Wednesday, July 20, 2016

bautimos... y hospital round.. i dont know any more.... haha

haha so this week was pretty awesome! so we are gonna have a baptism this next week and possibly 1 more! im pretty shocked actually haha! so we have this novia girl whos name is migelina and she wants to be baptised a ful! so we are working with her the only thing is is that we can only teach her once a week and she doesnt live in our area. so we need permission from president. so well see on that! and then there is this guy named luis! he has been assisting church for like since ive been here and i thought he was a member! hes not! and now he wants to be baptized too! so we have a cita with him this week and were gonna teach him and he can be baptized this next saturday too! im like shocked! This week was kinda hard becasue one of our investigators who was progressing pretty well dropped us and then one of our conversos recientes told us basically not to pass cause shes catholic... and ya... and everybody was running from us when we tried to contact haha so ya it was a little hard but hey! its the life of a mission! haha! but im still happy strangly haha! 

So hospital... so last sunday we ate a ton! like a ton! like 2 huge platefulls of food! and ya so my stomach started to hurt... and then the whole week my tomach hurt but i was like NO we will work! haha! so ya.... then yesterday i was like in a lot of pain... and ya so we went to the hospital and they put an IV.. i dont know why cause it didnt hurt that bad.. and then they said that i have gastritis. i dont know what that is but im on a diet! haha! every missionary gets it! like everyone! its the food here... its not good for you! haha! but im totally fine! only on thi diet till i feel better! haha! but im gonna loose weight thats for sure! haha! 

Anyways that was the week! 

Love you guys lots!

Hermana Breon

To Mom:
the kissing,..... GROSSSS!!!! hahaha ya but one of them wants to be baptised! but we have to send her to the other ward where she lives... :( but thats ok!  ya i went to the hosptial but like everything is fine! im good freaked out about the IV but i dont have the flu like everybody here! haha! im happy about that! haha! 
ya they want more nurses in themission because   the doctors in the other countries than the USA basically know that the church  pays for it and want the  money so they tell the missionaries to come back again and again to get more money and the church is sick of it cause its using all the money for tithing. so they want misson nurses who are trained in th US medicine to diagnose and tell the area doctor what is going on. i hear that they are wanting to do that for 2 weeks now i have known. so ya... 

but! you know what? I'ive asked latinas and they have said that my spanish is really good! haha! yaya!!! hha! 

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