Monday, June 13, 2016


So this week was pretty awesome! So this week I hit... are you ready? ...... 9 MONTHS! I'm like half way through my mission! Its super wierd and I dont know how i feel about it! haah so there is a thing here for the sister missionaries... we take pics on the 9 month mark and its a joke pic of like your pregnant hahahaahha! ya so I took one it was super wierd but hey! haha we like stuffed a huge blanket under my shirt and ta da!! haha ill post a pic haha! Also that day we ate french toast! we were all dying with happiness haha! 
Also we bought shirts that were so funny haha. So they say "nada que ver" which means "nothing to see". they are an inside joke between us, but we loved them so we had them made and bought them haha
Last monday we went to the temple to clean it! It was super fun and then after we went and bought burger king haha! 

Anyways work wise... 
The area is really awesome! We now have a meta of contacting 20 people everyday! Its crazy! But we are finding lots! haha Also our investigator Venus came to CHURCH!!!!! She can technically get baptized this sat, but she doesnt have signatures from her parents. The hard thing is is that her dad doesn't want her to be baptized! grrr.... so we are working with that. But this sunday she came to church and brought her brother and his wife! They have been menos activos since christmas! It was amazing! The bishop was like what? and then looked at us like WHAT?! haha We were super happy! so ya! That was my week! next week is cambios and I hope that Idon't  go but I'm feeling like its gonna happen :( I'll be so sad if I can't see Venus´ baptism :( but thats ok! At least she will make that covenant with God! :D

Anyways Love you guys lots! 

Hermana Breon

To Mom:
wow that sounds like a lot this week  haha! You'll get better soon I know it! So yes I hit my hump day haha on friday haha it was really wierd... kinda felt like my birthday haha but I made french toast and we did the pic... it was super wierd but hey whatever!
so this week we had a lot of inter-cambios with the hermana lideres. They helped us in our area for 3 days this week and it was super helpful. We found people and that's the only way that we have been working in our area. President and Hernama Wilson came over to install a door chain thing.
About my foot... the dead thing has almost fallen out!!!!! wooo hooo!! I can work all day and am totally fine! I'm like so excited to start workin! well bueno.. I have been workin but ya!!! Its super awesome! haha

Well I only have 9 more months and these passed SUPER quick! haha I'm like freaking out! I feel officially out of the young ranks of the mission haha! 

Well anyways get better and love you lots! 


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