Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Hard Week

My toe hurts so bad!! I've been to a couple of doctors and it swells and turns purple when I walk on it. They say its fine. This makes it so hard to be patient. I get discouraged and frustrated that its not healed yet. So what this area really needs is a missionary who can tract and get people. And I feel horrible that I can't do that as much. We take breaks during the day, but its like for 2 hours for my toe to stop swelling or my ankle to stop hurting. I dont know what to do. I love this area. I love this mission, but I'm just kind of sad. I was reading some things in the Liahona and everything was just like be happy! Be happy! So I think I need to be happy. Its just, like I don't know why I'm going through this. This is like the biggest lesson in patience I have ever gone through. I don't know....
So it turns out that there are a TON of missionaries who are getting dengue or getting sick so Presidente and Hermana W are stressed out about all of us who are sick. But apparently at the end of Feb is when the dengue should calm down. I wear bug spray! So I am trying to prevent getting it from the mosquitos.
My new companion, Hermana Stewart is awesome!!! haha! She is hilarious! She's awkward like me, so we get along goooood! haha!!!!
OH, so the Bishop's family in my ward is named the Bennett's, you know from Pride and Prejudice??  haaha! Its so weird!   hahaa! 
So ya... like i dont want to leave here! I love it here now! so ya... there is like a million things going through my mind all the time.
Other than that, I'm so happy when i go out and talk to people! We handed out 6 LDMs to people and we were pretty excited about that!
So I know that we can change the area, but its my dumb toe getting in the way

I'm so hot here! It's bleh!! But do you know what's funny? I'm like craving the heat. I like love it alot! haha! I know... NOOOOOOOOOO! hahah! Like its wierd.. haha! The sweating part isn't fun, but the heat and the sun... yes! haha!
have a monkey tan on my feet now! The toes are white (because they're in my shoes) and the rest of my foot is tan-ish.... I think its tan and then I go outside and I'm like ya.... I'm white still!! hahaha! But I have hope!!! I will be tan by the end of my mission!!!! hahaa! 
So ya....
Love you!!!

Monday, January 18, 2016

This week.... haha

So this week was transfers and i stayed! so im in villa anita for another transfer! haha! My companions all got transferred to a different area so im with a new companion! Hermana Stewart! She is from Utah really close to where my other companion hermana Cowley was from haha! so ya.... 

I was talking to some members and they were saying that the first time they met me they thought that i was from Argentina, hahaha! So it explains a ton}! haha! People here all think im from Argentina! Its until i start talking and they go oh ya... shes most definitely from the US haha! sometimes i like to do an argentinian accent to throw people off haha! Anyways! this week i was able to walk without my boot! so we contacted some people close to our house and we found a menos activo but she was baptised when she was 8 and doesnt remember anything because her parents stopped goiing to church right after. So shes like a new investigator! haha! we are pretty excited about her! Our area has been dead for a while so we are practically white washing the area! So its been fun to do missionary work again! 

Well Love you guys tons! 

Hermana Breon

(To Mom...)
ya about my foot..... so i started to walk on it this week and we walked really close to our house. After wednesday it was kinda bothering me, but just kinda sore and i thought it was becasue i was on my feet. Well thursday passed and i was like ok i need more breaks through the day and then friday hit and we were walking literally almost the whole time. So sat came around and it was starting to hurt alot. and yesterday we literally were in the house and didnt do anything. my toe was swollen and it turned a purple color. So now im wearing my boot again. Im gonna have to get another appointment with the doctor again. I was freaking out alittle bit yesterday. Im so scared i fractured it again. It feels the same as it did when i started the whole not walking thing 3 months ago. The doctor said that i could walk on it again so i have and now its like this. I was so happy to do the missionary work again! I was talking to people and contacting them without fear! I like know this is where i need to be right now. Doing missionary work! hah! so ya thats the update with my toe. Im gonna have to call today and talk to hermana Wilson about this. I seriously dont know what to do. i have just been praying a ton and studying and stuff. I feel bad for hermana stewart because she is one of those missionaries who just go go go! And now we cant. So i think she is a little frustrated and like ok....

