Monday, July 25, 2016

so this week....

This week was pretty awesome! so we have this kid that we are teaching and he can be baptized next week!!! He is super excited and loving the gosple! So we are happy! 

Also yesterday at church we had a converso reciente come to church!!! its been forever since he came to church and he came! we were super excited and now the ward asistencia is going up too! but I'm sad that this will probably be the last week that I have in the Floresta because I've been here for 6 months.. but ya!

Oh we also went to the hospital and guess what? i dont have to go back!!!!!!!! everything is good! so that was awesome!
also im sending pics!

This week was so hot! I got burned haha

the first is me with hermana dubon and laura
second is with my district

But ya! Just workin like crazy! 

Love you guys lots!
Hermana Breon
Me, Hermana Dubon and Laura!

To Mom: 

we have a menos activo that shared with us this week that when she was younger her uncle did things to her and then was explaining to us that her mom doesn't believe her and ya... that was hard to hear but we shared about the atonement and yes i cried, but ya so that was a hard thing to hear... and hard to help out too...because  she feels like Christ didn't do anything to help her and that she's doing the basics... not going to church though,... and ya... anyways things like that are happening that we are hearing so thats why I don't say much because its like deep stuff haha i never knew before the mission that you would hear about these stories and hear about peoples lives and they expect you to know what to say and how to help them... and I'm just sitting over here like woah... ummm im only 21 and don't know how to help you. BUT the spirit is always  there to help out to know what to say. I was talking to hermana dubon about what we heard and stuff and she was like, "you know how to have the spirit and it was really cool to see us working by the spirit". Also we have another menos activo that really wants to come back but is listening to her cheating   husband too and he is saying that church really isn't important and stuff  like that and he is  member too! ugh! but ya.... like really we don't have much investigators.. like we are looking for them but we are really helping out the members. but ya... Carmen the lady that i taught and got baptized like wants my clothes haha! always she's like so when you move to a different area can i have your clothes? haha cause she doesn't have money for skirts and stuff but ya haha! I'm gonna give her some of my clothes haha i love that lady! she's hilarious! haha! 
So its wierd that cambios are on the 3rd this month.. I think I'm leaving, but for the first time in my mission I don't know where or who is gonna be my next comp.  oh well haha

Anyways this week we wil be taking more pics... hermana dubon wants me to have pics of my area haha so ya! 

Love you lots! 


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Zona 4 Fernando de la Mora Sur Zona Conferencía Julio 2016

esta semana!!

So this week i was on the diet thingy but everything is all good! ya! we are just working and finding people. the hard part is is that they dont want you to come back! haha! so we are working a ful on that! haha 

So this week we visited this cute converso who is 12 and totally wants to go on a mission! haha! shes super cute! 
Anyways not much exciting happened this week but i hope everything is good with you guys! 

Love you lots!
Hermana Breon

To Mom:
pres said hi to the fam. and im ok now! dont know why that happened but i think that its the food thats doing it for me! hha! oh well the diet that they said to do didnt rally help the diareah part which what it was for but whatever! i dont have it too much... just travelers stomach i think! haha

But ya that was all on the email casue not a lot happend and ya.... it was just an average week. we taught and ya walked alot! haha! but you know what! im not loosing wieght! wierd,,, maybe all the chocolate! hahaa! but ya! it was super hot this week and then got super cold and now its cold again haha! its really wierd! haha! 
So basically the world is crazy... but totally quiet here in Paraguay! haha! nada! 
and no we didnt put light bulbs in  cause theres a problem with the electrical lines, but we are fine! we dont really use the lights too much cause we aren't in the house too much so no biggy, 

My comp is good! its kinda funny we are really similar... like in personality and stuff haha! in some ways its bad cause we talk and talk and talk haha! but its been good! its gonna be wierd cause I'm gonna have a new comp next cambio and ya... new area too! everyone in my apartment wants me to train next cambio or the one after and i dont want to haha! thats scary haha! but in some ways i kinda do haha!

Anywasy thats been all here! 

