Monday, January 30, 2017

So this week...

So this week as super good! We went to the temple on monday and cleaned it haha! It was my last time cleaning the temple in my mission so everybody was like hermana breon! Clean the sealing rooms! youll be there soon! i was like oh my goodness! Missionaries... we are all so trunky!  haha but like always i cleaned the clestial room and the sealin rooms! i love it! haha 

This week we also got to visit Lucia! She is progressing super bien and loves what we give her to read and really feels like this is the place to be! So we had this lesson where the spirit was SO strong and all of us unded up crying! it was super powerful! we walking into it planning on teaching the wood of wisdom and walked out after teaching an awesome lesson on faith! 

Then this week we had a broadcast from the offices of the church and they changed the missionary schedule! WE like freaked out! ahaha so today we start that! its super wierd... haha i was like oh  man i only have like 4 more weeks of it! i want more! ahaha 

So the pics are me and my comp and my district!

Love you lots!
Hermana Breon
To Mom...
mom so heres amother list of what i want when i get home.... ive been thinking long and hard about this....
COSTCO pumpkin PIE!!!!!
and thats it for now.... OH! In n out! 

Ok im done now.... haha! 

so this week we were in house for  like most of the week and ya.. its was fun! but then we worked and wooohooo! we got some lessons and found some more people! Im trying not to think about going home too much.... but im freaking out! im glad that you told me about the travel plans because when we had the world wide missionary conference.... the elder who is going home after me got his travel plans and i was like wait.... haha did they buy the tickets? haha but im good now haha! 

So ya things are doing good here.... my body is falling apart.... my body wants to stop but my mind wants to keep going haha! but I'm totally good! Just super tired... haha 
I've come to realize that its coming to an end and i dont want it to.... becasue what happened to hermana badger (just got married!!) is gonna happpen to me one day and I'm freaking out. and i think its soon... NOOOOOOOOO!!! haha but ya.... 

that was all for the week! 

Love ya lots!

I didn't write a general letter...

So this week lucia our investigator called us and was like sooo where are you gusy and why havent you visited me haha we were like sorry! haha and then she said she was coming to church but she coulded casue she was in the hosptal! so we were like oh no! haha so we are gonna try to visit her ths week for sure. haha 

Im allowed to email this late hermana wilson said it was fin haha! }

So today at the temple they had me clean the celestal room and the sealing roooms and i got so many comments like youll be here soon! haha! i was like oh my gosh! haha but ya 
My comp is doing a countdown till i go home hahah its now at 36 days..... it hasnt hit me yet haha! it feels unreal. haha shes more trunky than i am.... we planned her wedding and evertthing haha! i was like wait souldnt i be doing this haha but i was like i got nothing haha! i guess ill just pinterest when i get back haha! shes been trying to make me trunky so bad. 
oh and i can cook now withhout a receipe and its like actually good haha) and presidente and hermana were like oh sounds like you are ready for marriage! I was like  nooooo and pres looked at me like oh we are gonna talk about it when you are in the last interview.... i was like noooooo hahah!

Love you lots!

Monday, January 16, 2017

This week....and Dengue

so this week we were either in the hospital or in the house but we got out and we were able to work like 2 days so we found this cambo area and it was awesome! haha im gonna try to send the video but lets see.. 

so this week is cambios and i a officailly starting my last 6 weeks here in paraguay and Lucerito... its wierd and thats all im gonna say for the next 6 weeks about going home... haha

So we were in the house casue my comp has signs of dengue. the doctors think its another thing... typical... but we really believe that she does.... just without the fever. But ya.... so we were in house for like this week.... 

BUT something awesome.. like a miracle happened! one of our investigators came to CHURCH!!!!!! her name is Lucia and SHE CAME!!! and a menos activo came too! it was awesome!!! i was freaking out! She came and loved it and we think shes gonna come again. She studied the JWs before and so she kept making comparasins with our church and theirs but she really loved sacrament and everything! She has a bpatism date for the 4th of febuary! woohooo!! were excited! shes like reading and praying almost everyday now and it is awesome!!!!! haha

Anyways here is some pics.... we see wildliife EVERYWHERE!! haha so theres some ducks.... when they were crossing the street they like would stop and stare at us... we thought they were like gonna charge at us haha 
The other is me in pants in our new campo area that we found!

Love you guys lots!
Hermana Breon

To Mom:

so im staying in this area! and hermana Killian is gonna be my comp! haha! we did a month map thing for this cambio and hermana killian is like counting down the days to freak me out.... im officailly the oldest in the mission of the hermanas.... just me and 2 other latina hermanas are going home with a TON of elders. Im kinda freaking out.... but im not letting myself think too much of it... haha! 

Oh  was thinking about this this week.... we were in the house all week so i studied and had a lot of time to think. Dangerous.... but this is good.... when i get home the first thing i wanna do is go to the temple. thats like at the top of the list. haha and then we can go and do other things. haha but thats at the top haha! im really down for any kind of american fast food besides mcdonalds and burger king.... i eat that here. haha 
And im thinking about trying to get a job at deseret book... i know wierd right? haha so can you hook me up? haha 

So we had an investigator come to church and that was awesome! 

I feel like the ward doesnt love me as much as my comp but whateves... im sure this cambio ill connect haha. Its just kinda wierd for me haha they all think im new haha im like ummmmm no im finishing haha! haha oh well. 

This week we ran to the hospital like more than twice and ya haha! 
i wanna send videos but i dont know how! thats what we do most of the time haha their like super funny! haha but i dont now how to send them haha

Anyways im doing ok! I fel like its the beginning of my mission all over again with the hospital but its been fun! haha but ya! 

Anyways love you lots!


We were drenched from the rain!


This week...CRAZINESS!!!

So this week we taught the family who came to church this last sunday with a family from the ward. WE have an FHE night and we taught the restauration and showed the fist vision. The girl, Daisy, was like i dont believe that it is possible but Manuel, her boyfriend, was like i know that this is true! So we were super excited to teach them and feel the spirit there... super strong! They didnt come this week to church but we have an appointment this week with them to visit them and see how they are progressing with the Book of Mormon. 

Also we visited a investigator that we havent vivited in a long time because of me and my comps health problems haha but we vivisted her and she was like i wanna be baptized! I was reading the book and i recieved that its true. But she hasnt about jose smith. so we told her to pray about it and see and so she is! 

Anyways that was the week this week!

Love you guys lots!

Hermana Breon

To Mom: 
I was really impressed by a personal thing that Presidente told me about my missionary work and i have relized that throughout my mission that i can do hard things. There is always disapointments, trials, sicknesses, and stuff like that but that really its all in the Lords plan for us. And that we can see miracles everyday. I dont wanna come home becasue i see how much good there is and happiness if we just trust in the Lord and His timing. He knows it  and us perfectly. But i know that this mission has prepared me for whats to come when im home. 

Thats awesome about dad! dont pul out his trache. thats bad haha! 

i know about coming home... my comp has just been reminding me everyday haha! shes got a countdown. haha! 

I went to the hospitla 2 last week because one was for hermana Killian and the other was for my hip. We were on a colectivo and i poped out my hip and stretched it accedentally when i was stopping. So it hurt alot. The i went in cause my stomache was hurting. Everything is fine now! 

Im like super nervous. Im gonna be starting my last cambio here next week and im freaking out. haha!


thats was the week.... there wasnt really much that happened this week. we wer in the hospital alot so ya not in out area much. I had check ups for my stomache but everything is fine! 

Love ya lots!