Monday, February 29, 2016


SOOOOO im in a new area! I was actually really shocked! We got transfers on monday one hour after i wrote home haha! But ya... so im sooooo far..... ok like 10 minutes... Im in Floresta which is in Villa Elisa! It literally is in the same stake haha! I told the ward and they were like oh we`ll see you! I was like no not all the time but they were super tranquilo about it haha! So ya! Its been a pretty successful week ! We have visited 21 Converso recientes and menosactivos this week! Thats like a record for me! haha! SO we think we are pretty awesome haha!

OH! my new companion is hermana Salgado. She is from Chicago, IL and already speaks spanish cause her parents are from mexico. So ya its been pretty fun. Our ward is a "chuchi" ward. We have a capilla and im liking it so far. haha

But ya its kinda like Villa Anita where we dont have progressing investigators but thats ok im used to that haha! So we are doing contacting a ton haha! 

We found this lady and she was super like interested and wanted us to pass for hre yesterday for church so we looked and looked and couldnt find her!!!!! grrrr..... so ya we are gonna keep looking!

But ya! I hope that you guys have an awesome week! 

BTWs this cambio is only 5 weeks! Ya short! 

Love ya lots!

Hermana Breon

To Mom: 
Yup i got transfered and i was going to telkl you but we didnt get the call till later. And it was only gonna be on monday this time so the next nobody will hear untill the next week. But im in the same stake so i see all my district all the time haha but im in a different zone. im in zona 4. So ya... its been fun so far. Its funny i have a companion who had a hard time on her mission too. Its funny how i keep being put with missionaries like this. I think that i need this. Like somebody to relate to. We were talking yesterday and we have had a similar experiences and stuff. I know why shes my companion. I dont know what is gonna happen after these next 5 weeks but we will see. I dont konw if im gonna stay or the area having a white whash. But ya. She speaks perfect spanish and english haha 

Oh so funny thing is is that im in a new ward right? and they had an activity and now word has spread that i have relly good spanish haha! I didnt think i did and im not saying its perfect but ya! And i live with the hermana liders too and one of them is from guatamala and she was like you have REALLY good spanish and the accent is good too. Everybody is shocked that its like this and i only have 5 months. So ojala i have a perfect accent when i get back haha! 

Well i know im going to have experiences like that but i havent had a chance to really work alot til this cambio. There is little milagros everyday. Im realizing that so far my mission has been to strengthen me and help me to rely on God nand stuff. Like its wierd. You go on a mission to help others but in the process you learn alot about yourself. And i think ive been having this wierd mission to help me in someway. I dont know why about everything but ya its wierd.
I cant believe its almost fall here! Its crazy! I MADE IT THROUGH THE SUMMER!!!!!!! haha! I can say that ive lived through the first.. now i have one more to go haha! and guess what? In Marzo i will have 6 months on the mish! WHAT?!?!!??! Ya its crazy haha
Anyways love you lots!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


SO this week was awesome again! I'm just loving working and stuff! haha! We have our 3 investigators who we are teaching... none came to church...( but thats ok! We´ll get them next week! haha! 

So this week was fun! We kinda smelled because we didn't have shower water for 2 days haha. Thankfully we had drinking water so we weren't gonna die haha!  But ya it was an experience haha! Other people in a differeent city hadn't had water for 8 days, but we were ok! Livin en Paraguay! haha!

SO we explored our area more and we found like a campo-ité area! Ya we're pumped! haha! So we talked to our investigator José this week and he seems like he's pretty excited about the church and stuff. haha.  So I'm hoping that I stay here and he gets baptized haha. 

Oh another we have Cambios TOMORROW! Me and Hermana S are kinda freaking out about that. I don't know if I'm staying or going, but we find out today! So ya...

Since my comp is skinny and  people are now like umm your fat. I'm like thanks. haha! Latino culture for you! haha I knew it going in, but Hermana S is like shocked! She's like umm that's not nice. You're not fat. haha Whatever! I'm actually losing weight little by little. So you know that blue dress that I got and it was kinda like perfect to my body and I was concerned that I would get bigger and it wouldnt fit. Well now its like loose on me haha. I'm like whoa... haha! 

