Monday, December 26, 2016

What I have learned...

... anyways after that whole shock..... 
seeing Dad....

I'm glad he is doing really good now! so he's still there because  he has to learn how to breathe still? and why not home care? the docs said no? why? anyways.... tell dad hi for me and remember to give him the Ipad! haha but ya everything is good.... 

so what I've learned.....

*That following the spirit is better than your own guts
*pray always
*look for miracles cause they are everywhere all day everyday
*even if its SO STINKIN HOT.... youre still happy!
*you can actually smile after somebody tells you your from the devil church... and you feel bad that theydon't  want to know about the church. 
*when you don't think that a person will progress, this miracle happens when you go to the lesson that you are prepared to say, well you are not progressing, bye, they say before you can say it.... I know this church is true and cry... and you sit there in shock and then after that lesson, you dance down the street super happy and loving ALL the moments of the doors ALL slammed in your face, people running from you, and getting told that you need to go back to your home cause that person that told you that you need to go home and he  is a messenger from your parents and grandparents and the messiah and hes telling you that your parents want you to go home... people screaming jesus! at you and your like okay.... 
Then  you realize that its all worth it.... all those moments....

So ya a lot has happend and if you ask me how I've  changed.. I don't know how cause I don't remember when I left and how I was. But I know that God has given me, I don't know how many trials and how many difficulties and how much stuff, how many moments I just wanted to give up and go home,  but I'm still here and I know that president really was told in the beginning that I needed to stay becasue I can see in some ways of how I have changed. 

But ya.. I'm sure there is many more things, but I realized that I can be myself and that people like me and ya... its wierd... really a mission is the wierdest thing ever.... and I'm still excited I have 9 weeks left... cause I'm still learning everyday! 

Anyways thats that haha

So ya I'm not trunky, but I'm pretty excited to go but not at the same time.... I don't want to end this experience. So ya... 

Anyways I feel like I still have to work on knowing Christ a little bit more and i feel like I have more to progress on, but I'm doing pretty good I think haha 

.. Hermana Killian... she's similar to me and its super fun, but we also work a TON! we work till we are dead everyday! but we feel like we are doing awesome! we have had so many lessons that I can't believe it! the most in my mission that I have EVER had! and we get better every week! 

anyways! so ya! ttell my friends to write if they ask.... but ya Haha!


Love you guys lots!


To Mom (after I asked what she would like when she gets home.)...

Oh!...I do want Mexican food.... Serranos!  I don't know anything Mexican.  I'm good with... taccos at home! I don't know! haha oh probably visit the temple right when I get home and eat and let me sleep for a little bit.. I'm gonna be super tired haha! But other than that I'm doing good... you can plan the rest... I just want dr pepper and a rootbeer. haha! and redvines. and A BIG SALAD! I really miss vegetables! They don't eat them here very much. oh and a dentist appt and doc appt.... I don't know if I have parasites or not haha! 

Love you tons!

Monday, December 19, 2016

wow its already christmas!

So this week was pretty good! it was one of the best weeks of my mission numberwise! so on monday and tuesday we were in the house cause my comp was on reposo. Then we worked on wednesday and we found 17 new people and we had 15 lessons!  it was crazy! for one day that was nuts! we came home completely exhausted! haha but ya we finished the week with 24 new people to teach and 30 lessons! seriously so cool! haha we are loving this place and stuff! we took a pic of an ostrich which was in norte so we had to zoom in really far cause we could cross to take a pic haha then we saw cows.... lots of stuff haha! 

Well i cant believe its like christmas! haha OH and this week we found this less active member who told us that she feels like we are the missionaries that are gonna help her to be active and get her husband baptized so that they can be sealed one day! and on Sunday she showed up to church! it was so cool! we were super excited! haha! 

Anyways that was the week!

Love yoiu guys lots!

Hermana Breon

To Mom:  
why would Dad have to go to a home? just have a nurse come to the house and take care of him for a few weeks and then she can leave and stuff. why a home... tell the doc/insurance to get over the facility. gosh. ok I'm all good now. haha! 

about the Skype... I'll be skyping at like 7 my like 3 your time? im not sure... but ya 7 my time... our goal is like from the 6-8 range. so ya. just put your phone on the hot spot and then use that for the WIFI. instead of the hospital. 

That sounds like dad! he sounds like he is just the energizer bunny" haha

So I did get the call from Hermana Wilson... shes the one who responded. She was like your dad is fine! He's doing good! i had honestly forgot a little but then i was like oh ya! i felt like he was gonna be fine and ya... anyways she was like your mom wrote on President and Hermana Wilson facebook page haha 

the phone call didn't go through cause there have been big meetings with the mish and stuff haha so that's why... Hermana Wilson, I love them so much! i think she's gonna wanna talk with me tomorrow cause we have the big meeting in Asunción tomorrow! haha

anyways I'm loving the area and loving my comp! she's seriously so awesome! we are like talking about BYUI ALL the time haha anyways ya its been super fun... theres a lot of work to do here, but its been fun!

