Monday, January 11, 2016


WOOOHOOO! so this week is transfers and i am now officially done with training! YAY!!! haha! this week has been interesting! Our investigator came to church!!!
So we are pretty excited about that! Hes so funny! He walked in late and anounced his presence and then said praise God because he is almighty and then went, where do i sit? hahhahahaha! It was in the middle of my companions talk, hahaah!
But ya he said he loved it and would come back so ya!!!!!

Well this week i take off my boot and walk normal! 



Love you guys!

Hermana Breon

To Mom...
I get to walk on my toe Wednesday. I thought Thursday but when i counted the days again its Wednesday! 
Cambios is this week! Wednesday! So i find out tomorrow where im going and doing and stuff so ya! nervous about that!
I dont have any pics because i have been having crazy things happening....(one of my companions is very sad.)  i feel bad because my group emails are so small now because i cant be like oh ya this is what is really happening.... so ya..... 
My spiritual journey this week?...
I really think that God has been guiding us with the hermana (one of our companions, there are 4 of us total). I dont know how i would have been able to know exactly what she needed and wanted without Him. Its been just a crazy spriritual ride so far. I have been guided soooo many times with things having to do with her. I was praying to be more in tune with the spirit because i have noticed that i cant do anything right without the Holy Ghost guiding me. Whether its lessons or helping the Hermana..... there have been sooo many times with her when she was looking for help and i had a prayer in my heart and i get a thought in my mind and i do it or say it and she goes thats exactly what i needed. how did you know?it's been   awesome!
The Hermana said that when she first met me she thought for sure i had had 6-9 months in the misssion ahah! How cool is that! haha!! they are all thinking im gonna be training a new hermana soon..... NOOOOOO!!! hah! well ya.... thats my week!

Love ya Mucho!


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