Monday, December 14, 2015

Semana 14?... I lost track...


So this week i studied a ton and worked hard.... (in th house) haha! 

But on friday this week i went to the doctors and he said that i have 15 days more till my toe is healed!! YAY!!!! then i can be walking the streets again!

Anyways! Sorry fir such a short letter.... 

Love you guys!

Hermana Breon

Letter to Mom...
well i went to the doctor and the doctor said that everthing was better.... but its wierd becasue the x ray looks worse than my first one. so me and hermana cowley are just going with it. i did immigrations today and so i was at the office and saw hermana wilson and told her about my toe and the x ray and she was like hummm.... i dont think they believe him. the doctor said that its gonna hurt to walk for at least a year. so ya..... im not sure about that but what ever. TELL AUNT JUDY AND UNCLE WAYNE THANK YOU!!!!! I got the card for thanksgiving and i got the package too!!!! It was filled with a huge bag of twix and redvines!!!!!!!!!!!! and a cute ornament!! and say that the spanish on the cards were prefect! It took exactly 6 weeks to get here.

Well today me and hermana cowley ironered out some things haha.... yesterday she like got really angry at a member at church and kinda baja la caña at him.... so he cried (he has asburgers) anyway... she knows that but it was becasue he feels bad about rejecting the gosple in the past and so he goes on and on. anyways i was like that was so not cool. but ya... its just funny i look at her and know exactly how she is feeling because i was a leader at 20 and felt all that responsibility. and so ya.. but i think everything is gonna be ok now. 

the local missionaries are leaving thissunday so we get to be in the house for 2 weeks! yay! haha!
i seriously took pictures and stuff to send and i brought all the stuff except for the cord to attach my camera.... sorry.... haha and the hermana who doesnmt like americans is ok with us now so ya... wierd... they are begging us to go home haha i dont think they will ever be missionaries haha... :/ 

OH so set up skype on my computer and make sure it works.... because im gonna see if i can use google plus but if i cant im using skype to call home on christmas. so SET UP SKYPE! im gonna be using hermana cowleys skype. on christmas make sure that the account doesnt have any blocks on it so that i can find you quickly and be able to call. i have 1 hour to call and im about 4 hours ahead? next week i will tell you the time but i need you to tell me what email and  how to find oyu. 

well ya... so ive been in my apartment. i was gonna send you pic but i forgot my cord.... sorry.... i know i know..... 
 this week we have a christmas activity in zone 10 so we are going to leave wed at 630 in the morning :D and be there like all day! so ya... hahaha

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