Love you lots!

Monday, December 5, 2016

this week.... WHITE WASH?!?!?!?

So this week was pretty good. We taught Pedro and Celcilia this week and they arent gonna get married. Cecilia was pretty adamant about it. I was kinda frusterated. I was like just get marriend and pedro can be baptized and he can go to the temple which he is dying to do and ya... i was kinda upset but i realized something. That her heart will be softened and he will be baptized one day. So he came to church and everything and he is doing pretty well! Progressing a ful! im so sad i wont see him baptized but one  day he will! i just know it! 
WE also taught Marciela this wekk. She is a super nice lady who has had a really hard past. But she loves what we teach her and everything! 
Also this week, like everybody rejected us. Like everybody. I was shocked. I was like realy? but thats ok. they will one day find the gosple and it wil help them! I just know it!
This week was hermana Becks last week in trainging and we are both sad, It went by super fast and we had a ton of fun! she is gonna be a great missionary!

SO.... latest news that i found out before i got to write.... we are being WHITE WASHED!!!! )that means me and hermana beck are leaving the area and two new misisnoaries are coming in. Two elders are coming in! we are super sad because we have investigators and stuff and we just love the peopl here! im going to be whitewashing another area with a hermana who only has 3 cambios in her missino! so its gonna be fun! im like freaking out! haha

Anyways love you guys lots°!!!

Hermana BReon

To Mom:

Im like so sad that we are leaving the area together! i love hermana beck she is seriously so awesoem! Pedro is doing really good. im sad that we are leaving and i hope that this doesnt affect him going to church and stuff.
But now we are leaving and im going to a new area with an hermana who has never been there either and im like freaking out! haha! its seriously so crazy! my new comp only has 3 combios and ya. its nuts. Haha


Friday, December 2, 2016



Pedro and awesomenessssss

So this week was a pretty crazy and the best week we had! so we tauht pedro on friday with the bishop and it was an awesome lesson! full of the spirit! we talked about recognizing the spirit and if he had recieved his answer and he said yes! He was like i want to be baptized sooooo bad! and then bishop talked about temples and he was even more excited! he wants to go to the temple sooo bad! it is seriously so awesome because bishop is a temple worker and anyways ya! awesoem! but Cecliia doesnt wanna get married or go to church and its so cute because pedro knows that she would feel so happy there and she doesnt want it. anyways he came to church and he was like looking around (he wears jeans and a shirt to church) nd he goes hey next week im going to wear my dress pants and i white shirt and tie. i was like awesome! haha hes like practically a member now! anyways and then after bishop was like ok... lets get him ready to be baptized the ward is gona help him with lessons with you guys and trying to get the whole marriage situation thing figured out. AWESOME!!! so we have support from the ward and we are super excited! he has a baptism date for the 17 of december!

We also have found some more people to teach! we were working a ton and had like almost 30 lessons this week! thats the most ive ever had in my mission! we are working so much and loving it! 

It rained so hard yesterday and lightning and thunder and ya... we were out in it with a borrowed umbrella and it was like a rushing torrent of waer going down the streets! it was crazy! but luckly we got home in time and ya.... soked! haha

Anyways Love you guys bunches!

Hermana Breon

To Mom:
Hermana Beck is awesome! she is hilarious and ya... we are like super comfy with each other and we are like burping in front of each other... we are like close haha! she has it in her mind that I'm gonna be married by the end of her mission.... ummm NOOOOOO haha i was like how? i dont have a boyfriend nobody in the prospects and ya haha it was really funny... shes the one who has all these guys asking her to marry them! haha 

Ummm ya i was super stressed last week and stuff. just our numbers and stuf and that we didnt have vrey many investigators who are progressing and stuff like that but this week we were working prety hard and we didnt have a lot of time cause hermana beck had to go back to the doc for her ingrown toenails... they were pretty bad. that girl shes gonna be an awesome misisonary! shes a worker bee and is like come on lets get it done! hhaa shes a little concerned about gaining wieght but it joke about it all the time.... we dont eat taha great haha! we say we are gonna eat better but then.... ya... haha! 

Thanksgiving we had a meeting with the elders in our ward and our mission lider for the ward. and the elders made PUMPKIN PIE!!!! it was crazy!!! haha! it was so good. we were like... home! haha me and hermana beck had bought cranberry jelly but withnothing else haha so we ate that... was a little gross by its self hhaahaÇ!!

Anyways thing were going good this week. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

the internet went down....Paraguay... ELDER RASBAND!!!

So sorry im writing on a tuesday again but yesterday as we were going to go and write home... the internet fails in all of paraguay.... haha so now we are writting today! haha 

So this week Pedro came to church again!!! but as we were teaching him this week he tells us that hes scared to be married! and that the catholic church will just be apart of him. ya... SO we have to pass through authority and stuff like that agian but he loves church and wants to keep going! Cecilia doesn't want to go to church and let go of the catholic religion but we'll keep working on her. 

