Monday, September 26, 2016

plumbing probs....

so this week was full of looking for investigators! so we did a ton of contacting and we found some good people! and we are gonna go looking for them this week! its been really fun! 

This week  our apartment has been flooding alot haha ok just our kitchen but still haha! it was super fun! haha and thats not sarcasm haha! But ya! so we have been cleaning that so we are now cleaning our dishes in the sink in the bathroom hahaaha! its super funny but ya we have to call tehe owner to get it fixed but ya haha then our toilet got a little clogged so we got that fixed too! hahaç! My comps a trooper! It was a super funny week! haha Ive been showing my comp the joys of paraguayan food haha and she loves it all! haha! It was super good! haha! 

Anyways that was the week! 

Love you guys lots!

Hermana Breon

To Mom:
But its ok im doing fine now.  so this week i was a little stressed. I just feel like we are trying really hard and its not working. I feel like maybe we need to work harder. But we had an intercambio with the hermana lideres and at the end of the day i was like im so sorry we didnt do that well today and she was like what are you talking about we did amazing today today was a good day! I was like what? haha i didnt think we did very well. Then i started to look at what we really are doing and i realized that we had talked to alot of people this week and wernt able to pray with them and that is what tehnically counts as a lesson cause they were men. And so i realized that we are spreading the gosple but im just getting really down on myself. so ya. 
So that kinda made me more stressed and ya. Im trying to help my comp and stuff learn and ive got all this pressure from everybody else becasue they think we should be doing better. So to say im stressed is an understatement. But on the good side my comp is learning spanish SUPER fast! Shes awesoem! im like super impressed and the ward is too. But ya anyways. it was a little stressful wekk but ill be ok! haha just missionary work haha! im like freaking our i almost only have 5 more months of the mission.! And everybody is like you are so close to leaving! Im like NOOOOO!!! hahaha! anyways love you lots! 

Love you lots!!


PS oh im sending a pic of the zone conference i had this week!

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