Monday, August 15, 2016

So another week in Amambay

So this week we contacted a fool! it was pretty crazy! so ya!

Also this week was my birthday and it was super fun! The members made a cake for me and we were celebrating haha! ya! so anyway I'm gonna send some pics! 

We found some pretty good people this week. We are starting new again and finding new people. It was pretty fun! but ya!
Also a member from my last area suprised me and came to the ward and gave me chocolate and a note from my old comps that are still there!! 
Anyways love you guys lots!

Hermana Breon
My Anerican flag Hershey's kisses Mom sent!

To Mom:

So was a pretty fun birthday! haha that night we get a call from presidente and he and hermana wilson came to the apartment and gave me my package! yay!!! so I'm gonna send pics. I love the pillow case!! I'm using it every night. 

Erica wrote me and told me that she was pregnant! That's awesome! I'm so happy for her! 

If Nana dies,  you can call the office. There are americans working there and they will tell me and I can go and call or something. They can notify presidente. Can she write? She sent me a letter last week,  but I didn't have time to write her back. I'm gonna try to write her today. 
I felt something this week about her,  like something was going to happen so I've been praying a lot. 

I'm happy for Margaret! Why can't she wait till March?!?! I'm gonna be home the first weekend in March!

Anyways I love you lots! 


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