Wednesday, April 27, 2016


So this week we went to the temple and it was awesome!!!!!! haha i didnt realize how much i missed it till i went! Our whole zone went! It was so fun! we took a  collectivo (bus) there and then went to the distrubution! after that we went and did a session in the temple and after that we went and got lomitos that are apparently the best lomitos in all of paraguay. (I think the lomitos from my old area are better haha) but ya! We partied (ok, not really just talked) till like late haha we were like oh no! We gots to go home! haha! So we all took a collectivo back and while on the collectivo, there are sometimes guys who get on and sing and then after ask for money. So normally they are rappers, but this time they were two guys with their guitar! and it was super good! haha! anyways! And then yesterday President and Hermana Wilson came over and celebrated hermana jarmans birthday with us! Me and hermana Salgado were cooking a fool! but it was egg rolls(made with empanada shells) and white rice haha! i know how to cook authentic chow mein and egg rolls now haha! Anyways! 
We also taught a new lady who like knows everything and believes it all  but all she needs to do is go to church. Which she didn't... but thats ok! We´ll get her! haha!

Well love you lots!!

Hermana Breon
Lomitos are a sandwich made with runny eggs!

To Mom:
well we havent seen jose since the first time we met him so ya... a little sad but he´ll hear about the gospel more one day! I know it!  so we did find one lady that she's really interested in the church and has questions just like jose smith! so ya she is gonna progress! haha 
About the shoes.. they are great!!! super cumfy and ya my black crocs are on their final moments and my other flats that i got that have that pink lining... almost dead. and the black ones almost dead. so ya i needed new ones and plus i have a planters wart in my heel (que feo, verdad?) so ya now i cant walk only on my tippy toes becasue it hurts to walk on my heel and have to use this medicine and pumice my feet everynight. So ya... im a little upset about it but thats ok. The doc said a month. so ya.... 

BUT! on the plus side! i went to the temple!!! haha! It was awesome! i love that place and mom im sorry but i like it in spanish more now haha Sabes que? i have gone through the temple more in spanish than i have in english! haha! Its funny! 
Its funny when your on a mission, time flies wayyyyyy tooo fast! in 2 cambios its my birthday! QUE?!?! so ya.... 


Love you lots!!


Monday, April 18, 2016


So this week was a pretty fun week! we have been finding alot of people and we are doing good!

This week we visited a ton of menos activos and guess what?!?! A TON showed up to church! WE were SOOOOO happy! hahha 

We also had a ton of fun just hanging out and teaching people! haha this week my comp got a little sick so we had to stay in for a half day so we watched the movie Emma Smith and we are in love with it haha! 

Anyways! OH! so funny story! I had to cross a major street to get home and there was a ton of traffic and it was all stopped. So I started to cross the street! There was a bus behind me. So I tried to cross the other lane but the car wouldn't let me go. And then the traffic started to move! So I don't know why I did this but I started to jog and it looked like I was a car moving with traffic! My comp was like Hermana! hahaha! I was like oh ya oops I still can't cross and clearly I'm not a car haha so I went back to the side of the road and the bus driver was looking at me and laughing and calling me loca hahaha! it was sooooooo funny! We were like dying haha! 


Love you guys lots!!

Hermana Breon 

To Mom: 
We went to the offices. Which GUESS WHAT?!?! Elder Call and Elder Wells are in the offices now! i was like MY GROUP!!! and Elder Neff is a leader de zona! haha (my mtc district!) they came over and were talking to me for like 30 minutes while we were waiting for pres and hermana wilson to get there. So after they got there and Hermana S went in to talk to him, hermana wilson talked to me and was like showing me shoes and stuff and we bonded haha!  so ya it was really fun for me at least! haha 

Monday, April 11, 2016

A New Investigator!

So this week was pretty normal....

So this week we wanted to start back up from being sick! So we went with the hermana lideres and worked the area! Well guess what?!!? we found a family and the guy, Jose, is like super interested! We shared the plan of salvation and he was like YES I want to know more!!! so we have an appointment with them tonight!! yay!! 

We've just been working and getting this area back to normal and improving it too! 

