Monday, March 14, 2016

Otro Semana en la FLORESTA!!!

So wow our investigator is like gold! She is taking everything that we tell her and says yup! i believe it! WHAT!!! Ya.. she is so excited to be baptized and she CAME TO CHURCH!!!! We were soooo happy! the ward is soo helpful! Everybody is excited for this baptism! Its funny.. when your investigator is like this you the missionary start to doubt them really having this testimony that they do because its so easy to teach her! But she is ready! Its a miracle! Practically the whole family is members so she has heard this for a really long time...missionaries have taught her for 10 years and she is now ready! She has her interview and baptism next week! We are trying to get all the lessons done and make sure that she understands it! I just can't believe it!  We had intercambios with the hermana liders and i was leading my area with one of them and my comp was in the hermana liders area with the other. So that day we went to my investigators daughters house. She is married and her sister in law was there becasue she goes to school in Villa Elisa but lives in San Lorenzo but her family is thinking about moving to Villa Elisa (my area) so hermana jarman talked to her and we put her with a baptism date! And she is super excited also! So we are like gonna baptise the whole family practically haha! Its been pretty awesome! Her name is Venus and if she asisted in San Lorenzo she can be baptised the SAME DAY as Carmen! How cool would that be!!!! So ya! 

 We also were in the hopsital this week... I feel like i live there... haha and my hand..... IS FINE!!! Just a muscle bruise! yay!! My comp still is sick... I'm wondering if she's gonna have bronchitis cause her cough is super bad... so ojala no! haha! I cant believe that after this week i only have one more week of this cambio! crazy! We be doing good here! Now we are scared that there is gonna be a whitewash next cambio. Cause this area was dead, but now its picking up! 

Some of you have asked what my area is like and its city'ite! like chuchi haha! I dont have any forest, not many rocks in the roads, stores and most importantly.. ICE CREAM STORES!!! haha! Our apartment is a penthouse practically haha! You can go on the roof and see for miles of paraguay! I love this area! at this one members home if you go on the roof you can see the rio paraguay! and a part of argentina! ya! crazy! So we are gonna do that and take pics! haha 

I also hit my 6 months!!!!! on the 10th!!! so i officially have 1 year left! crazy!!! 

WELL Love you guys lots! 

Hermana Breon

To Mom:
So its starting to get cold... well I think I'm so used to the heat that i think its cold.. it got down to 60 here and i was shivering and wearing my sweater and stuff. haha so ya its gonna be soo cold! The locals are like now its not cold its fresca! haha so ya.. I think its cold. My tan is orange haha and I have a monkey tan! haha tomorrow we have a 70 General Authority coming and talking to the mission. So tomorrow all day we will be in Asunciòn! Yup I'm excited!
Well we had a conference with Elder Bednar i think i told you about and he said something that stuck out to me... he said do the work and let the lord use you. I love that!!!!!! so ya thats like my moto now haha! 

I have 1 year left and that's wierd... I cant believe it! It has flown by soooo quick!  I was told that this next cambio I'm at a point of being senior comp, trainer, or an hermana lider if I'm supposed to be so ya... that's kinda weird.... haha! I was also told that I walk the fastest in the mission! haha ya haha
By the way, Presidente says Hi to you! Haha!
Well love you lots!!!


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