Monday, April 11, 2016

A New Investigator!

So this week was pretty normal....

So this week we wanted to start back up from being sick! So we went with the hermana lideres and worked the area! Well guess what?!!? we found a family and the guy, Jose, is like super interested! We shared the plan of salvation and he was like YES I want to know more!!! so we have an appointment with them tonight!! yay!! 

We've just been working and getting this area back to normal and improving it too! 

So this week was one of the Hermana Liders birthday. so we were planning a surprise bday party, because president and hermana wilson wanted to come! so me and Hermana Salgado worked a ton! I was cleaning and decorating and she was making chow mein! We were like running around crazy! So that day we had to go to the hospital (I feel like I live there) for Hermana Salgado. So we were there and then we took a taxi to get back by 8 which was when Pres and Hermana Wilson were gonna be there. But there was sooo much traffic so they were late. So Hermana Salgado and I didn't want them (the Hermana Liders) to get there before so she called them acting all out of breath and made up this excuse that I was throwing up and we had to run to the hospital and that we needed their help haha so thankfully they came almost an hour late and Presidente and Hermana Wilson showed up before them! Por suerte! so ya! it was super fun! haha!


Love you guys lots!! 


To Mom:
Guess what..... I got the package!!! haha! Everybody loved it! haha! they thought the decorating was super cute too. There was all the stuff that you said and more! haha I'm very happy haha! 

So... about me.... ummm I have a wart in my foot haha, but Its all good! I'm good!!

But on a lighter note! we found a family!!!! and the dad is awesome! He is like soooo interested in the gospel and it was awesome! So how we found him was that we had nowhere to go and it was almost time to go home. 
So I was like no cuz Hermana wanted to go to another house and she was like lets go. So I went and just a little down the street there was this house and I looked and felt like we should go there. So I stopped and was like lets contact this house and Hermana was like no lets just keep going and I was like no I'm going. So I crossed the street and she followed me and she was just gonna give a tarjeta and then leave,  But I kept talking and as we were talking to the guy, Jose, this little girl ran up and then his gf or wife came up and Hermana Salgado pulled out the plan  of salvation. He loved it!! He was like yes come back! I want to hear more can I have the folleto? So we have an appointment with them tonight! We are super excited! I feel like he is so prepared! haha!
Love you guys!

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