Monday, March 28, 2016

Bautismo!!!!!! Oh ya.. and Feliz Pascua!

So bueno this week was awesome!!!  as you all know we had a baptism!!!!!! Carmen was baptised!!!! woot woot!!! it was so awesome and full of the spirit! So we had a stressfull week.. so in paraguay this whole last week was Santa Semana. And that means that they have certain traditions that they do. So her interiew was set for wed. and so we went and guess what.... Chipa and rain killed the interview. we were like what?????? ya it was like crazy because wednesday is chipa day where all they eat is chipa. haha! So ya.. we moved the interview for the next day and she still couldn't come because it was raining a ton. So we were stressed and moved the interview to just hours before the baptism. SHE CAME!!! haha!!! i was praying so hard for a miracle that she could come and she did!! SO we had an awesome baptism and a lot of people came! And then on Sunday she was confirmed! OH another cool thing was that her daughter came with her family. They have been inactive for a long time and she came and translated the whole thing for her mom! And the confirmation! The whole ward is super happy becasue they have been trying with her for so long to come because they all talk to her and love her to death! It was so awesome! 

So ya!!! I want to send pics.. but the computer is being dumb so im gonna keep trying but ya!!!!! It was so cool!!! 

Anyways Happy Easter!!!! We  spent easter with Carmen and the whole family! so it was awesome!! 

Remember the Savior!!! Did you watch the videos? DOOOO ITTT!! they are so good!!! haha 

Love you guys!!!

Hermana Breon

To Mom:
But ya this week was ya a week... haha! Tomorow is cambios so we will see whats gonna happen! haha! Who knows! I'm pretty positive that I'm staying haha like super positive haha! Its funny for cambios I normally get a feeling who is gonna be my next comp, but this time i havent felt anything Hermana Guevara (hermana lider) thinks that I'm gonna train.. HA! I don't think that's gonna happen at all! haha but who knows! They all think Hermana Salgado is gonna leave  :( but ya...

There was a thing that happened in brussles?! HUH? I don't hear anything about the outside world.... Paraguay is so tranquilo! like nothing happens here not like other places in the world right now! Like its so like nothing haha! 

Well I made chipa and stuff this week. That was fun and I ate sopa paraguay and chipa chipa chipa.. I'm a sopa fan... not a chipa fan.... but I don't tell anybody that haha! 

Anyways!!! I cant wait for the package!!! :) :) haha!  
Chipa...cheese bread.
Sopa Paraguay...its kind of like corn bread.
My first baptism! This is Carmen!
Carmen and "Gallo"...Carmen thought his hair looked like a rooster, so she nicknamed him "Gallo". He is one of the members in the ward.
Here we are! Me, Hermana Salgado, Carmen and "Gallo".
Carmen's inactive daughter and family came to the Baptism. Her daughter interpreted the Baptism.
Here we all are again!

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