With me and Hermana S, sometimes I'm like observant... ok like all the time and like shes not too much when we are in the streets. SO sometimes I'm like lets go this way or I walk a little faster, because I feel like we should and she's like looking around and not paying attention. But ya.. I think that I have a problem with being too observant... idk... but ya its kinda like a problem in our companierismo, but we are good. haha. The mission makes you think about alot of things that you need to change, but then you like teach and see people start to change and it makes it all worth it. haha 

But ya, just livin the mish life in Villa Anita!

Well love you guys lots!

Hermana Breon 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Another one bites the dust.... Semana....

haha! HOLA!!! 

This week was AWESOME!!!! So we had two investigators that we were teaching and then dropped because they were not progressing at all, but they are still interested! So we are teaching them again. Then we had like 2 more investigators pop out of nowhere and they are awesome! The only thing is.... they didnt come to church.... GAHHH!! ya... its super frustrating... JUST COME TO CHURCH! (Anybody know where that is from? District 2) but ya so we are gonna be working with them again. We have Dismar and she is like super interested. So we put her with a date for baptism and she was like ya!!! And we were like... ok... you need to go to church this Sunday so we won't have to move your fecha. Well guess what.. ready... she didnt come! ahhhhhh!!! So ya we are a little upset about that but ya.... 
We then have this investigator José Luis and he was talking to us for a long time. He wants to be a bishop and wants to marry a girl like us (that was a little awkward.... till he explained not us just a girl like us... like in the gospel...haha) but we think he´s in for the fame... so we need to explain more things to him.. haha... but ya... we are trying to find more people. 
Yesterday i was a little disappointed with none of our investigators showing up, but thats OK! We still have this week! 
This week is the last week of the transfer.... so we will see after this week where I go... if I stay or go... ahhhhh!!!! I'm like just starting to love this area and stuff... who knows! 

Woooooooeeee! Its been so hot here! Its like 100 degrees with 100% humidity! CRAZY!!!! But ya... The people say it should cool down soon! Ojala!
And another thing... I forgot what the US is like.....
So ya that was my week! 

Love you guys!!!

Hermana Breon

So pics... 
That's my new comp! Hermana Stewart! The zone did pics for the comps and they picked us as Elsa and Ana haha Guess who was which?
I straightened my hair! But then got SUPER frizzy and curly when I left haha but it looked good at the time....
We're crazy haha!!
Mom... with the pics... I forget my camera and I don't really have lots of new pics.... Ya this week I got like super dizzy and stuff but I'm good now.. I think...  the ward is wanting to leave with us on citas now so that's awesome! I sweat drops of sweat and it's super gross... but ya... I bring a sweat rag around and like wipe the sweat..... ewwwww! haha but ya.. people think we are crazy! They are like ummm that's not good and we are like its fine! Haha.  We don't eat dinner here.. We eat a huge lunch... so ya not much but we are good. We eat 3 times a week with members and that's good enough for me haha! Food is good here. They eat a TON of oil and oil and oil and oil and sugar,  but other than that its good! One of the members in the ward this week was like hey! You know why your so beautiful now! And I was like why and she was like cuz you're losing weight and are so skinny! hahaha! I dont think so.... I feel pretty the same, but ya... so that was nice of her to say! 
We had interviews this week and Presidente was super happy to see me and stuff! I talked to him and Hermana Wilson a ton haha! My comp was like, ummm, you like know them really well! haha. I was like ummm not really,  but ya.. haha. But ya, so really my toe is a ton better. I have another doc apointment this week in Asunción  and ya... we'll see how it goes! It should be fine! 

Send american chocolate! I'm dying here! haha! Like its good here but ya.. I want choolate from home haha! 