OH and i have OFFICIALLY shook an apostles hand... and it was AWESOME!!! haha Elder Rasband came to our mision to talk to all of the missionaries of Paraguay! it was a huge meeting in our misison with the mision norte! i saw hermana recalde who was a local misionary with me in my training. Shes in norte mission. But we couldnt talk to each other cause they kept us pretty seperated the entire time but ya! Elder Rasband came with almost all of the presidecy of the Suramerica sur area and ya! i shook his hand and he was like hi! and of course i was like hola. durrr i can say hi in english! haha oh well! he kept looking at me through the meeting and smiling haha! it was cool! He talked about the blessing for paraguay and that we need to work our Very best. so we are working at ton. He said that we are doing good but we need to do better! so ya! it was super awesome! i wanted to talk to him after but we couldnt they escorted him out pretty quickly cause he was in meetings all day. but ya! SO COOL!!!!!!!!! haha!

We have been doing pretty good and we had more than 20 lessons this week wich is awesome but we are gonna do evern better! haha 

Anyways that was the week! Love you guys bunches!

Hermana Breon

To Mom: 
! i loved seeing elder rasband! it was super awesome and he like kept looking at me and smiling haha durring the first prayer, i like opend my eyes and looked at him and he was trying to fix his translater ear thingy and he caught me looking at him! haha i was like oops! and looked down haha! haha! oh well it was cool! they were llike you guys need to do more. your not doing sufficiently. so as a mission we are working to do more. We are too as a comp. 
My comp finishes her training after next week and im like freaking out trying to get her ready and trying to help her. Im like so freaking out. But i think ill be ok. and then she tells me and the hermana liders tell me that they think that im gonna take one on the hermana lideres place cuz she is going home this cambio and ya.... im like i dont know if i wanna be a lider..-. like it would be cool and i think i would love it but i think that too it would be stressful haha but i dont know. we will leave it up to the lord. i was thinking about how i have changed ont eh mision and i dont remember how i was before! that kinda wierded me out. haha i feel kinda lost in a way. its wierd. 
but i really hope that i have done well here but i dont know. Im mostly stressed cause i wanna do a good job and help make this place better and i feel like ive done a little. I dont know.... so im working my butt off. but ya.... its hard 
anyway that was the week-....

love you lots!


Monday, November 14, 2016

this week!!

So this week was pretty awesome!!!

We found like 6 new investigators and we worked a ton! haha 
PEDRO CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!! It was super awesome and he loved it! We are trying to get him set up for the 26 of november for his baptism! but we feel like it might be the next week after that it ok.... we are getting him prepared! So ya....
Anyways he was like yes i love this church and i know that this church is true and that he Libro de Mormon is true!!! yay!!!!!! its super awesome!!! i was so excited!!!! anyways we have some more lessons this weeek to get him ready for the baptism interview. He is progressing pretty awesomely!! His companion Cecilia  doesn't wanna be bapized yet, but is praying to know if the church is true and the Libro de Mormon is true! So we will see how it goes!!!! 

We are working a ton and loving the work that we are doing here! i cant believe i might only have 3 more weeks with Hermana Beck! we are sad about that! anyways! 

i love you guys lots!!!!!

Hermana Breon

To Mom: 
I'm coming home in march.... and I'm freaking out.... in 2 weeks i will have only 3 months left.... its super weird.... but I'm working my but off! haha!!! 
Pedro is doing super awesome! He's like loving church and i can just see him in the temple working there some day! its crazy!!! I'm like freaking out!!! its so exciting!!!!
anyways! love you lots!!!


Monday, November 7, 2016

This Week

So this week was pretty awesome!  So we were teaching Pedro this week. We went to his house on Tuesday and we were talking about what he read 2  Nefi 32) and he was like, out of nowhere, (we were finishing the lesson) and he goes, "Hey I was thinking about the baptism thing.... and I really feel like I need to be baptized." WHAT!!!!!!! I like almost jumped out and like screamed and like danced and like everything. But I calmly went, "why?" He says I've been thinking alot about this and I really feel like this is for me and this is the church that I need to be a part of. What do I need to do to be baptized? So I was like you need to pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true and you need to go to church and ya. He was like ok... I'm goin! WHAT?!?!?!?!? So then we had a cita with him on Friday with a return missionary and he was like, "yup I still wanna be baptized!" And he promised to come to church... so we showed up to church on Sunday and I had almost forgotten that he was gonna come to church becaause we were running late because we were picking up a Converso reciente and they took along time so we were rushing to church and anyways... we walk into the sacrament room AND THERE HE WAS!!!!!!!!!! I was like YAY!!!!!!!!! it was  awesome! and then it was fast and testimony meeting,  so like everybody was like bearing their testimony about the Book of Mormon and stuff which was awesome because through the meeting he turned to me and was like,  "I still haven't got my answer about the Book of Mormon yet." I was like,  "keep trying!" Anyways  it was crazy! he stayed for like 2 hours of church and then left but ya! And then during the meeting too he was like,  "I like how calm and friendly and peaceful it is here!" This man is so awesome! Me and my comp are so excited to see how he progresses! Anyways yup! That was the awesome week!!!!!!


