Monday, April 4, 2016

Esta semana...

Entonces this week was long and nothing really happened because we were inside the entire week because my comp had..... a really bad virus that was super similar to dengue! haha! but ya! haha also one of the Hermana Liders had the same virus and so we all were at the hospital for blood tests and doctor visits! haha! But this week will be different! haha

One cool thing that happened this week was I saw hermana Cowley!!! haha! She had intercabios with the hermana Liders and she was at my apartment!! haha its cool living with the liders cause you get to see other people from the mission! haha. She has dengue, but was feeling better. Ya... Dengue is huge right now but eh! Esta todo bien!
(As for my health... I don't know if I should tell you... but I had dengue... it was a VERY light form.... all that happened was I felt super weak, achy, and a migrane. That was it! The doctor was like ya this wasn't that bad according to my blood tests, but he said I did and so I was banished in my house for a week and today we are going back for the last doctor appointment and then we are free to work! YAY!!! But don't worry... I know you are Mom, but the doctor said that I had high defenses and that my body fought it off really well! yay!!)
Vitamins are super expensive here!! and they don't have very many at all. like not even a multivitamin! grr... oh well I guess just eat healthy... haha
So Saturday and Sunday was conference!!!! I watched it in spanish! I got a lot, but not everything.... and at one point the power just like went out haha but ya it was cool to hear it! So i watched it in spanish and didn't really get alot from it.... it kinda stunk for me not being able to understand it all! But I want the conference edition in english and sometimes they have it here.. so I'm gonna try.... ya but the parts that I got from it was like basically it was also about family and ya haha me and Hermana Salgado  were like. wow we feel trunky! haha but it was really good! It was funny at the last session, I was thinking why hasn't  Elder Holland talked yet... and then he was the last!! haha! I knew it was good... the translator didn't do it justice, but I could see his face and kinda hear him haha! but ya.. I plan on reading it again! 

I also saw my whole ward from my last area! They were like HERMANA BREON!!! I felt so loved! haha! 

Mom, THATS awesome that my old companion,  Hermana Banda from Lima, Peru emailed you! hahah! I love that girl! Ya she knows english! She's studying it more so that she can live in america! 

My Easter package is here,  but I won't get it till wednesday or next tuesday...ya  but its in the officinas!!! haha!
Don't worry about me!!!! I'm great!!! the mission is a refiners fire that's for sure! haha! 

Anyways... If you didnt watch conference..  watch it!!! it was awesome!

Love you guys lots!!!

Hermana Breon

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