Thursday, September 17, 2015

Argentina Buenos Aires CCM: When times get tough the tough get tougher! Semana: 1

NSo the flight was so crazy! I was on the Phoenix plane to Atlanta with only one other elder who happened to go to the Argentina CCM Too! So after that super long flight, I got to the airport and met up with 10 other Elders! NO HERMANAS! So i figured that i would meet one there! We got on the plane and we were all generally sitting next to each other. I sat next to a nice guy who lived in  Buenos Aires so that was fun! He did speak english though! Seriously one we got aff the plane.. different country! Spanish Over load!  haha I just smiled and they all knew we were missionaries because of the guys haha! One of the flight attendants gave us some special attention because we were missionaries.

So My last meal in the USA was Panda express and i have to say that im so happy for that! Although im missing Mexican! In The CCM we eat a ton! of food! Commpn food here.. 2 slabs of pork, beef or chicken covered in gravy, papas fritas, and dulce de leche or flan in a cup!

Once we got to the Airport in Argentina and walked through customs, we went throught this door and seriously... it was the craziest most insane airport i have ever been in. There was like 40 people (no joke) holding signs to pick up people. haha! once we found the guy with our sign we loaded up the bus and took off toward the CCM! It was so wierd to look out at Argentina! I kinda got choked up just looking at the land! I KNOW this is where i need to be right now! 

When we drove up to the CCM, its on the Buenos Aires Temple grounds, and it is soooooo beautiful here! We got out of the bus and got our stuff and went on the whilwind of getting stuff unpacked and doing all sorts of stuff. 
I met my companions! So heres the thing about the companions.... I technically dont have any. The Elders that i felw here with are my district and there are NO other hermanas with me in my district. Well your companion is in your district. So I got paired with the ONLY Norte Americanas Hermanas in the whole CCM! They are serioulsy amazing! We were like friends the first day. Theey are Hermana Scott and Hermana Trujillo. They both are from Utah and  they are leaving on Tuesday to go to their missions. Scott is going to Paraguay Asuncion Norte and Trujillo is going to the Montevideo Oeste Misson. SO I wont see them again on my mmission once Tuesday rolls arround. And after they leave I will have no comapnions! :\ The Latino and Brazillian Sisters are in a different schedule than I am so I dont know how having no companion is going to work out when you are a missionary. The Hermanas said that it can take up to 4 weeks to get more Norte Americana Hermanas here so ill have to ask the President whats gonna happen.....
Speaking of which... President Willis and his wife are soooooooo nice!!!!! Hermana Willis gave me this big hug only 10 minutes once i got here! She is seriously the nicest person! 

OH! Before I forget! Mom, Dad, the CCM is what we like to say "the compound" It has 24/7 security guards out side and the policia drive by all the time.... so Im super safe!

So back to my companions... because they are in a different district, i have 2 districts! So I have been loving getting to know the other Elders as well as my own districts Elders! There are only 2 Norte Americana Districts in the whole CCM and just to put it into perspective 12 people are in the other district while there is 11 of us. The CCM has 72 people here! we are out numbered by the Latinos and the Brazilians but the Latinos and Brazilians are so cool! we just love them! 
My district is seriously the best! Its creepy when im having a down day, they will be like Hermana Breon, are you ok? and dont say that you are good cause i dont wanna hear that! Serously?! How great are these guys?! and In the other district, they all are helping me to learn spanish and im so grateful that they are here as well!

So a story about how God cares about us so much....
So on Saturday my companions went out into the streets of Buenos Aires to proselite. Well Since i dont speak spanish i was left here at the CCM to go to classes and stuff. Well It was alumerzo time and My teacher dropped me off at a Latino class so that way i would have a companion. Well I sat next to two Hermanas and they dont speak very much english and i dont spanish but they were so kind and sweet! So their teacher came in and was like ok! lets read the LDM! (Libro de Mormon) so it came time for me to read 2 verses and guess what?!?!?! I read it in PERFECT spanish.... Like for reals though!!! As i was reading it the Elders all started to look up at me with this shocked face! once i was done, the whole calss was just staring at me. The teacher said "WOW! that was muy muy bueno! are you sure you dont speak more spanish?" I said no and laughed and then they went on. Like 2 minutes later the teacher came in and took to me to lunch and was like Im so sorry! you shouldve been at lunch! 
But serioulsy?! so cool! Tender mercies man, tender mercies!

Its been sooooooo HARD here!!!! Its like im beating my self up asking myself why i havent learned any more spanish... why am i not fluent?! and then i remember... OH YA! Its only been 3 days or its only been 6 days! Ive picked up so much spanish but when we are teaching "investigators" (who are actually the teachers) its so hard cause i can understand like75% but i cant say what i want cause i dont know the words! But my companions are really helping me out and stuff! Seriously Im gonna miss them SOOOOOOO much! 

BTWs Brazilians know how to party!!! haha we have 3 of them in our room along with us and serioulsy they are hilarious! haha muy loca! haha

When i get discouraged, I just have to remember that Im supposed to be here and I know that God loves everyone and wants the best for all of us! In one of my teaching things (we call them IP) my lesson was not what i needed to say but i didnt know what else to do cause i had wrote what i had planed to say and didnt know how to say the ting that i was being told to say. So i ended what i said and i just felt that i needed to bear my testimony that being baptized will bring so much happiness for this certain persons life. And the spirit came rushing in and i knew that is what i needed to say. Afterwards my companions were talking and said the same thing, that the spirit was so present when i bore my testimony in the little simple words in spanish i know.

Oh and other thing... The President and his wife are both from AZ. And my new name from the other district is Celine Breon... haha sooo funny haha

Any who! 
Amo ustedes MUCHO!

Oh another BTWs.... gave a talk on faith on sunday ad killed it! haha

LOve you again and want to hear from you!

Hermana Breon 
(is that weird or what?!?!) 


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