Love you guys lots!!

Hermana Breon

To Mom:

Anyways this week was good. I'm like stressing because I'm half way through my 3rd to last cambio and I don't like it. But its cool.
I'm like burning up here! This week we almost thought that my comp had to go to the hospital because she keeps stubbing her toe and after this Saturday she like tripped and her toe swelled up and we had to stay in house for like a week and ya... it was scary I was like please no.... she can't break her toe... this would be bad and I don't want her to go through what I went through! haha scary right? But ya anyways it was pretty fine here. I don't remember America anymore.
I'm doing pretty good here. I'm sick of my stomach haha but other than that I'm all good here in the hood! haha! 

Monday, October 31, 2016

Another baptism!!

So this week we had another baptism!!! it was awesome and this guy has a really cool story! it had been almost a year and he was finally baptised!! it was so awesome! juan is deffinately ready and totally converted! it was so awesome to be apart of the baptism! Everybody was crying and ya.. awesome! 

This week we were in the house for a lot of it so we didnt get to work very  much. Pedro is progressing really slowly but is progressing. He is reading the book of mormon and loves it but he isnt praying or going to church! AHHHH!!! so we taught prayer and attending church and how it is important and he was like ok ill go. well we passed for him on sunday before church to remind him to come and he was like i have to take my son to thehospital. we were like ok. So we are gonna come and get him to church! We know that if he goes hes gonna feel something and want to be baptized! He told us that he is praying but he didnt ask if the book of mormon is true. But at least hes praying!!! thats a step! we are excited to see how it goes! 

Anyways that was my week!!!

Love you guys lots!!!

Hermana Breon


To Mom

actually love the pants.. like them alot! haha i would rather work with pants than skirts anyday.... its so freeing! haha 
yes elder dyer left. he was here for the baptism of juan and after that he left to go home to the states. wierd... it was super wierd to see like an american couple (his parents) there and talk english to them haha like super wierd. haha but it was fun! we already had cambios and I'm with hermana beck finishing her training and stuff. Its been fun! haha i cant believe how fast all these cambios are going! im kinda freaking out here! haha but weve been ok.  oh and sort of... he was my lider de distrito in villa anita for 3 cambios and then here as my lider de zona  for 2 so i was with him for 5 cambios. wierd.... so sort of cried with him i dont remember. hhaa anyways so jill is going to england! im like super jeaulous but whateves haha anyways! there wasnt really much that happened this week cause   hermana beck was sick. The doctors said that she ate something that was bad but really i think that she had a touch of dengue but whatever hah shes doing alot better now so we are gonna be working a ton all next week!!! haha we also have a return misisonary in our ward that wants to leave with us a ton! YAY!!! so we are excited to work with her! She was telling me yesterday at church that shes like hermana your mission is gonna go by so fast and before you know it your at home and you dont know what to do haha! I was like oh no... she looked so lost and i was like is that gonna be me? haha anyways... that was this week!

Love you lots!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

ok todal esta bien

So sorry about not writing this monday! I had to go somewhere and we were there all day so im writing now! haha! But anyways this week was pretty awesome! We had a baptism!!!!! Lourdes got baptized and it was pretty awesoem! So the day before we had to be in the offices for verificationes  for my comp and me and we were there for like 8 hours! Then when came back taught a lesson to pedro and cecilia and then we were at home stufying and didnt have time to go and teach lourdes her lest lesson before baptism! So we called the elders and they said that they would go and teach her. Well they got late and she was GONE! so i was like freaking out and we like called her a million times and she diddnt answer. so we were praying that she wouldnt fall into teptation the night before her baptism! thankfully the next day we passed for her house and she was there! And she got baptized!!!! It was awesome! 

anyways!! That was the week! 

Love you guys lots!!

Hermana Breon

oh and guess what! We are wearing pants and its sooo wierd... ill send a pic next week

To Mom;  

So yesterday.... sunday my comp was not feeling ok. So we were walking arounf and i felt her head and she was like super hot. So when we got home for stufying.. she was like im gonna lay down.... she had a 101 degree temp for like the whole night! It seemed like she had dengue. So yesterday we went to the hospital and ya... they think that her intstines are just inflamed and so ya we were there from 12 to 7 last night and so it was too late to go to email. So that is why i didnt email yesterday. haha i was braindead haha and today she needs to be resting and she still looks prety bad. I still think she has dengue, but they didnt test her for that. we are going back on Thursday and we will see how it goes. so ya. 
This week was fine. it was a stressful week and i was just kinda freaking out a little. But then we saw the hermana lideres in the hospital yesterday and they were like you are totally good!  I'm freaking out that i only have 2 more cambios after this one right now.... thats like i have 4 months left of my mission! And i look back and feel like i havent accomplished much... so ive been praying alot to know why i have been here and what is my purpose haha but im sure ill find out! haha!
Anyways don't worry about me... this time it isnt me! haha i called hermana wilson for my comp and i was like  HEY! its not me this time and she like laughed haah! it was really funny at verificationes on friday hermana wilson was talking about hospital visits and she was like right hermana breon? haha i like laughed haha nobody knew what she was saying haha...

