Monday, June 6, 2016

America and....LIAM HEMSWORTH!!!! WHAT!!!

This week we went to the hospital again for me and my comp. Afterward we walked to this supermercado callled REal..... and guess what?! my comp said that she swore that she saw liam hemsworth... i dont think so, i took one look at the guy and i didn't think it was him, but she swore it was hahah. he was in a black truck staring at us. haha we walked by and went inside... it was wierd hahaa anyways we walked in and there was the best thing ever!!!... an isle full of AMERICAN FOOD!!! i can't tell you how happy and excited i was!!! i took pics. haha 

anyways, also this week i washed my garments by hand because the lady that cleans our clothes was super sick so we didn't want to ask her. Be grateful for washing machines and dryers... those inventions are AMAZING! haha 

OH and i told my doctor that I'm gonna be a professional soccer player and he was like with your skirt and your tag? and i was like si o si! hahhahaha! He laughed super hard... that man needs to be baptized. haha 

Anyways one of our investigators is Venus and we taught her this week! She really  wants to be baptized, but her parents don't want her to be and she's 13 years old. so its gonna be hard, but she loves the gospel and stuff.... we are gonna work with her on the baptism! Also the ward is giving us refs like crazy! the only thing is is that my comps head hurts a ton so we cant leave a lot... some days at all... so ya...

Anyways love you guys lots!!! BTWs i can totally walk all day! haha yay!!! and i dont know if i said this already, but i LOVE cocido... its an amazing drink. Its Yerba MAte ton of sugar and water and the parguayans put a carbon in it... its soooooooo gooooooooodddddddd!!!!!! haha

WE went to the temple today to clean it.. AWESOME! and i saw an elder from the CCM! He's in norte! It was crazy! I only got to talk a little bit and then their bus came haha! anyways!!! fun stuff!


Hermana Breon

To mom:
So im fine.... just today we only had an hour to do ciber and then we had to go to the temple. SO my dumb computer wasnt working at ALL!!! i was super frusterated... so now im here now! hhaha 
Ya this week was pretty boring... we stayed inside alot.. im thinking about just making us leave but i dont know.... I dont know... we dont have another appointment with the doc till the 29th... i have anothe apointment on the 19th.. we are just waiting for it to fall out! but when we can leave im working full day! so ya it is awesome! 

Dont kiss my picture... thats kinda wierd,,, haha! 

I'll send pics of the temple later. haha 
My half way mark is Thursday!! haha and I forgot! What's going on in the world?! Apparently Obama showed up in Paraguay... And there's something going on in Venezuela and there was an earthquake in Equador... tell meeeee hahahaha 

ANyways love you lots! 


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