Wednesday, July 20, 2016

esta semana!!

So this week i was on the diet thingy but everything is all good! ya! we are just working and finding people. the hard part is is that they dont want you to come back! haha! so we are working a ful on that! haha 

So this week we visited this cute converso who is 12 and totally wants to go on a mission! haha! shes super cute! 
Anyways not much exciting happened this week but i hope everything is good with you guys! 

Love you lots!
Hermana Breon

To Mom:
pres said hi to the fam. and im ok now! dont know why that happened but i think that its the food thats doing it for me! hha! oh well the diet that they said to do didnt rally help the diareah part which what it was for but whatever! i dont have it too much... just travelers stomach i think! haha

But ya that was all on the email casue not a lot happend and ya.... it was just an average week. we taught and ya walked alot! haha! but you know what! im not loosing wieght! wierd,,, maybe all the chocolate! hahaa! but ya! it was super hot this week and then got super cold and now its cold again haha! its really wierd! haha! 
So basically the world is crazy... but totally quiet here in Paraguay! haha! nada! 
and no we didnt put light bulbs in  cause theres a problem with the electrical lines, but we are fine! we dont really use the lights too much cause we aren't in the house too much so no biggy, 

My comp is good! its kinda funny we are really similar... like in personality and stuff haha! in some ways its bad cause we talk and talk and talk haha! but its been good! its gonna be wierd cause I'm gonna have a new comp next cambio and ya... new area too! everyone in my apartment wants me to train next cambio or the one after and i dont want to haha! thats scary haha! but in some ways i kinda do haha!

Anywasy thats been all here! 

Heres some info about our investigators and stuff...

this week we had a family that we visited and there was this guy there that was like translating but not really cause he was saying the wrong things and we and he were talking in spanish.. it was super awkward and he was kinda mean to uscause  we're mormons and all haha but he left after like 3 minutes and it got all good from there out! haha! The guy that we are teaching and his sister are really nice and want to change. he was in an accident in the motorcycle and he cant walk. we are teaching him in the house of his brother. saturday they told us that they take a taxi to the house so that we can teach him more! that was super cool! we were like oh! we can go to your house and his sister was like ok next time! haha! it was really cool! but we found out that its better for them to have the lessons in guarani. and sincewe don't   speak that we are gonna bring a member next time. but ya! 
Our one investigator who is a novia of amember  in our barrio won't be baptised for a while.... ya... because her novio (member) told us that they are gonna wait and we know that they are gonna wait till we leave to lie and say that she lives in our area. ya.... were kinda mad about that but we are gonna teach her still but ya.... she cant be baptized here. man! shes so prepped but its the rules! hha!
Anyways we also had a referencia de un miembro and she was like hes 12 and wants to be baptized! so ya we are teaching him too! its really wierd how all of a sudden we are getting peole haha! 

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