Monday, October 31, 2016

Another baptism!!

So this week we had another baptism!!! it was awesome and this guy has a really cool story! it had been almost a year and he was finally baptised!! it was so awesome! juan is deffinately ready and totally converted! it was so awesome to be apart of the baptism! Everybody was crying and ya.. awesome! 

This week we were in the house for a lot of it so we didnt get to work very  much. Pedro is progressing really slowly but is progressing. He is reading the book of mormon and loves it but he isnt praying or going to church! AHHHH!!! so we taught prayer and attending church and how it is important and he was like ok ill go. well we passed for him on sunday before church to remind him to come and he was like i have to take my son to thehospital. we were like ok. So we are gonna come and get him to church! We know that if he goes hes gonna feel something and want to be baptized! He told us that he is praying but he didnt ask if the book of mormon is true. But at least hes praying!!! thats a step! we are excited to see how it goes! 

Anyways that was my week!!!

Love you guys lots!!!

Hermana Breon


To Mom

actually love the pants.. like them alot! haha i would rather work with pants than skirts anyday.... its so freeing! haha 
yes elder dyer left. he was here for the baptism of juan and after that he left to go home to the states. wierd... it was super wierd to see like an american couple (his parents) there and talk english to them haha like super wierd. haha but it was fun! we already had cambios and I'm with hermana beck finishing her training and stuff. Its been fun! haha i cant believe how fast all these cambios are going! im kinda freaking out here! haha but weve been ok.  oh and sort of... he was my lider de distrito in villa anita for 3 cambios and then here as my lider de zona  for 2 so i was with him for 5 cambios. wierd.... so sort of cried with him i dont remember. hhaa anyways so jill is going to england! im like super jeaulous but whateves haha anyways! there wasnt really much that happened this week cause   hermana beck was sick. The doctors said that she ate something that was bad but really i think that she had a touch of dengue but whatever hah shes doing alot better now so we are gonna be working a ton all next week!!! haha we also have a return misisonary in our ward that wants to leave with us a ton! YAY!!! so we are excited to work with her! She was telling me yesterday at church that shes like hermana your mission is gonna go by so fast and before you know it your at home and you dont know what to do haha! I was like oh no... she looked so lost and i was like is that gonna be me? haha anyways... that was this week!

Love you lots!

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