Monday, November 30, 2015

Semana 11: Bambi is in Paraguay...well was...

So to start off my spanish is a TON better! WOOHOO!!!!! Ive been speaking spanish all the time in my apartment and its like gotten a million times better!!

So this week we had verificaciones where we go and the new missionaries and the trainers go and take a test to see if we are being trained right and if we have any problems with our trainers. I of course didnt have any because Hermana Cowley is awesome! haha! Anyways the president said that anywhere we go we have to take a taxi which is kinda of expensive but anyways we called our go to taxi man , José, and he drove us to Asunción! When we go to the office and the elders that were in my group from the CCM were there! i got out of the car and José grabbed my crutches and the elders were like what happened? haha! So  told them what was going on and they were like what? haha! Ya... anyways, we were walking to the cultural hall in the capilla and my wooden crtuches slipped! haha! they used to have rubber on the bottom but they came off when ive been going to different places like the capolla and stuff. Anyways durring the meeting, one of the hermanas from a different area turned to me and was like we have actual crutches in our apaqrtment! do you want them? I was like YES! haha! so as we were walking out of the capolla after the meeting president Wilson was walking in front of me and then turned around to say something and right then both of my crutches slipped out from under me and i almost fell haha! He was like Woah! you need new ones! haha! we had to wait in the offices for the taxi they called for us and as we were all sitting there, Hermana Wilson was sitting in front of us and President was off to the side. I was like i need ot make a joke cause this is so funny how my crutches keep slipping. And then right there i was like... Im Bambi! haha So I turned to Hermana Wilson and said ¿Usted sabe Bambi? she was like Sí. And i said Yo siento como Bambi. President and Hermana Wilson were laughing fo a while over that haha! 
Anyways! I now have brand new (not really) crutches!!!!! haha!

So there really wasnt much else this week but i hope there will be more and that i can speak PERFECT spanish this week! (probably not but hey i keep praying!) haha!
Anyways ya things are boring here.... but i will take pics because on wednesday we have transfers so there will be pics of my district! and my companions tambien. my spanish is really good... not perfect but ya! I can now mostly understand what the president says and so thats good now! haha! Hermana Cowley said that she thinks they are really impressed with me. they didnt say that but thats tthe vibe shes been getting! haha!
Funny thing... so when we go grocery shopping taylor swifts bad blood song comes on and i have to resist dancing and singing... haha!
I told sierra Bell about my toe and she laughed and was like ya i left my bella-like qualities at home and you brought them to paraguay! haha! ya i know.... haha
It was raining all weekend.. im in an area where it doesnt flood.... 
There is a dog that lives accross the street and i have named him charlie.... haha! hes funny to watch... ya i know
I made the peach cobbler and EVERYBODY loved it! haha! 
Oh and keep sending me news! Hermana Cowley and me LOVE IT!!!! we crave it! haha!
oh and i showed my companions the way of the "poor mans pizza"... its a hit!...we eat it every week here! haha! except we make it into a sandwich por que our oven burns it everytime haha! anyways.. yup! LOVE YOU!!! oh and in the next pacakge.. i need more cotton socks for flats... like with the rubber on the back and in black and skin color! 

Love you guys!!!!!
Hermana Breon :)

Monday, November 23, 2015

Semana 10: IM STAYING!!!!!

So alot has happened this week! So on tuesday we were at the district meeting when we got a call from Hermana Wilson asking if we were at our apartment. We said we werent and they said that they would come by. Well they never did! We were both freaking out because we totally thought that I was going home! So the next day we got a call from the President ( which we had never had before) and he asked if we were going to be arround that day because he was going to bring by another bunk bed. We asked why and he said that they were gonna give us 2 local missionaries to help us out till my toe heals. SO! he and his daughter came and helped set up the bed and on friday they came! They are super nice! So what me and one of the hermanas do is look in the area book and plan out the day for hermana cowley and her companion for the day and then we switch companions the next day! so i have been talking spanish ALOT! haha! one of them wants to learn english so i have been helping her learn english and she is helpng me with spanish! Just yesterday Hermana Cowley said that my spanish has inproved a ton! like im starting to talk like the locals haha! im now teaching her how to pronounce words haha!
Oh and im officially not in training right now.... im training! ya..... im traingin the new local missionaries. So technically im now a trainer too... till my toe is healed and then im in training again. So ya thats what the president said! haha! He was like you are now a trainer. you need ot train these new hermanas..... ya.... only after 5 weeks! CRAZY!!!!! 

Anyways ive just been in the house studying and organizing the carpeta de area all week!

Funny thing.... So today when we were on the colectivo (bus) to go to the store, there were these two men singing. one was rapping and the other was playing the guitar. The guy that was rapping was singing about me and my companions... not anything bad just like 'hey theres that girl with the crutches' blah blah blah haha! So now i can say i had part of a spanish rap song sung about me! haha! In paraguay! haha!

ya so for right now President came and got my x ray  and is going to give it to another doctor to look at it because hes not happy with how this doctor is handling things.. i still have a tounge presser as a splint and so President said he is going to try and find me a boot but those are difficult to find in south america and ver expensive! so were the multeas! anyways.... when he came he said that he just knew that i didnt want to go home and so he is doing the local missionaries thing. which is like unheard of. normally i would definately be sent home for this and he said that too. So ya im very happpy! ive litterally been sitting on my butt all day!!! so impretty sure that my weight that ive lost is coming back! Its totally freaky because one of the hermanas acts and talks like tanya... even loves to cook like tanya.... its freaking me out a little.

