Thursday, September 24, 2015

"Charades is the Game!" Semana 2 (Argentina Buenos Aires CCM)

Wow this week has been another intersting week! A nice thing happened! Hermana Trujillo Told me that she was so happy that i arrived when i did because i helped to smooth out the relationship with her companion hermana scott! She said that i filled this void and helped them get along! So that was fun to hear! I was officially accepted into the other district! I seriously loved both of my districts! Im so sad that they left! They became my friends and whenever i wasnt haning out with my district i was hanging out with them! So another cool thing that happened was that on Saturday A huge group of people come to the temple every sat! So this last saturday we were in class and getting pretty restless! so Hermano Correa (one of our teachers) was like ok! For languange study today you will all walk out to the temple and talk to the locals there and work on your spanish! So I was terrified! I went out with our district leader and his companion and talked to a huge family! And i actually understood most of what they were saying!!!!!! After only over a little week! They were really receptive to me and told me that the whole family went throuhg the temple for the first time on thursday and that they really loved it! They travelled 6 hours by bus (like most of the people) To go to the temple! That was super cool! Oh! When we walked out of the CCM all the locals at the temple turned and we heard Missionaries!!!!! haha They even took pictures of us walking out! haha! we felt like celebrities!!! So Sunday i got sick! Like I still am now but i have a really bad cold! So Tuesday it was really bad! So The elders in my district game ma a blessing and it was so cool cause for all of them it was their first time! And let me tell you! The spirit was sooooo strong! After I wanted to hug them cause theyre like my bothers now but instead i gave them a handshake! haha! On tuesday, My companions left! :( It was so sad! I wrote a message to the other district in their room on their white borad and told them how i was happy they were so nice to me even though i barged in on their group! haha After i went to my class and was studying when one of the elders came in and said"Hermana Breon! Mormon district loves you!!! " haha! that was so nice! haha So just today i got new norte americanas! I was with the 3 Brazillian sisters for 2 days! In order to communicate It was broken Spanish and Charades! If you walked into our room, it would be a funny sight to see! haha Last night they moved out and i got 3 new Brazilian Hermanas! Who dont speak any English or Spanish! So that was super fun.... hahah! My new Americana Hermanas Are Hermana Loveall from Maricopa, AZ BABY! and Hermana Huntsaker from Twin Falls, ID! So so far ive only got to talk to them for a little bit haha! All the Norte Americana Missionaries think we are so good at spanish! HA! If only they knew it is soooo broken! haha! The Latinos that just showed up here told me that i speak very well... So I guess im doing better than what i thought haha! So for proselitismo on saturday, I will be going with 2 Hermanas who are actually in the Buenos Aires Oeste mission! So unlike my district who just contact people on the street, Im actually going to be teaching real investigators in Buenos Aires! I could possibly help convert someone and be there for their baptism! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?! I get to be with them for 2 saturdays and then the last with the new hermanas on their first proselitsmo! So Im super happy to be here! Me amo la Igelsia! Me encanta todas persones en Argentina! I love you guys! Hermana Breon
My companions Hermana Scott and Hermana Trujillo and me!
Me and Hermana Trujillo are tight! haha
This picture is of my roommates. Hermanas Lima, Trujillo, Scott, Me, Silva, and Barbosa! Hermanas Lima, Silva and Barbosa are all from Brazil!
Me pointing to the Paraguay flag!!!!!

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