Monday, September 26, 2016

plumbing probs....

so this week was full of looking for investigators! so we did a ton of contacting and we found some good people! and we are gonna go looking for them this week! its been really fun! 

This week  our apartment has been flooding alot haha ok just our kitchen but still haha! it was super fun! haha and thats not sarcasm haha! But ya! so we have been cleaning that so we are now cleaning our dishes in the sink in the bathroom hahaaha! its super funny but ya we have to call tehe owner to get it fixed but ya haha then our toilet got a little clogged so we got that fixed too! hahaç! My comps a trooper! It was a super funny week! haha Ive been showing my comp the joys of paraguayan food haha and she loves it all! haha! It was super good! haha! 

Anyways that was the week! 

Love you guys lots!

Hermana Breon

To Mom:
But its ok im doing fine now.  so this week i was a little stressed. I just feel like we are trying really hard and its not working. I feel like maybe we need to work harder. But we had an intercambio with the hermana lideres and at the end of the day i was like im so sorry we didnt do that well today and she was like what are you talking about we did amazing today today was a good day! I was like what? haha i didnt think we did very well. Then i started to look at what we really are doing and i realized that we had talked to alot of people this week and wernt able to pray with them and that is what tehnically counts as a lesson cause they were men. And so i realized that we are spreading the gosple but im just getting really down on myself. so ya. 
So that kinda made me more stressed and ya. Im trying to help my comp and stuff learn and ive got all this pressure from everybody else becasue they think we should be doing better. So to say im stressed is an understatement. But on the good side my comp is learning spanish SUPER fast! Shes awesoem! im like super impressed and the ward is too. But ya anyways. it was a little stressful wekk but ill be ok! haha just missionary work haha! im like freaking our i almost only have 5 more months of the mission.! And everybody is like you are so close to leaving! Im like NOOOOO!!! hahaha! anyways love you lots! 

Love you lots!!


PS oh im sending a pic of the zone conference i had this week!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pictures at the Hermosa's w/my new companion


Soooo this week was awesome!!!

So this week was pretty awesome! So i am officially a trainer!!!! Its so crazy! I really cant believe it! but on that same day my trainer went home! She finished the mission and I was like super sad. So anyways I went to the offices with this other Hermana who was also gonna train and it was super crazy we were super nervous! haha but when we got there we heard that there was only gonna be 2 Americans and one Brazilian Hermanas and a ton of Elders. So I was like I think I'm gonna get the Brazilian. BUT GUESS WHAT?!?! I got an American!!!! She is super awesome! her name is Hermana Beck (not related to THE sister Beck haha) and shes from ID and is learning Spanish, haha but she's like super excited to learn and we are so happy haha! So this week I was like she's gonna start teaching. Her Spanish was a little broken at first, but she's like progressing SO fast! Its so cool to see her progressing! Anyways that was the week! We are looking for investigators and getting sunburned, haha but its super fun!} Anyways love you lots and help the missionaries with references!!! } Hermana Breon To Mom: Anyways I HAVE A NEW TRAINEEE!!! Haha She's super sweet and its so funny to watch her cause she is exactly like me when I started out! like with Spanish and everything. I'm like laughing inside cause I remember going through that haha anyways she's like doing suuuper good! I'm like super amazed! haha It's really cool to see hows she's doing! it was super funny so when the new ones came in and president was gonna tell them who their trainer was I knew she was gonna be my comp haha I looked at her and was like yep she's gonna be my comp haha anyways she's super funny and is from Sun Valley, Idaho. Anyways this week was a normal week. We were looking like crazy for people, because unfortunately we lost all of our investigators because of what happened last cambio, but whatever we are starting new and fresh again. All the leaders are helping me and stuff and its super fun haha anyways so I feel the spirit again and that is making me happy. I get sooo sad without it. But now it's all good. As for the letter I never got it and President hasn't said anything to me about what happened. I think he is just letting me work and concentrate on training. And I'm ok with that. At the offices on Tuesday he asked me if I was ok and I was like ya I'm doing really good and he smiled and was like ok! So I think he might wait till Nana goes. and Hermana Wilson came to me and she gave me this BIG hug and was like how are you if you need anything you just let us know. And I was happy for that. But I'm doing ok right now. I'm just doing the work and stuff. Anyways ya.... there wasn't much to say this week, haha but ya. love you lots!!! Hayley

Friday, September 16, 2016

Thursday, September 15, 2016

this week.... baptism.. and crazy stuff

so this week we had a baptism! it was super cool! Rogelia is a investigator of the elders but we taught her some too so i guess shes ours too haha but ya! She was so nervous but it was super cool! I loved it! Then she got the holy ghost on sunday and after told us of the peace and calm that she feels now! it was super awesome! 

Also this week we went to the Hard Rock cafe in Asuncion! IT was super cool and our waiter is an investigator in our area! haha! So that was awesome!

Anyways that was the week and you guys know what????? 

I'm TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tomorrow im going to get my comp!!!! AHHHHHHH!!! im freaking out a little!!!!!! haha!!!! 

Anyways yup!

Love you guys lots!

Hermana Breon

To Mom: 
Anyways..... Sio we got cambios and im going to TRAIN!!!!!! Im like super freaking out right now! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and hermanaa Cowley is going home!!! im sad but ill see her in the officesd with hermana Whiting who is so gonna freak out about this hahah!

Anyways love you guys lots!!! and super jealous you guys are in cali! haha

Love you lots!


Rogelia's Baptism Sep 10, 2016

Monday, September 5, 2016

so this week

This week was a pretty normal week for me! we just worked and tried to find the people i talked about last week but we couldnt find themm and when we found one she was super sick so ya... theres next week too! 

So ya! we celebrated the birthdays with the members and it was pretty awesome! So do you remember don Juan? well... so this week i was like lets get these lessons started! So we passed for his house and got an appointment set up for the next day with the presidente de estaca and his wife. So the next day the president wants to talk to us. So we go into this room in the capilla and he tells us that don juan wants to meet with the elders cause he doesnt feel comfortable with 3 women teaching him. Because there is a rule that if we are gonna teach a solo man we need another woman. And so he feels like we are on the attack or like we are scared of him haha so he said that it was fine for the elders. so the president wanted to talk to us to tell us that. So that was super disapointing... but hes taking the lessons now!!! but ya we saw him at church and he was like are you mad at me? and we were like no!! haha so ya hes cool with us now! haha 

Anyways that was my week! 

Love you lots!!!

Hermana Breon 

To Mom: 


Anyways so all of our investigators dropped. And I know why. We don't have the holy ghost with us. I know EXACTLY why. But I try and try, but I just can't do it all on my own. anyways.... that was the week. sorry its not super spiritual. but ya. Then on top of all my stress... an investigator of the elders told us things that she did and to feel the weight of the sin is just heavy. and I can't imagine what it was like for christ!  so that was hard. And she's gonna be baptized this week. so I don't know now.... but ya. 

Anyways, we went to hard rock cafe!!!! today!!!! it was super awesome! ill send pics next week. 

Anyways im gonna hit my one year saturday!!! woah!! its super wierd.... and im like the next 6 months are gonna fly by! i only have 4 more cambios left! wierd..... haha  but ya next week is cambios and we will see what is gonna happen! haha i feel like im gonna train but i dont know if thats cause everybody is saying that or that is really gonna happen hahaa we will see! haha

Anyways love you lots! hey send me and exercise thing for stomach and hips... this paraguayan ffood goes to the hips and butt and stomach... all the oil that we eat everyday is a ton! and sugar! haha 

Anyways love you ots!!!


Pictures from the Hermosa's Party!