Monday, February 13, 2017

This week...

So this week was kinda hard finding people because it rained! noooo!!! haha but we had Lucia and she came to church this sunday!!!!! it was super cool! then we showed her the pila bautismal and she got super excited and was super happy that she wanted ot be baptized! we hare working with her and she is progressing really well! we told the ward and they literallly pounced on her and was like we gotta know so we can decorate and cook food and stuff like that! haha it was cool to see! but e only have this week to get all her lessons done before her interview! AH! its pretty crazy! haha 

So while it rained this week we walked aourn a part of our area that we had never been in and guess what... we got lost and ended up in another area! ooops! we like ran back to our area again.. seriously its so hard to find our limits when its raining and the limit is a dirt raod of many and theres no street signs haha but we made it home fine! we also crossed a river that litterally went up to our knees! haha we took pics haha!

Anyways love ou guys lots!
And EVERYBODY on a daily keeps reminding me of coming home haha!
Hermana Breon

our area.... crazy campo!!!
To Mom:
So this week was pretty cool! we took pics and stuff and it was crazy! haha ther is this area of our area and its like campo! i love it so much haha! it was rediculously humid this week cause it would rain and then stop again. haha so ya...we had to be inside for a bit but ya.... i was looking at everything and I'm freaking out that i only have about 2 weeks left..... in Paraguay.... i might cry on the plane haha

but you can' t cry in the airport! haha who's gonna be there at the airport?

I'm trying not to think about going home cause then i get nervous and i will be like how i was before the mish haha! freaking out! haha but its funny cause my comps like im gonna have to pack for you wont i.... an I'm  like ummm maybe haha 
this week im finally friends with the bishop and the fam and EVERYBODY is super excited for the baptism of Lucia haha its gonna be on the 25th.... if she doesn't drink so we are gonna help her with that one too...
anyways i dont know how to plan for me coming home and the first day stuff haha when i get set apart it'll belike  at 1030 here in paraguay.. talk about jet lag haha oh well im excited but i cant believe that this time went by so fast! hhaha

anywyas i love you lots!


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