ANYWAYS!!! i love you lotS!!!


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Lourdes is learning about the Gospel!


Rosana's Baptism Pictures!


Ice Cream Pictures!



So this week was pretty normal! it was super fun to find more people and teach them again. So this week we found a lady that i had contacted before(i dont remember) and she was like you gave me a plan of salvation pamphelt and i love it every time i read it i feel alot better about everything. We had contacted her at another house and this week we found her actual house!  so that was awesome! anywyas we did a little lesson and then prayed and set up an appointment to come back the next week. So that was awesome! 

Anyways this week we are gonna have a baptism! We are super excited and we are doing good! 

Anyways that was the week! 
Also we live above a vertrinario. And so one night we hear this sniffing under our door. We were like what is that? so we look out the window and there are 2 dogs there like sniffing and trying to get in our house. So what do we do.... we open it and we are like leave! and they start barking at us... like they own the place.... so we scared them off... we thought... and then the next thing we know they are back and barking at our door. So we open the door again and my comp squirts water at them adn they ran away.... but then looked at us like well be back... and we were like come at us bro! haha we llike laughed for like and hour after that... haha 

Love you lots!!

Hermana Breon

To Mom:

The elders were like hermana you are a good missionary! Keep doing what you are doing and everything will be ok. I was like ok.... but now I'm ok.

It was nice to talk to you guys too! i felt good afterward and am excited to speak in spanish to robert and maybe angel haha i was like so proud hahaa! 
I'm jealous of the beach haha! but oh well... is it cold there? 

And me and my comp talked about you and her mom and you guys are like basically twins. haha its actually pretty crazy haha!

Anyways love you lots!!!


Monday, October 10, 2016

More pictures!!


this week..

So this week was pretty cool. Our investigators are progressing nicely and we are getting ready for the baptisms of 3 people in our ward! 2 are from the elders and 1 from us! it was pretty cool to see her changing! Shes learning alot from the Book of mormon!

We found a ton of people and have a ton of appointments this week! Its been a really good week!

Anyways! i love you guys lots!

Hermana Breon

To Mom: 

(The week following the news of Nana's passing...)
So ya i did call president and he was like ok... how do you feel? do you want to call home? and i was like idon't  know... cause i didnt know if it would make it worse or better for me because at that time i really didnt cry at all and i was just in shock. I said that and he was like ok.... how do you really feel and i was like i really dont know... haha i was like numb... and he was like ok if you want my advice i say not to call.... i think that it would make it worse and if you are fine right now just go to work and just focus completly in it and the Lord will help you. You know where they are and you know the plan of salvation. I was like ok.... i know. so i decided not to call. i wasn't crying cause i knew that everything would be ok.

anyways thanks for sending the pics haha! take a pic of the beach for me!! haha! and the whole family! i want to see everybody! haha!

Anyways we worked super hard this week and we found this girl who was almost baptized 1 year before! So we are gonna start to teach her again! 

also i got super sunburned haha its getting super hot here! 
Anyways don't worry about me and i love you guys lots!!


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

miracles week

So this week was pretty awesome actually! We started to teach this old couple who are super kind and sweet! their names are Pedro and Cecilia! They are like in their 70s and i just love them so much! After our frst meeting with them he was already reading the Book of Mormon and loving it! It was super awesome to see!He's  like its just like the Bible! It has similar teachings and everything! I feel alot better when i read the BoM them I do when I read the Bible! So I invited him to be baptized but he was like, "I was already baptized"... so we need to go over the authority thing again but ya!!!!! I'm so excited to see them progress! 
Then we have another investigator named Lourdes. So Lourdes was a refernce from a member here! She is awesome! We have taught her like 3 times and SHE CAME TO CONFERENCE!!!! She said that she liked it so ya!! She has a baptism date for the 22 of this month!! So we're gonna try to get her prepared by then! Anyways!!! it was a super good week for us and we were literally exhausted like everyday so that means we are working hard! 

We also found an anti Mormon this week too! haha I was like trying to bite my tongue while he was talking to one of these contacts that we were talking to. It was funny how while he was spitting out all of these bible scriptures that were supposed to put doubt in the mind of these contacts that we were making, i just kept thinking... by their fruits ye shall know them... and contention is of the devil... and that stuff... my comp was looking at me like don't say anything... and the holy ghost was like no.... so I didn't, and after he kept looking at me like are you gonna say anything I just ruined it for you.... but after he left,  the contact was like he's crazy.... we think that you guys have a spirit about you that is different and that we like bettter.... HA! hahaa anyways it was cool to see....


