Monday, August 8, 2016

sooooooo im in AMAMBAY!!!!!

So for those of you who dont know where Amambay is, it is in ASUNCION!!! like just imagine San Fransisco, without the ocean, and there you have it! that's where I am now and I'm freaking out! its like crazy city! there are SOOOOO many stores and sooo many people alll who are super rich! like they have cars and like we have stores like rich clothes, american store clothes on every corner and its nuts!! haha! if you go online and look up asuncion like a picture of it and you will see like 4 tall buildings in the skyline and there you go! I'm in the center of that! haha its so wierd and im still getting used to it! The ward is awesome! like every person that I have met is super nice and want to talk to me in english, and their english is really good too! haha! They are all excited to have an american missionary serving there because most all of them have visited the USA andthey have family there. so we have spent time talking about the USA! haha its been along time since I did that! haha!

So the people in the ward remind me of the US too! Like how the ward functions and everything! Us missionaries just focus on our investigators and reactivating like the missionaries do in the US! haha its sooo wierd.... haha but ya!

So this week i got here and my comp told me that they have an investigator that is ready for baptism, so naturally I wanted to get to know the person. His name is Dan Juan and he is investigating the church because his wife recently died and before she died, she was wanting to be baptised and he said no. So she died and now he feels guilt and is really interested in the church. So I had this feeling to ask if he had his lessons and my comp said ya he does. Ok but the feeling kept bugging me all week andwe didn't have an opportunity to teach him this week. So on sunday he was there and was asking alot of questions about the Word of Wisdom. I was like weird, and then again I felt like we should talk to him about the lessons again. Ok so he is also friends with the Stake President who is in our ward. So we went to their house to eat when the President started to tell us that he NEVER had the lessons!  I wanted to say YES! because I had been feeling that this whole time. it was a reassurance for me that this man is ready, but he still needs the lessons. and that I'm listening to the spirit! I'malways wanting to listen to the spirit and be that missionary that follows the spirit. IT was an experiencia that showed me that I am listening to the spirit. so it made me happy! 

I was so sad to leave La Floresta,  butI'm  gonna trust God and know that I'm  supposed to be here!

Thanks for the Birthday wishes!! and listen to 22 by taylor swift for me!!!! haha

Love you guys lots!

Hermana Breon

To mom: 
mom..... Everything that hermana badger said is completely correct.Ok I'm done for this week. So that lady Paredes is super nice! she is the niece of hermana Bordon from la Floresta! hermana Bordon called her and was like take good care of my hija the new missionary in Amambay! i was like AWWW!!!! I was super sad to leave and so was the floresta they had plans for my birthday! so ya... if you want to drop a hint to hermana Paredes about my birthday that would be great cause at this point my comp isn't saying anything. its all about her! thankfully I feel like I'm only gonna have hermana huarsaya for one cambio. thank goodness. 

ANyways I'm gonna read about nana and stuff.... i hope that she's ok and that everything will be ok! I miss everybody! haha i cant believe I'm at the point where all the members are like how much time do you have left in the mission? and I'm like i have almost a year! and they go oh you are practically going home! haha! Im like NOOOOOOOO!!! haha 

Anyway I'm running out of time and i still got to write president about this stuff.... not all but ya.... anyway!!!! remind me to tell you about my first night here and friend jose hermosa on facebook and laura and larisa. They have pics that they want to send of me.... its on my face book 

I'm doing good! Love you lots!!!


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