Monday, November 7, 2016

This Week

So this week was pretty awesome!  So we were teaching Pedro this week. We went to his house on Tuesday and we were talking about what he read 2  Nefi 32) and he was like, out of nowhere, (we were finishing the lesson) and he goes, "Hey I was thinking about the baptism thing.... and I really feel like I need to be baptized." WHAT!!!!!!! I like almost jumped out and like screamed and like danced and like everything. But I calmly went, "why?" He says I've been thinking alot about this and I really feel like this is for me and this is the church that I need to be a part of. What do I need to do to be baptized? So I was like you need to pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true and you need to go to church and ya. He was like ok... I'm goin! WHAT?!?!?!?!? So then we had a cita with him on Friday with a return missionary and he was like, "yup I still wanna be baptized!" And he promised to come to church... so we showed up to church on Sunday and I had almost forgotten that he was gonna come to church becaause we were running late because we were picking up a Converso reciente and they took along time so we were rushing to church and anyways... we walk into the sacrament room AND THERE HE WAS!!!!!!!!!! I was like YAY!!!!!!!!! it was  awesome! and then it was fast and testimony meeting,  so like everybody was like bearing their testimony about the Book of Mormon and stuff which was awesome because through the meeting he turned to me and was like,  "I still haven't got my answer about the Book of Mormon yet." I was like,  "keep trying!" Anyways  it was crazy! he stayed for like 2 hours of church and then left but ya! And then during the meeting too he was like,  "I like how calm and friendly and peaceful it is here!" This man is so awesome! Me and my comp are so excited to see how he progresses! Anyways yup! That was the awesome week!!!!!!


Love you guys lots!!

Hermana Breon

To Mom:

Anyways this week was good. I'm like stressing because I'm half way through my 3rd to last cambio and I don't like it. But its cool.
I'm like burning up here! This week we almost thought that my comp had to go to the hospital because she keeps stubbing her toe and after this Saturday she like tripped and her toe swelled up and we had to stay in house for like a week and ya... it was scary I was like please no.... she can't break her toe... this would be bad and I don't want her to go through what I went through! haha scary right? But ya anyways it was pretty fine here. I don't remember America anymore.
I'm doing pretty good here. I'm sick of my stomach haha but other than that I'm all good here in the hood! haha! 

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