Anyways... have fun! Super grateful i get to stay here! 

Love you guys!!!

Hermana Breon 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Just received the letter!

Hayley's Mission President sent a letter to let us know she arrived safely in Paraguay. Haha...she's been there almost 6 weeks! Oh well. 
But he did send us pictures!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Semana 9: Muletas not Maletas

So this week was a boring week.... ya i know.... how can you have those when you are on a mission? Well when you break your toe you can... haha! So this week we sat in the house all day almost every day.... ya.... 
BUT we went to a Zone Conference with like 7 Zones on tuesday so that was super fun! It was 7 hours long but they fed us LUNCH!!!!! So it made up for the long meeting haha but it was really good! After the meeting my toe was KILLING me so we decided to stay off of it on wednesday so it was a day full of studies! Yay! haha! 
On thursday we had a doctors apointment in Asuncion again. We went there and the doctor was like hey so you know how i said 4 weeks... ya.... its gonna be 8-12 weeks. I gave him this shocked look and he like looked at me and rolled his eyes and looked away.. he wanted to laugh! haha! That man is so funny! haha! Kinda weird but so funny! haha! when he called my name to go into his room he said... breon.. and then looked at me and i gave him this huge smile hahaha! He also prescribed me paciencia... ( i cant spell that word in english any more... haha!)  And i also got more tounge pressers for my toe hahah! I just love Paraguay! haha! SO YA! Came home and was really kinda dicouraged because our area is gonna die.... die meaning all of our investigators are gonna go away. BUT Something good happened yesterday! Hermana Arce (obospos esposa) told us that i can stay at her house and hermana cowley can take a member with her and go and teach people! SO my job will be to gain the trust of the members, learn spanish and she gets  to teach peple! WOOHOOO!!! im really sad i wont be teaching investigators but i get to practice witht the members! 

Anyways... I look back at my mission so far (9 weeks) and go wow this is a really different mission experience than most people haha! I told Hermana Cowley that these things happen to me all the time and welcome to the ride haha! She thought that was funny! haha! Well this week is my 5th week in paraguay! CRAZY RIGHT?!?!?!! haha

OH! and they rarely sell crutches (muletas) and so today the elders are bringing me my freshely carved wooden crutches!!! Ya! a carpenter that lives under the elders aparment said that he would make them this weeked! haha! 
It was funny... so we called Elder Dyer (our DL) and was like we need crutches. But the word crutches is similar to the word for suitcases. (Maletas) Entonces, he was like where are you guys going? hahaha! It was really funny haha 

Well love you guys all! 

Thats funny about the garage door opener... i had a feeliing last night to pray for you specifically... that you would be ok and that everyhting would work out.... weird... and i thought that was wierd buit i did it anyways.... ya... 

WEll SYD said that she didnt do good but im sure she did amazing based on wht you said and stuff! 

Pleese tell me news!!!! im dying here! im so glad that you did! I told dad about my toe so ask him... Its a strong possibility im going home.. but witht his presdient he doesnt send anybody home so who knows!!! haha! but my toe is getting really bad everyday which blows our minds becasue i am literaly sitting down all day! but today when we were walking to the ciber my toe is hurting super bad... so we are very concerned.  are you recording the hallmark stuff? haha! Im sure dad is dying haha! OH! did you send the package? :) haha! 

Love yiou guys alot! 

oh and on sunday i gave a talk... scary!! haha i think i did ok! the DL and hermana Cowley said i did good haha! It was on  mmissionary work and i planed it in 5 minutes.. in spanish! AHHH! ya hopefully everything was said good haha i went on the spirit and i dont even remember what i said haha! I tend to do that. The spirirt just throws these words into my mind i say them and then after go what did i say haha! elder Dyer heard me wisper that to hermana cowley and he laughed haha! But i did it!!!! ya!!! haha

Monday, November 9, 2015

More pictures.

Semana 8: Singing the Paraguay blues.... haha not really

¡HOLA Familia and Amigos!

