Monday, June 27, 2016


SO! this week was us contacting a fool! it was pretty crazy! But we found some new people to teach so that was pretty cool! We both want a baptism bad this cambio so we are shooting for that one! wooohoo!

So hermana ludlow went home this week and it was pretty sad. We lost hermana guevara and hermana ludlow in one day! Me and hermana whiting were pretty sad, But here we are again with new comps! My comp is hermana dubon and she is awesome! We are both freaking out that we only have 9 more months left! ahhhh.... its super wierd and we dont like it haha! we like want to stay a bit longer haha! but ya! So its been fun finding new people and learning the area more! haha but ya! We are gonna change this area and baptize!!! wooohoo! 

Well thats all here besides that its super cold and its only like 50 but we are freezing haha! humidity haha!

Love you guys lots!
Hermana Breon

Oh!! and we went to a wedding!!! woohoo! for the ward... it was pretty cool!

To Mom:
so this week was fun cuz me and hermana dubon were talking about our group a ton and like laughing over memories haha! It was super funny.. she was like in the CCM you were super chuchi and now you are really different hahaha! I was like really!? haha Paraguay... does things to you haha! but I didn't  remember this but the  latinas from my group were impressed with my spanish abilities haha! I guess when we got to paraguay i was translating for the elders a little. haha i didn't remember that haha!  but ya its been super wierd to have somebody from my group as my comp but you know what_? i always felt like we would eventually be comps one day haha and now we are hahaa! but ya.... 
I've been in the floresta for now like 4 cambios.... ya the longest in my mission. But I'm probably gonna be leaving the area this next cambio... and i weighed myself... I'm gaining weight!!!! Nooooooo!!! hahah! But I'll get it all off! haha with all this walking that we have been doing haha! we literally couldn't find ANYBODY from our conversos recientes and menos activos. and our investigator Venus... well she' not going to get baptized now. ya her mom is like super mad at us and we don't know why... we haven't done anything.... so that was super sad. but we have another possible tomorrow so ya! 

Hermana Recalde is serving a mission in norte! haha! still in Paraguay! haha! I love that girl! haha
But that was my week!!
MOM... I WANT PUMPKIN sooooooo bad!!!!! Haha! and blueberry... and good stuff... like american stuff... syrup... ya we have everything else here just not the awesome mixes haha! mom i can't believe I'm going to be 22! WHAT!!! haha 
Love you lots!

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