Monday, December 21, 2015



this week was crazy! I got a new companion and the other local missionaries left! So now i have 2 new companions! one is a full time missionary and the other is a local! We just got the new one today but ya... i dont know her but the one who is a full time missionary is Hermana Banda. SHE IS SOOOO SWEEETTTTTT!!! im serious! i love that girl! haha! 

So this sunday... (por fin!) José (or investigator) came to church!!! well for like 15 minutes but hey he came! haha! hopefully with som more lessons and him going to church we will have a baptism! MY FIRST ONE! haha well i didnt do the work but ya haha. 

This week for christmas we are going to the presidents house! how cool is that?! haha! so ya! its going to be a fun week! People here celebrate christmas on the 24 so on the 25 people just hang out at their houses and stuff! haha

Today w got to go to the temple and clean it! its a super tiny temple but soooooo pretty! (i took lots of pics hahaa)


Love you guys mucho! 

Hermana Breon
To Mom...
Oh hey guess what? so for christmas ill be at the presidents house haha! just today he was like do you guys have anything for the 25 and we were like no only calling our parents we dont have anywhere to go ad}nd he was like hey call your parents at our house and we are going yto eat a ton of food!!!!!!! ! AHHHHHHH!!!!! oh and he said that him and hermana wilson would love to say hi! haha so ya... they might be there when i call haha well im going to be at their house haha! We had a activdad de navidad and it was fun! we were out in zone 8 and was chaco! haha! it was crazy!! haha there was a resort thingy that we went to anad we played sportds for 4 hours and we did a scit and stuff haha thats why i looked awkward haha! Ya i know i was in the background of a ton of pics presdient took haha! i turned to hermana cowley and was like wait im going to hear from my mom that she saw me hahaha! and todday too becasue we cleaned the temple haha! Package arrived!!! hermana olmedo left yestrday so i told hermana banda and cowley to open it and i wouldnt look ahhaa they were like you arfe going to be so happy haha! hermsna olmedo LOVED HER SHIRT!" shes gonna alterit so that she can wear it in the week haha! she says thanks! haha 

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