Monday, December 26, 2016

What I have learned...

... anyways after that whole shock..... 
seeing Dad....

I'm glad he is doing really good now! so he's still there because  he has to learn how to breathe still? and why not home care? the docs said no? why? anyways.... tell dad hi for me and remember to give him the Ipad! haha but ya everything is good.... 

so what I've learned.....

*That following the spirit is better than your own guts
*pray always
*look for miracles cause they are everywhere all day everyday
*even if its SO STINKIN HOT.... youre still happy!
*you can actually smile after somebody tells you your from the devil church... and you feel bad that theydon't  want to know about the church. 
*when you don't think that a person will progress, this miracle happens when you go to the lesson that you are prepared to say, well you are not progressing, bye, they say before you can say it.... I know this church is true and cry... and you sit there in shock and then after that lesson, you dance down the street super happy and loving ALL the moments of the doors ALL slammed in your face, people running from you, and getting told that you need to go back to your home cause that person that told you that you need to go home and he  is a messenger from your parents and grandparents and the messiah and hes telling you that your parents want you to go home... people screaming jesus! at you and your like okay.... 
Then  you realize that its all worth it.... all those moments....

So ya a lot has happend and if you ask me how I've  changed.. I don't know how cause I don't remember when I left and how I was. But I know that God has given me, I don't know how many trials and how many difficulties and how much stuff, how many moments I just wanted to give up and go home,  but I'm still here and I know that president really was told in the beginning that I needed to stay becasue I can see in some ways of how I have changed. 

But ya.. I'm sure there is many more things, but I realized that I can be myself and that people like me and ya... its wierd... really a mission is the wierdest thing ever.... and I'm still excited I have 9 weeks left... cause I'm still learning everyday! 

Anyways thats that haha

So ya I'm not trunky, but I'm pretty excited to go but not at the same time.... I don't want to end this experience. So ya... 

Anyways I feel like I still have to work on knowing Christ a little bit more and i feel like I have more to progress on, but I'm doing pretty good I think haha 

.. Hermana Killian... she's similar to me and its super fun, but we also work a TON! we work till we are dead everyday! but we feel like we are doing awesome! we have had so many lessons that I can't believe it! the most in my mission that I have EVER had! and we get better every week! 

anyways! so ya! ttell my friends to write if they ask.... but ya Haha!


Love you guys lots!


To Mom (after I asked what she would like when she gets home.)...

Oh!...I do want Mexican food.... Serranos!  I don't know anything Mexican.  I'm good with... taccos at home! I don't know! haha oh probably visit the temple right when I get home and eat and let me sleep for a little bit.. I'm gonna be super tired haha! But other than that I'm doing good... you can plan the rest... I just want dr pepper and a rootbeer. haha! and redvines. and A BIG SALAD! I really miss vegetables! They don't eat them here very much. oh and a dentist appt and doc appt.... I don't know if I have parasites or not haha! 

Love you tons!

Monday, December 19, 2016

wow its already christmas!

So this week was pretty good! it was one of the best weeks of my mission numberwise! so on monday and tuesday we were in the house cause my comp was on reposo. Then we worked on wednesday and we found 17 new people and we had 15 lessons!  it was crazy! for one day that was nuts! we came home completely exhausted! haha but ya we finished the week with 24 new people to teach and 30 lessons! seriously so cool! haha we are loving this place and stuff! we took a pic of an ostrich which was in norte so we had to zoom in really far cause we could cross to take a pic haha then we saw cows.... lots of stuff haha! 

Well i cant believe its like christmas! haha OH and this week we found this less active member who told us that she feels like we are the missionaries that are gonna help her to be active and get her husband baptized so that they can be sealed one day! and on Sunday she showed up to church! it was so cool! we were super excited! haha! 

Anyways that was the week!

Love yoiu guys lots!

Hermana Breon

To Mom:  
why would Dad have to go to a home? just have a nurse come to the house and take care of him for a few weeks and then she can leave and stuff. why a home... tell the doc/insurance to get over the facility. gosh. ok I'm all good now. haha! 

about the Skype... I'll be skyping at like 7 my like 3 your time? im not sure... but ya 7 my time... our goal is like from the 6-8 range. so ya. just put your phone on the hot spot and then use that for the WIFI. instead of the hospital. 

That sounds like dad! he sounds like he is just the energizer bunny" haha

So I did get the call from Hermana Wilson... shes the one who responded. She was like your dad is fine! He's doing good! i had honestly forgot a little but then i was like oh ya! i felt like he was gonna be fine and ya... anyways she was like your mom wrote on President and Hermana Wilson facebook page haha 

the phone call didn't go through cause there have been big meetings with the mish and stuff haha so that's why... Hermana Wilson, I love them so much! i think she's gonna wanna talk with me tomorrow cause we have the big meeting in Asunción tomorrow! haha

anyways I'm loving the area and loving my comp! she's seriously so awesome! we are like talking about BYUI ALL the time haha anyways ya its been super fun... theres a lot of work to do here, but its been fun!

