Monday, December 19, 2016

wow its already christmas!

So this week was pretty good! it was one of the best weeks of my mission numberwise! so on monday and tuesday we were in the house cause my comp was on reposo. Then we worked on wednesday and we found 17 new people and we had 15 lessons!  it was crazy! for one day that was nuts! we came home completely exhausted! haha but ya we finished the week with 24 new people to teach and 30 lessons! seriously so cool! haha we are loving this place and stuff! we took a pic of an ostrich which was in norte so we had to zoom in really far cause we could cross to take a pic haha then we saw cows.... lots of stuff haha! 

Well i cant believe its like christmas! haha OH and this week we found this less active member who told us that she feels like we are the missionaries that are gonna help her to be active and get her husband baptized so that they can be sealed one day! and on Sunday she showed up to church! it was so cool! we were super excited! haha! 

Anyways that was the week!

Love yoiu guys lots!

Hermana Breon

To Mom:  
why would Dad have to go to a home? just have a nurse come to the house and take care of him for a few weeks and then she can leave and stuff. why a home... tell the doc/insurance to get over the facility. gosh. ok I'm all good now. haha! 

about the Skype... I'll be skyping at like 7 my like 3 your time? im not sure... but ya 7 my time... our goal is like from the 6-8 range. so ya. just put your phone on the hot spot and then use that for the WIFI. instead of the hospital. 

That sounds like dad! he sounds like he is just the energizer bunny" haha

So I did get the call from Hermana Wilson... shes the one who responded. She was like your dad is fine! He's doing good! i had honestly forgot a little but then i was like oh ya! i felt like he was gonna be fine and ya... anyways she was like your mom wrote on President and Hermana Wilson facebook page haha 

the phone call didn't go through cause there have been big meetings with the mish and stuff haha so that's why... Hermana Wilson, I love them so much! i think she's gonna wanna talk with me tomorrow cause we have the big meeting in Asunción tomorrow! haha

anyways I'm loving the area and loving my comp! she's seriously so awesome! we are like talking about BYUI ALL the time haha anyways ya its been super fun... theres a lot of work to do here, but its been fun!

Love you lots!

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