Wednesday, April 27, 2016


So this week we went to the temple and it was awesome!!!!!! haha i didnt realize how much i missed it till i went! Our whole zone went! It was so fun! we took a  collectivo (bus) there and then went to the distrubution! after that we went and did a session in the temple and after that we went and got lomitos that are apparently the best lomitos in all of paraguay. (I think the lomitos from my old area are better haha) but ya! We partied (ok, not really just talked) till like late haha we were like oh no! We gots to go home! haha! So we all took a collectivo back and while on the collectivo, there are sometimes guys who get on and sing and then after ask for money. So normally they are rappers, but this time they were two guys with their guitar! and it was super good! haha! anyways! And then yesterday President and Hermana Wilson came over and celebrated hermana jarmans birthday with us! Me and hermana Salgado were cooking a fool! but it was egg rolls(made with empanada shells) and white rice haha! i know how to cook authentic chow mein and egg rolls now haha! Anyways! 
We also taught a new lady who like knows everything and believes it all  but all she needs to do is go to church. Which she didn't... but thats ok! We´ll get her! haha!

Well love you lots!!

Hermana Breon
Lomitos are a sandwich made with runny eggs!

To Mom:
well we havent seen jose since the first time we met him so ya... a little sad but he´ll hear about the gospel more one day! I know it!  so we did find one lady that she's really interested in the church and has questions just like jose smith! so ya she is gonna progress! haha 
About the shoes.. they are great!!! super cumfy and ya my black crocs are on their final moments and my other flats that i got that have that pink lining... almost dead. and the black ones almost dead. so ya i needed new ones and plus i have a planters wart in my heel (que feo, verdad?) so ya now i cant walk only on my tippy toes becasue it hurts to walk on my heel and have to use this medicine and pumice my feet everynight. So ya... im a little upset about it but thats ok. The doc said a month. so ya.... 

BUT! on the plus side! i went to the temple!!! haha! It was awesome! i love that place and mom im sorry but i like it in spanish more now haha Sabes que? i have gone through the temple more in spanish than i have in english! haha! Its funny! 
Its funny when your on a mission, time flies wayyyyyy tooo fast! in 2 cambios its my birthday! QUE?!?! so ya.... 


Love you lots!!


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