Tuesday, November 22, 2016

the internet went down....Paraguay... ELDER RASBAND!!!

So sorry im writing on a tuesday again but yesterday as we were going to go and write home... the internet fails in all of paraguay.... haha so now we are writting today! haha 

So this week Pedro came to church again!!! but as we were teaching him this week he tells us that hes scared to be married! and that the catholic church will just be apart of him. ya... SO we have to pass through authority and stuff like that agian but he loves church and wants to keep going! Cecilia doesn't want to go to church and let go of the catholic religion but we'll keep working on her. 

OH and i have OFFICIALLY shook an apostles hand... and it was AWESOME!!! haha Elder Rasband came to our mision to talk to all of the missionaries of Paraguay! it was a huge meeting in our misison with the mision norte! i saw hermana recalde who was a local misionary with me in my training. Shes in norte mission. But we couldnt talk to each other cause they kept us pretty seperated the entire time but ya! Elder Rasband came with almost all of the presidecy of the Suramerica sur area and ya! i shook his hand and he was like hi! and of course i was like hola. durrr i can say hi in english! haha oh well! he kept looking at me through the meeting and smiling haha! it was cool! He talked about the blessing for paraguay and that we need to work our Very best. so we are working at ton. He said that we are doing good but we need to do better! so ya! it was super awesome! i wanted to talk to him after but we couldnt they escorted him out pretty quickly cause he was in meetings all day. but ya! SO COOL!!!!!!!!! haha!

We have been doing pretty good and we had more than 20 lessons this week wich is awesome but we are gonna do evern better! haha 

Anyways that was the week! Love you guys bunches!

Hermana Breon

To Mom: 
! i loved seeing elder rasband! it was super awesome and he like kept looking at me and smiling haha durring the first prayer, i like opend my eyes and looked at him and he was trying to fix his translater ear thingy and he caught me looking at him! haha i was like oops! and looked down haha! haha! oh well it was cool! they were llike you guys need to do more. your not doing sufficiently. so as a mission we are working to do more. We are too as a comp. 
My comp finishes her training after next week and im like freaking out trying to get her ready and trying to help her. Im like so freaking out. But i think ill be ok. and then she tells me and the hermana liders tell me that they think that im gonna take one on the hermana lideres place cuz she is going home this cambio and ya.... im like i dont know if i wanna be a lider..-. like it would be cool and i think i would love it but i think that too it would be stressful haha but i dont know. we will leave it up to the lord. i was thinking about how i have changed ont eh mision and i dont remember how i was before! that kinda wierded me out. haha i feel kinda lost in a way. its wierd. 
but i really hope that i have done well here but i dont know. Im mostly stressed cause i wanna do a good job and help make this place better and i feel like ive done a little. I dont know.... so im working my butt off. but ya.... its hard 
anyway that was the week-....

love you lots!


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