Monday, July 25, 2016

so this week....

This week was pretty awesome! so we have this kid that we are teaching and he can be baptized next week!!! He is super excited and loving the gosple! So we are happy! 

Also yesterday at church we had a converso reciente come to church!!! its been forever since he came to church and he came! we were super excited and now the ward asistencia is going up too! but I'm sad that this will probably be the last week that I have in the Floresta because I've been here for 6 months.. but ya!

Oh we also went to the hospital and guess what? i dont have to go back!!!!!!!! everything is good! so that was awesome!
also im sending pics!

This week was so hot! I got burned haha

the first is me with hermana dubon and laura
second is with my district

But ya! Just workin like crazy! 

Love you guys lots!
Hermana Breon
Me, Hermana Dubon and Laura!

To Mom: 

we have a menos activo that shared with us this week that when she was younger her uncle did things to her and then was explaining to us that her mom doesn't believe her and ya... that was hard to hear but we shared about the atonement and yes i cried, but ya so that was a hard thing to hear... and hard to help out too...because  she feels like Christ didn't do anything to help her and that she's doing the basics... not going to church though,... and ya... anyways things like that are happening that we are hearing so thats why I don't say much because its like deep stuff haha i never knew before the mission that you would hear about these stories and hear about peoples lives and they expect you to know what to say and how to help them... and I'm just sitting over here like woah... ummm im only 21 and don't know how to help you. BUT the spirit is always  there to help out to know what to say. I was talking to hermana dubon about what we heard and stuff and she was like, "you know how to have the spirit and it was really cool to see us working by the spirit". Also we have another menos activo that really wants to come back but is listening to her cheating   husband too and he is saying that church really isn't important and stuff  like that and he is  member too! ugh! but ya.... like really we don't have much investigators.. like we are looking for them but we are really helping out the members. but ya... Carmen the lady that i taught and got baptized like wants my clothes haha! always she's like so when you move to a different area can i have your clothes? haha cause she doesn't have money for skirts and stuff but ya haha! I'm gonna give her some of my clothes haha i love that lady! she's hilarious! haha! 
So its wierd that cambios are on the 3rd this month.. I think I'm leaving, but for the first time in my mission I don't know where or who is gonna be my next comp.  oh well haha

Anyways this week we wil be taking more pics... hermana dubon wants me to have pics of my area haha so ya! 

Love you lots! 


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