Monday, June 20, 2016

Talking english in the streets...wierd.

so this week was a sad/happy/melancholy week....

so this week we now have a new thing where we have to contact 20 people everyday!! so me and my comp were walking and we hear... do you speak english? in english! we were like ya... and so this lady and her daughter wanted us to come and talk to them. Her daughter was about 10 and they came from florida.The Lady grew up in Paraguay so she knew Spanish, but her daughter was like born and raised American haha. She was so funny... she was like Paraguay is weird... haha why are you here in this wierd place? hahahaha it was super funny so we talked for about 10 minutes and then their bus came. but ya it was surprising to me how hard it was to talk in english on the streets... really hard... haha but i was happy at the same time cause i was like this is good.... I'm doing good in spanish haha

Also we got cambios today and.....I'm  staying! yup my new comp is Hermana Dubon! SHE'S FROM MY GROUP!!! its super exciting,  but sad cause my comp is leaving. but ya!

Also on the mission front,.. we kinda had a nothing week.. its one of those weeks where you work hard,  but dont see the fruits of your labor... ya.. BUT! we found 3 fams!! WOOOHOO!!! vamos a  trabajar con ellos!! 


Hermana Breon 

To Mom: 
so ya this week is a pretty sucky week.... like one of the worst in my mission thus far. SO.... to start off we had to go to the officinas on wednesday because hermana (my companion) had to talk to the area docs. She's not been doing well and her spirits are down.  They both told her that she should probably go home or go to a different mission. SO... that day was super emotional... we were in the officinas all morning and half the afternoon. then we got home and she was crying more. so that emotional rollercoaster day was over. we worked the next. and her head was a little better. worked hard until sunday. Sunday after church we get a call from presidente for us to come to an interview with him that night. I knew right away what was going to happen. I felt it. SO we went and she got rushed into the interview and she was told she was going to go home. SO I'm   staying in Floresta and getting a new comp and we will be a threesome for a day and then she's my old comp is leaving Wednesday morning. so ya... all day we have been buying things from Paraguay so that way she can have things and ya.... its really sad... i feel bad for her... i don't want to be in her shoes at all. When we walked away after the interview presidente looked like he was gonna cry and ya.. it was super sad. and on top of that yesterday we also found out that one of the conversos (new converts) that i taught in Villa Anita died. She was Hermana Guevaras converso and ya so it was a pretty sucky day yesterday.  So I'm like happy, but then sad about this cambio. Like happy I have Hermana Dubon, but then super sad that my old comp is leaving.... she'll be coming into deseret book this week,  I think so say hi to her for me. 

But ya... there wasn't alot of missionary work that happened... 

I love the USA!

hope you are feeling better and that dad's good too!!!

Love you lots!


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