Monday, December 5, 2016

this week.... WHITE WASH?!?!?!?

So this week was pretty good. We taught Pedro and Celcilia this week and they arent gonna get married. Cecilia was pretty adamant about it. I was kinda frusterated. I was like just get marriend and pedro can be baptized and he can go to the temple which he is dying to do and ya... i was kinda upset but i realized something. That her heart will be softened and he will be baptized one day. So he came to church and everything and he is doing pretty well! Progressing a ful! im so sad i wont see him baptized but one  day he will! i just know it! 
WE also taught Marciela this wekk. She is a super nice lady who has had a really hard past. But she loves what we teach her and everything! 
Also this week, like everybody rejected us. Like everybody. I was shocked. I was like realy? but thats ok. they will one day find the gosple and it wil help them! I just know it!
This week was hermana Becks last week in trainging and we are both sad, It went by super fast and we had a ton of fun! she is gonna be a great missionary!

SO.... latest news that i found out before i got to write.... we are being WHITE WASHED!!!! )that means me and hermana beck are leaving the area and two new misisnoaries are coming in. Two elders are coming in! we are super sad because we have investigators and stuff and we just love the peopl here! im going to be whitewashing another area with a hermana who only has 3 cambios in her missino! so its gonna be fun! im like freaking out! haha

Anyways love you guys lots°!!!

Hermana BReon

To Mom:

Im like so sad that we are leaving the area together! i love hermana beck she is seriously so awesoem! Pedro is doing really good. im sad that we are leaving and i hope that this doesnt affect him going to church and stuff.
But now we are leaving and im going to a new area with an hermana who has never been there either and im like freaking out! haha! its seriously so crazy! my new comp only has 3 combios and ya. its nuts. Haha


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