Its funny.... I keep getting put with comps who freak out over the details and I have to be like its ok! Like this week we started out having the hardest time with teaching and stuff. But there was this one time where Hermana Stewart was like, idk! I'm a horrible missionary and blah blah blah. I was like ok.. lets stop and pray so we did and I felt awesome and stuff, but she didn't. So we have been ok now.. but ya... it was a little difficult. We are finally sharing the lesson too. For a while it was all her and not me talking so I was like I need to teach too so we have been sharing the lesson better. This week on Wednesday I was feeling a little down.I Don't   know why,  but I was. The Hermana leaders came to study with us again and Hermana Jarmen was like you know! Hermana Breon you have the gift of observing and listening to the spirit and following it when you teach. I was like that's what I needed! I was feeling like I wasn't good cause I wasn't teaching because Hermana Stewart was doing all the teaching. So now she gives me opportunity to teach now. So ya.. But its been good. I just get comps who get super stressed out. haha its weird...  

But ya.. I seem to just be getting sick more often then ever in my life! Its so weird.... like not sick, sick but like headaches and dizzy and ya... its weird... but oh well... I'm drinking a ton of water! 

But ya thats my week!

Ya I can't believe its been 5 months!Its seriously flown by! I'm freaking out a bit!  I'm like ahh! I don't have any baptisms and stuff!!! oh well 

Well love ya mucho! 

Oh here is  a torta we make... pudding and cookeis.... sooooooo good! 
Im almost done with LDM!!!! WHOOO HOOO! haha Ya i read that this week.
And all in Spanish! haha Hermana Stewart was like you understand spanish more than me! Its weird like after lessons I'm like ok, so they said this and this...and she is like, really? haha I'm like ya.... its weird i can understand it and teach leciones, but not like have a friendly conversation haha... well I can, but its broken haha! 
My current District!
My desk!
Love you!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

HOLA (2-8-2016)

Sorry i dont have much time cause the computer was slow, but I just wanted to say that everything here is awesome!!!! We are tracting a ton and trying to spread the gospel!! 

LOVE paraguay and LOVE you guys!!!

To Mom:

Ya I read Bednars talk. I remember watching that talk at BYUI... haha.. I watched the broadcast haha.Ya... I'm trying to avoid the diseases... haha... There's Dengue afool here! People all talk about it. So this week I was sick and then my toe hurt and ya... but I started to work again on Friday. We had intercambios and I went to the hermana leaders area and one of them came to mine to be with Hermana Stewart in our area. After intercambios I felt rejuvenated! I feel like we can do awesome things in our area! I think we can have a baptism too... I dont know for sure, but I "gots" the "fe"! haha! So ya it was pretty good this week. Hermana Stewart feels a little desanimada sobre esta area pero ella esta bien. Yesterday, we had to have a talk. 

We haven't worked too much in candyland, but we found this family! Well they live on the elders side, but we found them! And you want to know what is funny?  Well first they are menos activos and second the husband is the paraguayan version of..... MIKE!!!! UNCLE MIKE! It was freaking me out!! haha! He dresses like him and acts like him.... it was so wierd.. Unfortunately we can't teach them, because they are not in our area, but they like wanted us to come back and stuff so we told them that we couldn't, but the elders would. But ya... It was so wierd.

Well I think I'm speaking the language well and then somebody goes what did she say and then looks at my companion and talks about me and I understand everything that they are saying! And then I try to, but then they are like ummm ya, I dont want to talk to you. I had that yesterday. And I understand more than my companion! So ya.... haha... but when we had intercambios, the hermana leader I was with was like you are an awesome missionary! You have all of the aspects that all the missionaries want in the mission! You just have to work on your Spanish and you will baptize a ton! She was like I learned a ton from you! You are in this mission for a reason! You were meant to be a missionary! haha! That made me feel good. That isn't the first time I've heard that. She was like I can tell you know what to say and what they need to hear,  but sometimes you just dont know how to say it in Spanish. So I'm gonna be working on my Spanish more. And what's funny is that when I look at how much I've actually studied Spanish, it is like nothing. I pick it up really fast.  So I think I can do it with more studying. She was like you have the vocab, you just need to work on the conjugations. so ya...

