Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Almost my 3rd transfer!!!

So this week is the last week of training! ahhh! haha

This last week was crazy. my companion was in the hospital the whole time so it was a pretty crazy new year. hah! so we didnt do much but its been pretty good herre. both of my senior companions were in the hospital. so i was the senior companion this week and i found out that i can DO IT! haha! Im so excited to see what tranfers bring haha 13 of jan is D Day haha 

Well love you guys mucho!

Hermana Breon

To Mom...
ya the pres didnt ant to take up my hour time haha he was like no! that time is for you and your family! haha hes awesome! Well this week i was at the hospital for most of the week. It was crazy! hermana banda has major stoache promlems. like the doctors dont know what is wrong with her. to she went in the day after christmas and then left on thurs and went back in this sat. so ya.... she is super depressed.  I swear this week i was guided by the spirit major! I had a few amazing awesomely things happen. Well yesterday our mission leader gave up with our ward and is now going to a different ward so we had a meeting last night and i was like this is what i need to say. i dont remember anyymore but it was like awesome... so not me but definately the spirit haha. and hermana banda another thing happened but it wsa awesome too. 
Well while i was leaving with hrmana banda from the hospital my doctor saw me and said that i had to wear the boot 15 more days. soooooooo yaaaaaaa..... ahhaha 
I have 3 companions.. hma cowley, banda, recalde 

ya fly problem is a thing of the past haha

ya we have food...
My PB is in my shelf thing and its in a big white envelope that says HAyley Nicole Breon 

This week ive basically been the senior companion becasue hmas cowley and banda were at the hospital. it was crazy but i did it!!!! haha! im so proud of me hahaha jk jhk it was a little stressful but its totally good now. This week i will be in the hospital with hermana banda and hermana cowley will be here haha so ya...

Welll Love ya Mucho! 

oh send more of that peperment candy. ahhhh! soooo good! it was amazing! haha! theres another thing. can you send a BYUI sweat jacket. blue. haha oh and colored pens. they all ran out! and they have stinky pens here! PEEESE!!! :) i think im definately going to stay here. So ya....

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