Monday, March 7, 2016

Oh está todo bien

Wow!! its been two weeks since I've been in the new area!  and it was a crazy week!!
 So on monday we went to SHOP!!! And I didn't   find anything but there is always next time! It was an actual mall!!!!  for Paraguay that's WAY different!! So i was just happy to be in a mall haha! Then on tuesday we had to go to the hospital for my last checkup of my toe.. and guess what... ITS HEALED!!! Yay!!!! haha but we ended up seeing hermana Wilson there too! So we hung out with her and talked while waiting for my appointment... which was like 2 hours haha! but ya! and then after my comp had to call home about some personal things so then we hung with pres and hermana wilson. And then they drove us home in the car! CHUCHI!! haha! Then on wednesday my comp had really bad flu.. still does but ya so we didnt work very much cause she was sleeping. So then i finally convinced her to go to the doc haha so we went back to the hospital for her on viernes. So she got the drugs and we can home haha! But funny thing is is that on saturday i was walking on the street and the wiedest thing happened. So  my foot was firmly on the ground and then i like fell... hard...  and i scraped up my knees and my hands but my right hand hurt the worst. So i went the rest of the day and it still hurt but i was like aww está bien! well yesterday at church it was hurtiing and a little swollen. So we called hermana wilson and she was like go to the hospital and get an xray SO yesterday we were there and the doc said that he thinks my muscul is bruised but today i have to go back and get it checked again and get another xray  of the other side of my hand haha! SOOOO ya!!! This week has been a crazy week! When we called hermana Wilson she was like laughing like oh my gosh here it goes again! hahaah and President was in the background like NOOO!! haha! So i think that if it is broken i think they are gonna put me in a plastic bubble haha! Its been crazy! and the crazy thing is is that this area doesnt have as much rocks in the road as my other area haha! 

NOW.. for a cool thing that happened this week....

So on Sat we had a noche de hogar with a part miembro familia. And the mom is like super interested in being baptised but never was because she cant talk or hear. So we were talking durring our planamiento semenal and we were like lets baptise her! So we asked her through writing it down on the paper and she said YES!!!! SOOOO we are SOOOOO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so right now her fecha is 25 of this month! I cant describe when we were talking to her through writing, how you could feel the spirit soo strong! Heavenly Father wants her baptized! and when hermana Salgado wrote that if she does this she can live with her kids for eternity she teared up and smiled and was like sí yo quiero  eso! AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we are stoked!!!! right now she is our only investigator but we really feel like shes gonna be baptized!

ANyways that was my week!!! 

Love you guys!!

Hermana Breon

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