Love you gys lots!!!
Hermana Breon

To mom:
I've realized after conference that I am doing good and that God is happy with what I am doing. I'm not perfeect, but neither is anybody else,  even them! so I'm ok now.... haha 

But ya... I had this feeling that nana would go this week. I'll tell president today. its ok for telling me about it on the email. if you want I can ask to call you guys tonight. at this point it hasn't sunk in yet. but I know it will soon. 

Conference was really good! I loved it actually! it was really wierd to see the USA.... I was like whoa.... that's like my culture! haha! I think I'm gonna have a hard time adjusting to being in America again after the mish haha! I was like oh ya.... haha

Anyways llove you lots and i know that you can do this!

Love you lots!


Picture of one of our investigators...

Monday, September 26, 2016

plumbing probs....

so this week was full of looking for investigators! so we did a ton of contacting and we found some good people! and we are gonna go looking for them this week! its been really fun! 

This week  our apartment has been flooding alot haha ok just our kitchen but still haha! it was super fun! haha and thats not sarcasm haha! But ya! so we have been cleaning that so we are now cleaning our dishes in the sink in the bathroom hahaaha! its super funny but ya we have to call tehe owner to get it fixed but ya haha then our toilet got a little clogged so we got that fixed too! hahaç! My comps a trooper! It was a super funny week! haha Ive been showing my comp the joys of paraguayan food haha and she loves it all! haha! It was super good! haha! 

Anyways that was the week! 

Love you guys lots!

Hermana Breon

To Mom:
But its ok im doing fine now.  so this week i was a little stressed. I just feel like we are trying really hard and its not working. I feel like maybe we need to work harder. But we had an intercambio with the hermana lideres and at the end of the day i was like im so sorry we didnt do that well today and she was like what are you talking about we did amazing today today was a good day! I was like what? haha i didnt think we did very well. Then i started to look at what we really are doing and i realized that we had talked to alot of people this week and wernt able to pray with them and that is what tehnically counts as a lesson cause they were men. And so i realized that we are spreading the gosple but im just getting really down on myself. so ya. 
So that kinda made me more stressed and ya. Im trying to help my comp and stuff learn and ive got all this pressure from everybody else becasue they think we should be doing better. So to say im stressed is an understatement. But on the good side my comp is learning spanish SUPER fast! Shes awesoem! im like super impressed and the ward is too. But ya anyways. it was a little stressful wekk but ill be ok! haha just missionary work haha! im like freaking our i almost only have 5 more months of the mission.! And everybody is like you are so close to leaving! Im like NOOOOO!!! hahaha! anyways love you lots! 

Love you lots!!


PS oh im sending a pic of the zone conference i had this week!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pictures at the Hermosa's w/my new companion


Soooo this week was awesome!!!

So this week was pretty awesome! So i am officially a trainer!!!! Its so crazy! I really cant believe it! but on that same day my trainer went home! She finished the mission and I was like super sad. So anyways I went to the offices with this other Hermana who was also gonna train and it was super crazy we were super nervous! haha but when we got there we heard that there was only gonna be 2 Americans and one Brazilian Hermanas and a ton of Elders. So I was like I think I'm gonna get the Brazilian. BUT GUESS WHAT?!?! I got an American!!!! She is super awesome! her name is Hermana Beck (not related to THE sister Beck haha) and shes from ID and is learning Spanish, haha but she's like super excited to learn and we are so happy haha! So this week I was like she's gonna start teaching. Her Spanish was a little broken at first, but she's like progressing SO fast! Its so cool to see her progressing! Anyways that was the week! We are looking for investigators and getting sunburned, haha but its super fun!} Anyways love you lots and help the missionaries with references!!! } Hermana Breon To Mom: Anyways I HAVE A NEW TRAINEEE!!! Haha She's super sweet and its so funny to watch her cause she is exactly like me when I started out! like with Spanish and everything. I'm like laughing inside cause I remember going through that haha anyways she's like doing suuuper good! I'm like super amazed! haha It's really cool to see hows she's doing! it was super funny so when the new ones came in and president was gonna tell them who their trainer was I knew she was gonna be my comp haha I looked at her and was like yep she's gonna be my comp haha anyways she's super funny and is from Sun Valley, Idaho. Anyways this week was a normal week. We were looking like crazy for people, because unfortunately we lost all of our investigators because of what happened last cambio, but whatever we are starting new and fresh again. All the leaders are helping me and stuff and its super fun haha anyways so I feel the spirit again and that is making me happy. I get sooo sad without it. But now it's all good. As for the letter I never got it and President hasn't said anything to me about what happened. I think he is just letting me work and concentrate on training. And I'm ok with that. At the offices on Tuesday he asked me if I was ok and I was like ya I'm doing really good and he smiled and was like ok! So I think he might wait till Nana goes. and Hermana Wilson came to me and she gave me this BIG hug and was like how are you if you need anything you just let us know. And I was happy for that. But I'm doing ok right now. I'm just doing the work and stuff. Anyways ya.... there wasn't much to say this week, haha but ya. love you lots!!! Hayley

Friday, September 16, 2016

Thursday, September 15, 2016

this week.... baptism.. and crazy stuff

so this week we had a baptism! it was super cool! Rogelia is a investigator of the elders but we taught her some too so i guess shes ours too haha but ya! She was so nervous but it was super cool! I loved it! Then she got the holy ghost on sunday and after told us of the peace and calm that she feels now! it was super awesome! 

