Monday, August 1, 2016


So i just found out about cambios... and I'm going to Amumbai! its like zona 1 and I'm  with the hija de my comp now... her name is hermana guarsaiba and shes from peru. so ya! 

So this week we visited carmen and finished her lessons and we gave her a huge triple becasue she can't read the Book of Mormon in the normal size so we gave it to her yesterday and she was super happy! haha it was pretty awesome!
Also this week we had intercambios with the hermana lideres and I went to their area 3 bocas. So while we were walking around we found a reference that they had that they couldn't contact before. So we went there and the lady came out all like no I don't want to join your church I'm  catholic but not. haha so we were talking and then I had the impression to ask about if she believed in life after death. and she was like yes and then broke down and started to cry and told me that she had lost her son like 1 year ago that day and that after he died she had a dream with him and heaven. She then cried some more and talked about how she knows now that there is life after death and that he is with her for always. I was like Plan of salvation! and so we talked about that and now she's open to hearing the missionaries. I was like whoa! we walked away and hermana lily who was with me was like whoa. haha soI Don't  know if she'll go to church, but itwas pretty  cool to be a part of that.  

anyways... here are some pics of my area and carmen and my comp!

Love you guys lots!

Hermana Breon

To Mom: 
so this week we had a hard time me and hermana dubon... all of our investigators moved and ya.. that was super sad. but i konw they will be baptized one day. soya.
so i sent pics of my area they were sneak pics because if somebody sees it they can possibly rob me. so they were sneak pics haha. 

IM SO EXCITED FOR MY PAAACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill probably get it a week after my birthday... maybe haha I'm not sure yet haha. 

So ya I know I'll be fine in the US with my gastritis haha i think it'll go away. haha

haha anyways I'm doin good.  I'm getting a cold or maybe the flu right now so ya haha... anyways love you lots and i can't really read your letter so I'm gonna print it and read it hopefully it'll bring me happiness haha in this stressful time haha 

love you lots!!


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