Heres some info about our investigators and stuff...

this week we had a family that we visited and there was this guy there that was like translating but not really cause he was saying the wrong things and we and he were talking in spanish.. it was super awkward and he was kinda mean to uscause  we're mormons and all haha but he left after like 3 minutes and it got all good from there out! haha! The guy that we are teaching and his sister are really nice and want to change. he was in an accident in the motorcycle and he cant walk. we are teaching him in the house of his brother. saturday they told us that they take a taxi to the house so that we can teach him more! that was super cool! we were like oh! we can go to your house and his sister was like ok next time! haha! it was really cool! but we found out that its better for them to have the lessons in guarani. and sincewe don't   speak that we are gonna bring a member next time. but ya! 
Our one investigator who is a novia of amember  in our barrio won't be baptised for a while.... ya... because her novio (member) told us that they are gonna wait and we know that they are gonna wait till we leave to lie and say that she lives in our area. ya.... were kinda mad about that but we are gonna teach her still but ya.... she cant be baptized here. man! shes so prepped but its the rules! hha!
Anyways we also had a referencia de un miembro and she was like hes 12 and wants to be baptized! so ya we are teaching him too! its really wierd how all of a sudden we are getting peole haha! 

bautimos... y hospital round.. i dont know any more.... haha

haha so this week was pretty awesome! so we are gonna have a baptism this next week and possibly 1 more! im pretty shocked actually haha! so we have this novia girl whos name is migelina and she wants to be baptised a ful! so we are working with her the only thing is is that we can only teach her once a week and she doesnt live in our area. so we need permission from president. so well see on that! and then there is this guy named luis! he has been assisting church for like since ive been here and i thought he was a member! hes not! and now he wants to be baptized too! so we have a cita with him this week and were gonna teach him and he can be baptized this next saturday too! im like shocked! This week was kinda hard becasue one of our investigators who was progressing pretty well dropped us and then one of our conversos recientes told us basically not to pass cause shes catholic... and ya... and everybody was running from us when we tried to contact haha so ya it was a little hard but hey! its the life of a mission! haha! but im still happy strangly haha! 

So hospital... so last sunday we ate a ton! like a ton! like 2 huge platefulls of food! and ya so my stomach started to hurt... and then the whole week my tomach hurt but i was like NO we will work! haha! so ya.... then yesterday i was like in a lot of pain... and ya so we went to the hospital and they put an IV.. i dont know why cause it didnt hurt that bad.. and then they said that i have gastritis. i dont know what that is but im on a diet! haha! every missionary gets it! like everyone! its the food here... its not good for you! haha! but im totally fine! only on thi diet till i feel better! haha! but im gonna loose weight thats for sure! haha! 

Anyways that was the week! 

Love you guys lots!

Hermana Breon

To Mom:
the kissing,..... GROSSSS!!!! hahaha ya but one of them wants to be baptised! but we have to send her to the other ward where she lives... :( but thats ok!  ya i went to the hosptial but like everything is fine! im good freaked out about the IV but i dont have the flu like everybody here! haha! im happy about that! haha! 
ya they want more nurses in themission because   the doctors in the other countries than the USA basically know that the church  pays for it and want the  money so they tell the missionaries to come back again and again to get more money and the church is sick of it cause its using all the money for tithing. so they want misson nurses who are trained in th US medicine to diagnose and tell the area doctor what is going on. i hear that they are wanting to do that for 2 weeks now i have known. so ya... 

but! you know what? I'ive asked latinas and they have said that my spanish is really good! haha! yaya!!! hha! 

Ohhh Say can you seeeeee!!!! Happy 4th!!!

woohoo so this week we were working a fool and wanting to collapse everyday haha! but that  means we were working hard, which we were! We found like 4 new people and we could have a baptism pretty soon! there is this man in our ward who has this girlfriend and now she wants to be baptized! but she wants to assist our ward but the thing is that she lives in another ward, so were gonna have to ask special permision to baptized her and teach her but technically she can be baptized next week! so ya! and my glasses broke. she works in a place that fixes glasses so i can have them done!! yay! hhaha! also this week we had a meeting in asuncion so i saw all my comps! it was super fun and then after we ate mcdonalds haha! and the ice cream....the ice cream.. you dont know how well mcdonalds ice cream is until you dont eat good creamy ice cream for like 9 months... sooo goooood! haha! 
So ya we are working with the ward and things are going good! im loving this area and ya! I might leave after this cambio, but i dont want tooooo! haha! but ya! This week our ward was tiny... everybody has broncitis and the flu. so ya... kinda stinks...

But ya! Im talking so much spanish that when i try to speak english its spanglish again haha! which is awesome! haha! 

But ya we are gonna have a fiesta in my apartment with the hermana lidres today for the 4th! haha all of us are american and only my comp isnt... last night she was like oh no i live with americans! hahahaha! Im wearing my red and white! haha! 


Love you guys lots!

Hermana Breon

To Mom:

So we are working HARD! which is good! hah! we are doing our 20 contacts everyday and have found some new people"! yestedday at church was bring your girlfriend to church and kiss her all the time in front of everbody! EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! we have two guys who are in their 30s, RMs, and desperate to get married and both of them brought their gfs in. one of them is younger than me by a few months. ya.... haha! But ya! haha 

Anyways its been fun! 
love you lots!