Also this week we went to the Hard Rock cafe in Asuncion! IT was super cool and our waiter is an investigator in our area! haha! So that was awesome!

Anyways that was the week and you guys know what????? 

I'm TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tomorrow im going to get my comp!!!! AHHHHHHH!!! im freaking out a little!!!!!! haha!!!! 

Anyways yup!

Love you guys lots!

Hermana Breon

To Mom: 
Anyways..... Sio we got cambios and im going to TRAIN!!!!!! Im like super freaking out right now! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and hermanaa Cowley is going home!!! im sad but ill see her in the officesd with hermana Whiting who is so gonna freak out about this hahah!

Anyways love you guys lots!!! and super jealous you guys are in cali! haha

Love you lots!


Rogelia's Baptism Sep 10, 2016

Monday, September 5, 2016

so this week

This week was a pretty normal week for me! we just worked and tried to find the people i talked about last week but we couldnt find themm and when we found one she was super sick so ya... theres next week too! 

So ya! we celebrated the birthdays with the members and it was pretty awesome! So do you remember don Juan? well... so this week i was like lets get these lessons started! So we passed for his house and got an appointment set up for the next day with the presidente de estaca and his wife. So the next day the president wants to talk to us. So we go into this room in the capilla and he tells us that don juan wants to meet with the elders cause he doesnt feel comfortable with 3 women teaching him. Because there is a rule that if we are gonna teach a solo man we need another woman. And so he feels like we are on the attack or like we are scared of him haha so he said that it was fine for the elders. so the president wanted to talk to us to tell us that. So that was super disapointing... but hes taking the lessons now!!! but ya we saw him at church and he was like are you mad at me? and we were like no!! haha so ya hes cool with us now! haha 

Anyways that was my week! 

Love you lots!!!

Hermana Breon 

To Mom: 


Anyways so all of our investigators dropped. And I know why. We don't have the holy ghost with us. I know EXACTLY why. But I try and try, but I just can't do it all on my own. anyways.... that was the week. sorry its not super spiritual. but ya. Then on top of all my stress... an investigator of the elders told us things that she did and to feel the weight of the sin is just heavy. and I can't imagine what it was like for christ!  so that was hard. And she's gonna be baptized this week. so I don't know now.... but ya. 

Anyways, we went to hard rock cafe!!!! today!!!! it was super awesome! ill send pics next week. 

Anyways im gonna hit my one year saturday!!! woah!! its super wierd.... and im like the next 6 months are gonna fly by! i only have 4 more cambios left! wierd..... haha  but ya next week is cambios and we will see what is gonna happen! haha i feel like im gonna train but i dont know if thats cause everybody is saying that or that is really gonna happen hahaa we will see! haha

Anyways love you lots! hey send me and exercise thing for stomach and hips... this paraguayan ffood goes to the hips and butt and stomach... all the oil that we eat everyday is a ton! and sugar! haha 

Anyways love you ots!!!


Pictures from the Hermosa's Party!

Monday, August 29, 2016

So this week of miracles!!!

So this week was actually pretty amazing!!! so this week we were contacting and we found this lady. We were trying to look for a house of a menos activo and we found asked her for the person. And anyway I wanted to say thanks and leave but I got an impression that I should say that we were missionaries and give the whole schpeel. Well after I said that I was like can we share a message with you? she was like yes! come in! so right as we sat down she goes well right before you got here, I was crying! I had a horrible fight with my boyfriend and I was praying that God would give me comfort and an answer to my prayers. I need to feel him here with me. I said send me somebody to help me and then you guys came!.... I was lke what? haha she was like you are sent from God and I will listen to you. So we taught her and she loved it and then we put her with a baptism date and we came back the next day and she was sharing all her friends the book of mormon and took a pic of us and posted it on facebook with the caption my angels, I felt a little uncomfortable with that she was saying that we were angels but it was really cool that we were an answer to her prayer! 
The next day we had nothing to do in the night. All of our plans dropped and we were left with nowhere to go and nothing to do. At night its a little dangerous to be just wandering the streets. So I was like ok lets pray. So we prayed to find a person to teach but we only had 30 min till we had to be home. I felt the spirit strong to go and visit on of the contacts that we had made the day before. So we went there and they were like thanks but no. So I was like ok... what now? so I had this feeling to cross the street. So I crossed the street and contacted a house. Nobody came out. Ok.... next house.... literally the one next door. So we contacted that house and this lady came out. We gave her a card with a pic of Christ on it and she goes whoa,  I have goosebumps. And she starts to explain that she literally was being visited by the missionaries like 40 years before, but her parents didn't ever let her be baptized. She was really upset and she said that just recently her parents had both died and she feels like now she can investigate the church! so we gave her a book of mormon and she started to cry and was like I know that this is what I need! so we set up a time to come back cause she had family that was leaving and was like hey! we got to go! so I was going to leave when I felt that I should say do you want to be baptized? so I said it and she goes Yes. WHAT?!?!!?! so we left and I was like jumping a little.... ok a lot.... only the taxis saw, haha, but we came home right on time and started our studies.... it was amazing!! The Lord really does work and prepare people for the gospel! I love this work that I'm doing! WE worked super hard this week and found milagros! 
We also are teaching one of the elders investigators and she is awesome! She iis progressing  a ful! and loves it! She came to church and the light of christ that you see in her eyes is amazing! Everyday that we pass its more and more! She's gonna be baptized the 10th! haah! 
Anyways I hope that you all had a good week!

