Monday, February 20, 2017

This week!

So this week was pretty crazy.. so we visited Lucia and she is ready for baptism!!!! we are super excited and this week we should be having her baptism this sat!! she has her interview tomorrow but ya!  we are super excited! she was at church yesterday and she was saying all the right answers and participating in the lessons and total! it was so cool to see! 
Also yesterday at church this man randomly comes up to me and my comp and is like where's the bishop i have to talk to him! i want my kids baptized and standing right behind him was 2 twin boys. they are 15 years old and want to be baptized! turns out that the man was baptized over 10 years ago and went inactive and now wants to come back to church! and now his boys want to be baptized as well! so yesterday after church we went to their house and now the boys have a date set for the 18th of march! we are super excited! im just kinda sad cause i wont be there to see it! but  we have been praying for a miracle of finding investigators and they just showed up to church! so it was super cool! haha! God listens to our prayers and always has his will. Sometimes we just have to be patient but he will always give us blessings. 

And I'm kinda freaking out about coming home and that I'm starting my last week here in the missino andI'm  freaking out! haha but just this morning i had my last interview with presidente and ya... I'm like sad to leave here. but I'm coming home paraguaya ite! hhaha no but really i feel like i have changed a lot in the mission but through everything that has happened i have realized that God always has a plan for us. Trials are a way of refining us so that way we can be someone better. rely on the atonement of jesus christ. itisn't  only for sins but also for our pains, mistakes, and everything inbetween. I know that this work is a work of God. Its a work of LOVE for all of God's children. 

I have one more monday left so I'll be writing next monday!!! 

Anyways love you guys lots!
Hermana Breon

To Mom:
I'm doing pretty good.... I'm in denial that I'm going home ahha my comp had to write down on a piece of paper saying'YOUR GOING HOME!' I was like hey! no I'm not! hhaa but ya i guess I'm gonna have to accept it haha! but ya haha I'm excited to go home but at the same time I'm like not... haha yesterday we had some investigators come to church and they were super prepared and they are gonna be baptized on the 18th of march and I'm like... that's when I'm at home... haha super weird to think about haha! but ya today we had my last interview with president and he talked about marriage and stuff... I DON'T WANNA!!! haha But  i know its coming haha oh well maybe farther down the road.... like really far... haha! but ya... 
i got a letter from the robinsons! it was super nice of them to send me that! haha! but ya.... I'm like gonna have to start packing and I'm FREAKING OUT! i think my comp is gonna pack for me... i can't handle the stress haha she's already ready for it.. 
SO what's the talk on when I speak to the ward? Did they say? I'm still in denial that I'm going doesn't   seem real to me at all... that I'll be on a plane and all of that jazz..... weird.... I'm going to be hearing english again..... weird.... like talking english in the streets... weird.... weird.... haha i can't imagine it haha I've  been having dreams of me coming home and stuff and ya... weird... haha
But I'm super excited to see you guys again and talk to your faces... not on facetime haha! but ya!!

Anyways oh and syd always has a birthday week! that's normal. She wrote me last week saying that it was only gonna be for a day but i knew that wasn't going to happen haha! 

But ya! I love ya lots! and I will see you soon! haha!

Love ya lots!

oh and another thing.... hayley... i havent been called that ina really long time haha! 

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