Monday, November 14, 2016

this week!!

So this week was pretty awesome!!!

We found like 6 new investigators and we worked a ton! haha 
PEDRO CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!! It was super awesome and he loved it! We are trying to get him set up for the 26 of november for his baptism! but we feel like it might be the next week after that it ok.... we are getting him prepared! So ya....
Anyways he was like yes i love this church and i know that this church is true and that he Libro de Mormon is true!!! yay!!!!!! its super awesome!!! i was so excited!!!! anyways we have some more lessons this weeek to get him ready for the baptism interview. He is progressing pretty awesomely!! His companion Cecilia  doesn't wanna be bapized yet, but is praying to know if the church is true and the Libro de Mormon is true! So we will see how it goes!!!! 

We are working a ton and loving the work that we are doing here! i cant believe i might only have 3 more weeks with Hermana Beck! we are sad about that! anyways! 

i love you guys lots!!!!!

Hermana Breon

To Mom: 
I'm coming home in march.... and I'm freaking out.... in 2 weeks i will have only 3 months left.... its super weird.... but I'm working my but off! haha!!! 
Pedro is doing super awesome! He's like loving church and i can just see him in the temple working there some day! its crazy!!! I'm like freaking out!!! its so exciting!!!!
anyways! love you lots!!!


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