Love you guys lots!!

Hermana Breon

To Mom: 
a ful is spanish and I'm spelling it right and all those things I'm spelling in spanish haha! I don't remember the english anymore! haha! its kinda funny actually haha I'm like freaking out.. I'm gonna be home in 6 months! and I don't want to leave! haah! I'm at that point now and the cambio is like flying by! bueno, now doing ok with the comp. I'm trying to be patient and ya.... I think that has been my entire mission..... patience haha! I told president that and he laughed and was like ya... haha ! By The way he says hi and is praying for you guys!  

Ya president helped me feel better. He sent me an email last week... welll its the weekly emails that we get and he said that they, hermana and president,  love me alot and that they are praying for me. So I saw them this week tooo because we had interviews again. So I gave hermana Wilson a hug and it was awesome! I love them so much!Who would've thought that I would have so much contact with them in my mission! haha! They are awesome! haha anyways... so they are like really worried about what is going on and they said that they are here if I need anything and they were like just focus on the work... The time will come when you hear that they have passed on, but you have just got to work super hard. Don't give yourself time to think about it cause that's when you are gonna break down. You can do this. So that was really nice to hear. And en verdad I'm really happy that they are here for me. I feel so much closer to christ its not even funny. I never thought that it would be this way. I see the light in my eyes more than ever and its super weird... haha like a good weird... wierd... haha I realized that this week and was like whoa... haha
Mom everything is gonna be ok. I know that this is hard. its hard for me too. thankfully we have the plan of salvation right? I don't know what I would do if we didn't. I have met people here that don't think that. They think it just ends. How sad. I get really sad when I hear that cause they are literally wrong. I can't believe that. I know that there is life after death. And when we need Him the most, He is always there for us. I have realized that. For a while i was feeling really alone here in the mission. Like I felt abandoned by God,  and it was weird, you would think that when you are a missionary that you would feel close. but after I talked to president and hermana cowley, I felt an overwhelming feeling that He is there! I was thinking that he wasn't. but He was there the entire time! I just needed somebody to tell me. haha and nowI couldn't have more hope and be more happier! I really can't believe it and its only 1 year I've been on the misison. Its amazing to me. I know that He is there for you! try praying on your knees everynight. Its weird but it helps haha. In some ways I wish I could be there to help with everything but I know that my place is here in the mission. I know that you can do it and I've been praying for you guys everyday. 

Anyway... i want to go to CA to see the graves and stuff. In someways I want to call and talk to you guys but I don't know the rules and I think you would have to talk to them if you want me to call. 
Ya God give us challenges to strengthen us, but sometimes we need help from others to support it too haha. I've learned that haha but ya.... 

I love you lots!!


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

esta semana...

Entonces tuvimos una intercambio with the hermana liders and I was with HERMANA COWLEY!!! for those of you who have forgotten.... she was my trainer!!! so it was super fun and we found some investigators!!! it was super awesome to be with her again and then we realized that we have been apart for almost a year! we were talking about old times and what has happened in our missions since then and we have had really similar experiences haha! it was super funny! But as we were walking and trying to find people to teach, we came up to this house and this girl Camila left the house and she let us teach her.So we taught her the restoration and the spirit was super stong! and at the end she goes i know that this church is true. i know it! WHAT!!!! haha i was like whoa! It really is the spirit that teaches and we just bring it with the message, but it is him that helps them feel that this is true! it was amazing! Anyways i asked her if she wanted to be baptized and she said yes but i totally forgot to ask her with a baptism date! ugh! haha! but it was a super cool lesson.

Anyways we are just finding miracles everyday here! I'm super happy about that! There are people here just waiting! 

haha Anyways i hope that this week was awesome for you guys!

Love you lots!

Hermana Breon
Photos are from the Hermosa's in Paraguay. 
This is Hayley and her companion in Amambay.