Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Ohhh Say can you seeeeee!!!! Happy 4th!!!

woohoo so this week we were working a fool and wanting to collapse everyday haha! but that  means we were working hard, which we were! We found like 4 new people and we could have a baptism pretty soon! there is this man in our ward who has this girlfriend and now she wants to be baptized! but she wants to assist our ward but the thing is that she lives in another ward, so were gonna have to ask special permision to baptized her and teach her but technically she can be baptized next week! so ya! and my glasses broke. she works in a place that fixes glasses so i can have them done!! yay! hhaha! also this week we had a meeting in asuncion so i saw all my comps! it was super fun and then after we ate mcdonalds haha! and the ice cream....the ice cream.. you dont know how well mcdonalds ice cream is until you dont eat good creamy ice cream for like 9 months... sooo goooood! haha! 
So ya we are working with the ward and things are going good! im loving this area and ya! I might leave after this cambio, but i dont want tooooo! haha! but ya! This week our ward was tiny... everybody has broncitis and the flu. so ya... kinda stinks...

But ya! Im talking so much spanish that when i try to speak english its spanglish again haha! which is awesome! haha! 

But ya we are gonna have a fiesta in my apartment with the hermana lidres today for the 4th! haha all of us are american and only my comp isnt... last night she was like oh no i live with americans! hahahaha! Im wearing my red and white! haha! 


Love you guys lots!

Hermana Breon

To Mom:

So we are working HARD! which is good! hah! we are doing our 20 contacts everyday and have found some new people"! yestedday at church was bring your girlfriend to church and kiss her all the time in front of everbody! EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! we have two guys who are in their 30s, RMs, and desperate to get married and both of them brought their gfs in. one of them is younger than me by a few months. ya.... haha! But ya! haha 

Anyways its been fun! 
love you lots!


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