Monday, August 29, 2016

So this week of miracles!!!

So this week was actually pretty amazing!!! so this week we were contacting and we found this lady. We were trying to look for a house of a menos activo and we found asked her for the person. And anyway I wanted to say thanks and leave but I got an impression that I should say that we were missionaries and give the whole schpeel. Well after I said that I was like can we share a message with you? she was like yes! come in! so right as we sat down she goes well right before you got here, I was crying! I had a horrible fight with my boyfriend and I was praying that God would give me comfort and an answer to my prayers. I need to feel him here with me. I said send me somebody to help me and then you guys came!.... I was lke what? haha she was like you are sent from God and I will listen to you. So we taught her and she loved it and then we put her with a baptism date and we came back the next day and she was sharing all her friends the book of mormon and took a pic of us and posted it on facebook with the caption my angels, I felt a little uncomfortable with that she was saying that we were angels but it was really cool that we were an answer to her prayer! 
The next day we had nothing to do in the night. All of our plans dropped and we were left with nowhere to go and nothing to do. At night its a little dangerous to be just wandering the streets. So I was like ok lets pray. So we prayed to find a person to teach but we only had 30 min till we had to be home. I felt the spirit strong to go and visit on of the contacts that we had made the day before. So we went there and they were like thanks but no. So I was like ok... what now? so I had this feeling to cross the street. So I crossed the street and contacted a house. Nobody came out. Ok.... next house.... literally the one next door. So we contacted that house and this lady came out. We gave her a card with a pic of Christ on it and she goes whoa,  I have goosebumps. And she starts to explain that she literally was being visited by the missionaries like 40 years before, but her parents didn't ever let her be baptized. She was really upset and she said that just recently her parents had both died and she feels like now she can investigate the church! so we gave her a book of mormon and she started to cry and was like I know that this is what I need! so we set up a time to come back cause she had family that was leaving and was like hey! we got to go! so I was going to leave when I felt that I should say do you want to be baptized? so I said it and she goes Yes. WHAT?!?!!?! so we left and I was like jumping a little.... ok a lot.... only the taxis saw, haha, but we came home right on time and started our studies.... it was amazing!! The Lord really does work and prepare people for the gospel! I love this work that I'm doing! WE worked super hard this week and found milagros! 
We also are teaching one of the elders investigators and she is awesome! She iis progressing  a ful! and loves it! She came to church and the light of christ that you see in her eyes is amazing! Everyday that we pass its more and more! She's gonna be baptized the 10th! haah! 
Anyways I hope that you all had a good week!

Love you guys lots!!

Hermana Breon

To Mom: 
a ful is spanish and I'm spelling it right and all those things I'm spelling in spanish haha! I don't remember the english anymore! haha! its kinda funny actually haha I'm like freaking out.. I'm gonna be home in 6 months! and I don't want to leave! haah! I'm at that point now and the cambio is like flying by! bueno, now doing ok with the comp. I'm trying to be patient and ya.... I think that has been my entire mission..... patience haha! I told president that and he laughed and was like ya... haha ! By The way he says hi and is praying for you guys!  

Ya president helped me feel better. He sent me an email last week... welll its the weekly emails that we get and he said that they, hermana and president,  love me alot and that they are praying for me. So I saw them this week tooo because we had interviews again. So I gave hermana Wilson a hug and it was awesome! I love them so much!Who would've thought that I would have so much contact with them in my mission! haha! They are awesome! haha anyways... so they are like really worried about what is going on and they said that they are here if I need anything and they were like just focus on the work... The time will come when you hear that they have passed on, but you have just got to work super hard. Don't give yourself time to think about it cause that's when you are gonna break down. You can do this. So that was really nice to hear. And en verdad I'm really happy that they are here for me. I feel so much closer to christ its not even funny. I never thought that it would be this way. I see the light in my eyes more than ever and its super weird... haha like a good weird... wierd... haha I realized that this week and was like whoa... haha
Mom everything is gonna be ok. I know that this is hard. its hard for me too. thankfully we have the plan of salvation right? I don't know what I would do if we didn't. I have met people here that don't think that. They think it just ends. How sad. I get really sad when I hear that cause they are literally wrong. I can't believe that. I know that there is life after death. And when we need Him the most, He is always there for us. I have realized that. For a while i was feeling really alone here in the mission. Like I felt abandoned by God,  and it was weird, you would think that when you are a missionary that you would feel close. but after I talked to president and hermana cowley, I felt an overwhelming feeling that He is there! I was thinking that he wasn't. but He was there the entire time! I just needed somebody to tell me. haha and nowI couldn't have more hope and be more happier! I really can't believe it and its only 1 year I've been on the misison. Its amazing to me. I know that He is there for you! try praying on your knees everynight. Its weird but it helps haha. In some ways I wish I could be there to help with everything but I know that my place is here in the mission. I know that you can do it and I've been praying for you guys everyday. 

Anyway... i want to go to CA to see the graves and stuff. In someways I want to call and talk to you guys but I don't know the rules and I think you would have to talk to them if you want me to call. 
Ya God give us challenges to strengthen us, but sometimes we need help from others to support it too haha. I've learned that haha but ya.... 

I love you lots!!


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