THE CARDNALS WON?!?!??!?!?! Whats with that????? hahaha! Like WHat?! hahah! we were watching meet the mormons and i just kept replaying the football coach story hahah! I was like oh i miss this soooooooo much!!! haha"! I was a little trunky hahaa! It turns out hermana recalde loves it too hahah! 

Hey i forgot about MLK today haha but yes i drank chocolate milk haha! haha 

...Anyways LOVE YOU LOTS!!!!


Monday, January 11, 2016


WOOOHOOO! so this week is transfers and i am now officially done with training! YAY!!! haha! this week has been interesting! Our investigator came to church!!!
So we are pretty excited about that! Hes so funny! He walked in late and anounced his presence and then said praise God because he is almighty and then went, where do i sit? hahhahahaha! It was in the middle of my companions talk, hahaah!
But ya he said he loved it and would come back so ya!!!!!

Well this week i take off my boot and walk normal! 



Love you guys!

Hermana Breon

To Mom...
I get to walk on my toe Wednesday. I thought Thursday but when i counted the days again its Wednesday! 
Cambios is this week! Wednesday! So i find out tomorrow where im going and doing and stuff so ya! nervous about that!
I dont have any pics because i have been having crazy things happening....(one of my companions is very sad.)  i feel bad because my group emails are so small now because i cant be like oh ya this is what is really happening.... so ya..... 
My spiritual journey this week?...
I really think that God has been guiding us with the hermana (one of our companions, there are 4 of us total). I dont know how i would have been able to know exactly what she needed and wanted without Him. Its been just a crazy spriritual ride so far. I have been guided soooo many times with things having to do with her. I was praying to be more in tune with the spirit because i have noticed that i cant do anything right without the Holy Ghost guiding me. Whether its lessons or helping the Hermana..... there have been sooo many times with her when she was looking for help and i had a prayer in my heart and i get a thought in my mind and i do it or say it and she goes thats exactly what i needed. how did you know?it's been   awesome!
The Hermana said that when she first met me she thought for sure i had had 6-9 months in the misssion ahah! How cool is that! haha!! they are all thinking im gonna be training a new hermana soon..... NOOOOOO!!! hah! well ya.... thats my week!

Love ya Mucho!


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Almost my 3rd transfer!!!

So this week is the last week of training! ahhh! haha

This last week was crazy. my companion was in the hospital the whole time so it was a pretty crazy new year. hah! so we didnt do much but its been pretty good herre. both of my senior companions were in the hospital. so i was the senior companion this week and i found out that i can DO IT! haha! Im so excited to see what tranfers bring haha 13 of jan is D Day haha 

Well love you guys mucho!

Hermana Breon

To Mom...
ya the pres didnt ant to take up my hour time haha he was like no! that time is for you and your family! haha hes awesome! Well this week i was at the hospital for most of the week. It was crazy! hermana banda has major stoache promlems. like the doctors dont know what is wrong with her. to she went in the day after christmas and then left on thurs and went back in this sat. so ya.... she is super depressed.  I swear this week i was guided by the spirit major! I had a few amazing awesomely things happen. Well yesterday our mission leader gave up with our ward and is now going to a different ward so we had a meeting last night and i was like this is what i need to say. i dont remember anyymore but it was like awesome... so not me but definately the spirit haha. and hermana banda another thing happened but it wsa awesome too. 
Well while i was leaving with hrmana banda from the hospital my doctor saw me and said that i had to wear the boot 15 more days. soooooooo yaaaaaaa..... ahhaha 
I have 3 companions.. hma cowley, banda, recalde 

ya fly problem is a thing of the past haha

ya we have food...
My PB is in my shelf thing and its in a big white envelope that says HAyley Nicole Breon 

This week ive basically been the senior companion becasue hmas cowley and banda were at the hospital. it was crazy but i did it!!!! haha! im so proud of me hahaha jk jhk it was a little stressful but its totally good now. This week i will be in the hospital with hermana banda and hermana cowley will be here haha so ya...

Welll Love ya Mucho! 

oh send more of that peperment candy. ahhhh! soooo good! it was amazing! haha! theres another thing. can you send a BYUI sweat jacket. blue. haha oh and colored pens. they all ran out! and they have stinky pens here! PEEESE!!! :) i think im definately going to stay here. So ya....