Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Hard Week

My toe hurts so bad!! I've been to a couple of doctors and it swells and turns purple when I walk on it. They say its fine. This makes it so hard to be patient. I get discouraged and frustrated that its not healed yet. So what this area really needs is a missionary who can tract and get people. And I feel horrible that I can't do that as much. We take breaks during the day, but its like for 2 hours for my toe to stop swelling or my ankle to stop hurting. I dont know what to do. I love this area. I love this mission, but I'm just kind of sad. I was reading some things in the Liahona and everything was just like be happy! Be happy! So I think I need to be happy. Its just, like I don't know why I'm going through this. This is like the biggest lesson in patience I have ever gone through. I don't know....
So it turns out that there are a TON of missionaries who are getting dengue or getting sick so Presidente and Hermana W are stressed out about all of us who are sick. But apparently at the end of Feb is when the dengue should calm down. I wear bug spray! So I am trying to prevent getting it from the mosquitos.
My new companion, Hermana Stewart is awesome!!! haha! She is hilarious! She's awkward like me, so we get along goooood! haha!!!!
OH, so the Bishop's family in my ward is named the Bennett's, you know from Pride and Prejudice??  haaha! Its so weird!   hahaa! 
So ya... like i dont want to leave here! I love it here now! so ya... there is like a million things going through my mind all the time.
Other than that, I'm so happy when i go out and talk to people! We handed out 6 LDMs to people and we were pretty excited about that!
So I know that we can change the area, but its my dumb toe getting in the way

I'm so hot here! It's bleh!! But do you know what's funny? I'm like craving the heat. I like love it alot! haha! I know... NOOOOOOOOOO! hahah! Like its wierd.. haha! The sweating part isn't fun, but the heat and the sun... yes! haha!
have a monkey tan on my feet now! The toes are white (because they're in my shoes) and the rest of my foot is tan-ish.... I think its tan and then I go outside and I'm like ya.... I'm white still!! hahaha! But I have hope!!! I will be tan by the end of my mission!!!! hahaa! 
So ya....
Love you!!!

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