What's different about the culture?.....
Umm I don't know.. a ton... I've kind of forgotten American culture... I Honestly don't  remember! haha. I almost have been out for 5 months now. On the 10th I'll have 5 months in the mission and its FLOWN BY! I can't believe it! Cambios are on the 24th! Its crazy! I feel like i just started this cambio! 

My toe is actually a TON better. Its wierd it like just stopped.... like every once in a while it'll start to hurt,  but only a little! But ya! I'm happy now! I was only joking about bipolar. haha!

Well bueno...

Love ya Mucho!


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Semana of awesome

So this week was alot better for me emotionally... I'm not sulking over my toe! We worked a ton and like I know this is probably not good, but it still hurts, but I talked to my leaders and they are like take breaks! So we will be taking breaks more now. Cause I was walking a lot from Wed to yesterday. I think I'll be ok. The hermana leaders came today and studied with us and they brought up the toe and they were like its ok if you don't work a lot right now. Just get it completely better and then you can work a ton. They said like its only the beginning of my mission and that I shouldn't kill myself off in the beginning. So I'm ok now. I was having a hard week last week. Hermana Stewart and I are like friends and she is totally fine with taking the breaks. I'm just stubborn. I didn't tell her that it hurt and yesterday she was like wow you're a lot better and I was like ummm i just didnt tell you. It is getting better. I think that I just need to take it easy more and ya. Really I'm just scared that I'm gonna get lazy and like just not work and make the excuse of my toe hurts and ya... Really I don't know what constitutes a bad pain or that my toe is just sore cause I haven't walked on it for a while and I broke it again. I don't know and ultimtely it's  me that decides if we stop or keep going. So ya... Its just like I don't know... and the pain is hard to explain (worse in spanish) haha So ya... for right now I'm choosing to be happy and just like let God be the judge. But ya... this week or next we have another doc apointment so we will see if its better or if I have a stress fracture or whatever. So this week we were working a ton! We lost basically all of our investigators... so that was sad... but we were like ok! We will visit like all of the menos activos and conversos recientes. So we got a good bunch of them this week. We have this area in our area that like nobody has really worked in very much. Its like campo. YAY!!!! So me and hermana Stewart like walked over there and we talked to a ton of people! They all haven't really heard about the church and stuff. So we made a ton of contacts. Hermana Stewart was like ummm its called candyland hahahaha! So we call it candyland or tierra de dulces! hahaha! Anyways we are pretty excited about this area. 
But the good thing is is that we are contacting a ton in our area. We are wrking in this new area in our area that is sooooooo cooooollllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its like campo ite! (ite is pronounced eeeeetayyyy) haha! (guarani i think) haha! anyways its way cool! We want to take some pics there so we will and I'll send it next week. 

This week there were like a ton of trucks spraying mosquito repellant everywhere on the streets. I guess dengue has gotten pretty bad. But I use Bug repellant!!! yay!!
Ya they were spraying for mosquitos a fool! this week! it was crazy! We were like walking through the streets and were like ummmm is this safe to breath? haah So we covered our faces and walked quick. So ya... Dengue is bad here! I got 3 mosquito bites,  but I didn't get sick so ya! haha! I use a nasty sweat rag now... its gross.... haha..... but necessary haha! 

Oh so a funny story...

So the power went out at our house because we had this big storm...(always happens) so we decided that it was a perfect time to clean the freezer and defrost it. Well I was using a knife (don't do that) and I punctured it and it died. haha like the whole fridge... so we get it tomorrow again because its at the shop. haha! Hermana Stewart and I watched it go and we were like there goes our baby! hahaha

Oh and a good thing this Sunday was we got one of our old investigators to church! Well he just like showed up but ya!!! We were really happpy! He's like I love this! So ya.... We're pumped!

So that was the week!

Love you guys tons!

Oh and weird thing... I like go up to people and like talk... that's like never happened before.... haha

Hermana Breon :)