Monday, March 21, 2016


So this week was pretty awesome again! We had a 70 come... Elder Juan Ura. He and his wife spoke to us and it was pretty  cool! There was 10 zones there! It was huge!!!! hahaha! I got to see a ton of people and my old comps!! Its was super exciting haha! 

So this week we were preparing Carmen to be baptised this friday! She needed to asist (go to church) one more time and then she could be baptised. So we woke up yesterday and it was foggy a ful! We were like oh no she's not gonna come.... so we called and sure enough she was like no the weather! (the thing about paraguayans.... they dont come to church when it looks like bad weather... they are just scared) so ya.... we were freaking out! So we called a taxi and went to her house and she came!!! haha! It was so funny... so there is this guy in our ward who is an ex misionary and he is always helping us with amisidad with our investigators. So he came up and she was like you look like a rooster... Because his hair is cut super short on the sides and longer on top. We laughed so hard haha! He was like hey tell her that I like my hair like this and I don't look like a rooster hahahaha! It was super funny. But after she was like he can baptise me. So he is exctied to do it! haha! Gallo baptising her.  haha! 

So yup that has been my week! Gettin ready for the baptism! This week too! Its crazy how much you have to plan for the baptism! haha!


Les Quiero!!!

Hermana Breon

Oh I got told that my last name is chuchi hahaha! and I look like Angelina Jolie... baha! 

To Mom:
iI still haven't gotten the package.... probably the week of conference.. next week. Esta bien!  I'm scared to hook up my USB because the computers here act funny. So me and Hermana Salgado are scared that there is a virus and stuff so I don't send any sometimes. I'm gonna try today, but no sé...  

So far i only have one baptism but ya! Missionaries are like awwwww your first!! I'm like ya I'm not a kid, haha but ya I'm  pretty excited! We are not gonna have a huge turn out because everybody is going to the compaña for Easter so ya..they're  like sorry but I can't. We only have one Bishopric member that said he might be there but he's not making any promises. so ya.... I was like really! haha! Paraguayo's... ya it's gonna be fun! She is so excited to be baptized! She's like so ready! The whole ward is shocked. For 10 years they have been trying and when they had finally givien up she's getting baptized! haha! So ya! She's like I am, but not my daughters. haha Her daughters are like 6! haha We were like ya they can't. haha
Oh and you know what's funny? Everybody loves my name and thinks its so cool in this area. haha! I'm like its just french. haha But ya haha! I have the Kristen Stewart thing following me and Angelina Jolie following me too. haha I'm like I don't have the lips...but ya!
And cambios are next week! AHHH! I think I'm staying, but the mish sent out an email saying that there's gonna be a ton of changes,  so ya who knows!
Oh and its so hard when people play popular songs that I loved at home and can't listen to anymore...on the streets! It takes everything in me not to dance haha!  Or sing!

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