Wow this week was very interesting.....
So last monday after i wrote my letter we went to the doctor to see about my toe..... well....its...... BROKEN!!!!!!! haha! ya the first broken bone i ever get in my life is on my mission... haha so for 4 weeks i cant walk anywhere without a crutch and thats if i absolutely have to walk. So we told the President and he said that they are gonna keep me in this area but we dont know how long that is gonna last because just to go to church its over a mile walk there and then a mile back. haha so ya... me and hermana Cowley think we are gonna be the first hermanas in the oficinas haha! but for right now we just are teaching 3 people... OH YA WE GOT 2 NEW INVESTIGATORS!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOO! haha! They are super nice and are interested in the church so im pretty excited about them. :) We still are teaching that guy but he lives super far away and this week i got a really bad head cold. So we had to cancel his appointment because i felt like death haha but now im totally fine! We actuallly use my toe more than we shoudl cause i go crazy and we leave and walk kinda alot... Well its Paraguay.... you have to walk everywhere. anyways... I fell bad for my companion becasue she has to plan around my toe... ya..
Well this week we had intercambios with the hermana leaders. So they came to my apartment and i was supposed to go woth one and my companion was going to stay in our area and lead the hermana around to meet with people. Well they came and found out about my toe so i ended up staying in my apt for 8 hours and an hermana leader stayed with me. So i got to practice my spanish for 8 hours! haha!
Yesterday we went to the bishops house for lunch and the bishop and his wife were tasing me about my spanish. I dont really talk as much because i feel like i cant really contribute to the conversation haha. Well Hma Arce turned to me and said tell me something except she used some words i didnt know haha So it was kinda funny! haha The ward is so nice haha! Im known now in the ward as the smily missionary haha. They told hma Cowley when i was stuck in the apt, that they were asking why i smile so much hahha! 
OH before i forget! We had to go to the oficinas for fingerprinting for our visas for paraguay. Well when i got there the whole group that i came with was there! They were like HERMANA BREON!!!!!! haha! I miss them sometimes! haha it was cool to see them! I actually get to see them tomorrow becasue we have a huge multi zone zone conference! haha

Well im loven Paraguay!

Love you guys mucho!

Hermana Breon

Extra News!!
Im going to go crazy having to be in thhe apt for 4 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NUTS!!!!!!!!! we are pretty sure that the president is gonna visit our apt again. ya... hes concerned about my toe and making sure it heals fast. But since that takes up a ton of my traineing time it kinda stinks... so ya i have lost 16 lbs!!!! the wife of the bishop... hma Arce... told me yesterday that i looked like i lost alot of weight already! haha she was like ella esta muy flaca! Que pasa?! haha! i was like really? thank you! hahah! We just weighed ourselves and i am at 179 when i left i was 195! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!! hahah! i didnt have much time to wirte nana and i will now haha 

hey im good with anything american! (For Christmas.) hma cowley said her favorite candy is milk duds haha! I just want pics of friendss and more of family... another photo album....and american candy!!! my favorite ;) haha! i wish you could send cheese but oh well... OH GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?! they sell smarties.. you know the british candy that is like larger m n ms?! YA!!!! _AMAZIGN!!! my favorite soda here is the paso de torres! AMAZING its like squirt except WAY better! haha! 


CCM Pics. My crazy district and my Presidente and his wife.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Semana 8: It's Allll Good!!!

So this week was so much better! Im starting to get used to paraguay and im doing good!

We are having a really hard time in this area. My trainer had a companion before who was really sick so they were in their apt most of the time so we really have nobody to teach... Kind of like we are white washing the area. So its was really hard. We have (had)1 investigator and she was relly interested in the church but then has not gone to church and is busy all the time and so we have not been able to meet with her at all. So we were super discourgged. But just on saturday we had a break through. There is this man who went up to the Elders who are in our area and asked if he could meet with them. Well fortunately (unfortunately for them) he lives in out area. But the only thing is is that he lives alone and we have to teach with another woman when we teach him. So we were begging the members and nobody could come. So we went to his house to tell him that we needed to set up a different time to come (and we explained what the rule was) and he was like thats ok! And then asked us a few questions. Hermana Cowley started to explain baptism and a little bit about the LDM and he was super interested! Like super! But while she was explained baptism and stuff I got this strong feeling to say something that she didnt mention. So i said it in perfect spanish(which me saying that right away is very weird) and he turned to me and said "SI!!" and said thats exactly what i believe in and then ran inside to grab his LDM. After when we left, I felt like a missionary! I havent felt that in a long time... ok since the CCM. I feel like he is so ready! YAY!!! 
BUT it didnt count as a lesson cause we didnt have a woman and we didnt pray so ya.... BUT IT WAS SO COOL!!!!!! 

WE also had a hallowwen party at the ward which was funny. They went aall out for it! They dont have anything like halloween here so they did what they saw on the internet and we made it fun! They carved watermellon and instead of dougnuts on a string it was pinnaple! haha! It was awesome! 


Love you guys lots and hope everthing is awesome!

 Hermana Breon

Note to Mom: 
Everything is better I got an xray done and now we are going to see the results today. It doesnt look broken so who knows. the food is so bad here that everybdy has stomach problems which i now have but esta bien!!! 
OH! So i know you would love this. The Presidente and Hermana Wilson came to our aptment a few days ago to give us a paper for something. ANYWAYS they were saying that they have a friend in URguay that YOU contacted and were talking to and thier friend didnt know that they were mission president here and so they emailed them and asked. Pres and Hma were like ya how did you find out and they siad YOU told them. MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY?!?!?!?!!? they thought it was funny and kinda cool. So now they know what you look like and they said hugs and kisses from you. ya. 

I dont know for christmaas.. OH! pictures of my friends.... ummmm something American... and whatever you want! Oh! probably some viatimns. My favorite candy.. they dont have lots of candy here..... just halls throght drops. They eat them like candy here. 


LOve you lots!!!!!