruined but we grabbed a Brazillian Elder and told him what happened and he ran an made sure all the windows were closed. Crisis averted.... hahaha!

Well this will be the last letter for a while because i will miss the Pday for my mission so ya.  Next week I will be in Paraguay!!!! Its totally crazy to think about! Im gonna miss Argentina but im so excited to go to Paraguay! 
The people who are going with me to Paraguay are my district and 3 latinas. Thats it haha! 

My companions call me Hermama haha! Im my district they are called hermanitas haha! The CCM pres and his wife are from Mesa. 
Im not homesick any more. Im just used to how people live in Argentina and now im leaving! I LOVE ARGENTINA SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Hermana Breon! :)

Sorry i dont have any pics but next time i will have lots more! 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Living the dream... and breaking bones in the process..... Semana 4

So this week was a wierd week....
As you read in the heading, i think i broke my toe.... It hurts like crazy, bump in a wierd place where there is not supposed to be a bump.... so i dont know how im gonna do proseletismo.... PERO Toda Bien!! haha I was playing soccor before i wrote just now and i kicked my DLs foot and he was kicking at the same time and i ended up with a broken toe.... so im icing it and so ya!! hahaha 

This last weekend was conference and it was awesome! we watched it in english and we were all spiritually lifted! haha! We are so sad about President Monson! We love him so much! Him stuggling was killing us! we talked about it after ad were saying that we were all at on the edge of our seats wanting to jump through the TV and help him! Well it was a really good talk!

The rest of the conference was really good! We like want all the talks now! 

The other part of the week was kinda hard! for the first time (in one of the teaching parts of class where we go and teach the teachers who act like they are people from their missions), I was just not feeling the spirit! It was so frusterating!  Well I was talking to my DL and my teacher and she told me a cool way how to study and the next time i went in i was on FIRE! It was a pretty good lesson!

Anywho!.... My companions are awesome and we are doing good here! We just got two new roommates! They are both Latina so we will now be speaking alot more spanish! Yesterday I said a word that i thought was spanish and it wasnt.... My teacher was like thats portugese... sooooooo ya.... learning a little bit of portugese and alot of spanish!


OH! the power went out 5 times the other night! ITs a common occurance here i guess! Its happened before but before it was daytime.... this time it was night.... little scarier! haha!
Oh well! livin the dream in Argentina! 
We didnt have proseletismo this week because of conference... so i dont have fun stories... 

OH! before i forget! there is a teacher here who went to paraguay and he said to expect diahreah for the first month! so im looking forward to that! haha!!

I got a spider bite when i was sleeping on saturday night! Its all good! And today broke my toe! haha so Hma wilis after today told my companions that they need ot watch me closely! and i agree! im a walking mess hahaha 

 I have officially 1 week from tuesday is when im gonna leave to go to my mission!

Love you guys! 

Hermana Breon

I drew my district! (its for you mom!) haha! they all picked what they wanted in their picture haha!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Semana 3: DUH DUH DUHHHHH!!!!!! Proseletismo!!!!!

SO This week was full of ups and downs but over all it was a good week! 
So I have my new companions and they are super nice! The whole first day i twas told that i was to show them arround the CCM and help them get used to it. You know tell them encouraging comments and help them.
I dont know if i said their names but one is Hermana Hunsaker from Twin Falls, Id and Hermana Loveall is from Maricopa, AZ. The 2nd night here we were talking out in the hall and she started to cry and say that she was super overwhelmed and that she didnt feel like she was gonna learn the language fast enough. AND I GAVE HER ADVICE!!!!! It was super surreal.... I was all like you can do it and that its ok!  Weird..... haha I was told this week that I am just their companion and im supposed to guide them on how to teach a lesson. I was told my one of my teachers that they all know that im really good at teaching in the practice teaching and that i now need ot work on my spanish and learning more words! so My job for the next few weeks is to teach the new hermanas how to follow the spirit durring a lesson and how to utilize the things that they have given us to help us teach lessons. 

So On saturday we went to Proselitismo! I was beyond terrified! I was paired with 2 Hermanas out in the field. They told me that one was american and the other was brazilian.... they were wrong....
One was Brazilian and the other was Columbian. So they didnt speak any english... I thought I knew alot of Spanish..... NOPE! hahaha! so it was quiet sometimes but it was fun! 
So first went to the local church building and did companionship study and then we walked to a members home where they served us the best lunch ever! It was ravioli and then for dessert was homemade flan!!!!! SOOOOO GOOODDD!!!!!!!!! After that the Sister drove us to their apartment where I met the other Hermanas that lived in the Apt next to them! they were so nice and funny haha! Then we all walked to the train and me and my companions took the train to the next stop and walked to the next apointment. We were meeting with Carmen and Pedro. They have 2 boys. The youngest one is the cutest kid EVER! he had a constant smile on his face! SOOO CUTEE!!!!
They lived in a shack. Pedro had holes in his clothes and had flees because of the 2 dogs they had. But Carmen was so interested in the gospel. They both cant wait to get married and then get baptised. In Argentina, they have to wait for the government to say they can get married. And that can take a while, but they are so excited to be baptized! They took pictures of me haha! Even though i could barely understand them, I said my testimony about the LDM in the little spanish I knew. It was really cool.
After that we went to the church building that we went to before to go to the bathroon and stuff and while we were there, i met some youngwomen doing a little project there! So it was fun to talk to them haha! Then we walked to the train station where i was gonna be picked up by the shuttle that was gonna take us all to the CCM. They were on the shuttle with me until we picked up the rest of my district who were at the next stop.  OH! Sorry i didnt say their names! Hma. Gaviria is from Columbia *she gave me a note and bought me candy* and then the other was Hma. Salino! They were super nice and im so happy i got to meet them! 
Our district was proseliting in Merlo in the Buenos Aires Oeste Mission. 

After I got on the shuttle, i realized that i had major culture shock. You know you see things in pictures and your like oh ya thats how they live but when you are actually in the country, you realize how nice we have it in America! 

The Elders in my district were super jealous of my experience because they wanted to do what i did and i wanted to experience talking to people and getting references and contacts with people on the street like they did haha! But looking back on it im so glad that i did go with the sisters! I met missionaries in Buenos Aires and learn from them! 

So you know how i was sick.... well ya i got my teachers sick.... I feel so bad..... hahaha!
Oh! Im like the translator in my room fo rthe Brazilians and the American Sisters..... a bad one.... but i am haha! ITs kinda wierd again! I feel like i keep saying weird alot.... hahaha!

Oh because this sat is General Conference we dont go to Proseletismo. sad. 
So all of us Americans are having a hard time with the fact that we dont get to snuggle in our Pjs and eat pancakes for breakfast haha! 

So that was my week so far! OH! I found out that today was the last time we were able to go through the temple! They are closing it for cleaning for the next 2 weeks! Im so sad!!!!!!! But then its weird that i wont be here in 2.5 weeks..................

Well Love ya guys!!!!

Hermana Breon

p.s. im so sorry if my spelling in my letters is really bad.... i just dont have time to fix it.....haha