So this week was one of the Hermana Liders birthday. so we were planning a surprise bday party, because president and hermana wilson wanted to come! so me and Hermana Salgado worked a ton! I was cleaning and decorating and she was making chow mein! We were like running around crazy! So that day we had to go to the hospital (I feel like I live there) for Hermana Salgado. So we were there and then we took a taxi to get back by 8 which was when Pres and Hermana Wilson were gonna be there. But there was sooo much traffic so they were late. So Hermana Salgado and I didn't want them (the Hermana Liders) to get there before so she called them acting all out of breath and made up this excuse that I was throwing up and we had to run to the hospital and that we needed their help haha so thankfully they came almost an hour late and Presidente and Hermana Wilson showed up before them! Por suerte! so ya! it was super fun! haha!


Love you guys lots!! 


To Mom:
Guess what..... I got the package!!! haha! Everybody loved it! haha! they thought the decorating was super cute too. There was all the stuff that you said and more! haha I'm very happy haha! 

So... about me.... ummm I have a wart in my foot haha, but Its all good! I'm good!!

But on a lighter note! we found a family!!!! and the dad is awesome! He is like soooo interested in the gospel and it was awesome! So how we found him was that we had nowhere to go and it was almost time to go home. 
So I was like no cuz Hermana wanted to go to another house and she was like lets go. So I went and just a little down the street there was this house and I looked and felt like we should go there. So I stopped and was like lets contact this house and Hermana was like no lets just keep going and I was like no I'm going. So I crossed the street and she followed me and she was just gonna give a tarjeta and then leave,  But I kept talking and as we were talking to the guy, Jose, this little girl ran up and then his gf or wife came up and Hermana Salgado pulled out the plan  of salvation. He loved it!! He was like yes come back! I want to hear more can I have the folleto? So we have an appointment with them tonight! We are super excited! I feel like he is so prepared! haha!
Love you guys!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Esta semana...

Entonces this week was long and nothing really happened because we were inside the entire week because my comp had..... a really bad virus that was super similar to dengue! haha! but ya! haha also one of the Hermana Liders had the same virus and so we all were at the hospital for blood tests and doctor visits! haha! But this week will be different! haha

One cool thing that happened this week was I saw hermana Cowley!!! haha! She had intercabios with the hermana Liders and she was at my apartment!! haha its cool living with the liders cause you get to see other people from the mission! haha. She has dengue, but was feeling better. Ya... Dengue is huge right now but eh! Esta todo bien!
(As for my health... I don't know if I should tell you... but I had dengue... it was a VERY light form.... all that happened was I felt super weak, achy, and a migrane. That was it! The doctor was like ya this wasn't that bad according to my blood tests, but he said I did and so I was banished in my house for a week and today we are going back for the last doctor appointment and then we are free to work! YAY!!! But don't worry... I know you are Mom, but the doctor said that I had high defenses and that my body fought it off really well! yay!!)
Vitamins are super expensive here!! and they don't have very many at all. like not even a multivitamin! grr... oh well I guess just eat healthy... haha
So Saturday and Sunday was conference!!!! I watched it in spanish! I got a lot, but not everything.... and at one point the power just like went out haha but ya it was cool to hear it! So i watched it in spanish and didn't really get alot from it.... it kinda stunk for me not being able to understand it all! But I want the conference edition in english and sometimes they have it here.. so I'm gonna try.... ya but the parts that I got from it was like basically it was also about family and ya haha me and Hermana Salgado  were like. wow we feel trunky! haha but it was really good! It was funny at the last session, I was thinking why hasn't  Elder Holland talked yet... and then he was the last!! haha! I knew it was good... the translator didn't do it justice, but I could see his face and kinda hear him haha! but ya.. I plan on reading it again! 

I also saw my whole ward from my last area! They were like HERMANA BREON!!! I felt so loved! haha! 

Mom, THATS awesome that my old companion,  Hermana Banda from Lima, Peru emailed you! hahah! I love that girl! Ya she knows english! She's studying it more so that she can live in america! 

My Easter package is here,  but I won't get it till wednesday or next tuesday...ya  but its in the officinas!!! haha!
Don't worry about me!!!! I'm great!!! the mission is a refiners fire that's for sure! haha! 

Anyways... If you didnt watch conference..  watch it!!! it was awesome!

Love you guys lots!!!

Hermana Breon