Love you lots!

Monday, December 5, 2016

this week.... WHITE WASH?!?!?!?

So this week was pretty good. We taught Pedro and Celcilia this week and they arent gonna get married. Cecilia was pretty adamant about it. I was kinda frusterated. I was like just get marriend and pedro can be baptized and he can go to the temple which he is dying to do and ya... i was kinda upset but i realized something. That her heart will be softened and he will be baptized one day. So he came to church and everything and he is doing pretty well! Progressing a ful! im so sad i wont see him baptized but one  day he will! i just know it! 
WE also taught Marciela this wekk. She is a super nice lady who has had a really hard past. But she loves what we teach her and everything! 
Also this week, like everybody rejected us. Like everybody. I was shocked. I was like realy? but thats ok. they will one day find the gosple and it wil help them! I just know it!
This week was hermana Becks last week in trainging and we are both sad, It went by super fast and we had a ton of fun! she is gonna be a great missionary!

SO.... latest news that i found out before i got to write.... we are being WHITE WASHED!!!! )that means me and hermana beck are leaving the area and two new misisnoaries are coming in. Two elders are coming in! we are super sad because we have investigators and stuff and we just love the peopl here! im going to be whitewashing another area with a hermana who only has 3 cambios in her missino! so its gonna be fun! im like freaking out! haha

Anyways love you guys lots°!!!

Hermana BReon

To Mom:

Im like so sad that we are leaving the area together! i love hermana beck she is seriously so awesoem! Pedro is doing really good. im sad that we are leaving and i hope that this doesnt affect him going to church and stuff.
But now we are leaving and im going to a new area with an hermana who has never been there either and im like freaking out! haha! its seriously so crazy! my new comp only has 3 combios and ya. its nuts. Haha


Friday, December 2, 2016



Pedro and awesomenessssss

So this week was a pretty crazy and the best week we had! so we tauht pedro on friday with the bishop and it was an awesome lesson! full of the spirit! we talked about recognizing the spirit and if he had recieved his answer and he said yes! He was like i want to be baptized sooooo bad! and then bishop talked about temples and he was even more excited! he wants to go to the temple sooo bad! it is seriously so awesome because bishop is a temple worker and anyways ya! awesoem! but Cecliia doesnt wanna get married or go to church and its so cute because pedro knows that she would feel so happy there and she doesnt want it. anyways he came to church and he was like looking around (he wears jeans and a shirt to church) nd he goes hey next week im going to wear my dress pants and i white shirt and tie. i was like awesome! haha hes like practically a member now! anyways and then after bishop was like ok... lets get him ready to be baptized the ward is gona help him with lessons with you guys and trying to get the whole marriage situation thing figured out. AWESOME!!! so we have support from the ward and we are super excited! he has a baptism date for the 17 of december!

We also have found some more people to teach! we were working a ton and had like almost 30 lessons this week! thats the most ive ever had in my mission! we are working so much and loving it! 

It rained so hard yesterday and lightning and thunder and ya... we were out in it with a borrowed umbrella and it was like a rushing torrent of waer going down the streets! it was crazy! but luckly we got home in time and ya.... soked! haha

Anyways Love you guys bunches!

Hermana Breon

To Mom:
Hermana Beck is awesome! she is hilarious and ya... we are like super comfy with each other and we are like burping in front of each other... we are like close haha! she has it in her mind that I'm gonna be married by the end of her mission.... ummm NOOOOOO haha i was like how? i dont have a boyfriend nobody in the prospects and ya haha it was really funny... shes the one who has all these guys asking her to marry them! haha 

Ummm ya i was super stressed last week and stuff. just our numbers and stuf and that we didnt have vrey many investigators who are progressing and stuff like that but this week we were working prety hard and we didnt have a lot of time cause hermana beck had to go back to the doc for her ingrown toenails... they were pretty bad. that girl shes gonna be an awesome misisonary! shes a worker bee and is like come on lets get it done! hhaa shes a little concerned about gaining wieght but it joke about it all the time.... we dont eat taha great haha! we say we are gonna eat better but then.... ya... haha! 

Thanksgiving we had a meeting with the elders in our ward and our mission lider for the ward. and the elders made PUMPKIN PIE!!!! it was crazy!!! haha! it was so good. we were like... home! haha me and hermana beck had bought cranberry jelly but withnothing else haha so we ate that... was a little gross by its self hhaahaÇ!!

Anyways thing were going good this week.