Monday, January 30, 2017

So this week...

So this week as super good! We went to the temple on monday and cleaned it haha! It was my last time cleaning the temple in my mission so everybody was like hermana breon! Clean the sealing rooms! youll be there soon! i was like oh my goodness! Missionaries... we are all so trunky!  haha but like always i cleaned the clestial room and the sealin rooms! i love it! haha 

This week we also got to visit Lucia! She is progressing super bien and loves what we give her to read and really feels like this is the place to be! So we had this lesson where the spirit was SO strong and all of us unded up crying! it was super powerful! we walking into it planning on teaching the wood of wisdom and walked out after teaching an awesome lesson on faith! 

Then this week we had a broadcast from the offices of the church and they changed the missionary schedule! WE like freaked out! ahaha so today we start that! its super wierd... haha i was like oh  man i only have like 4 more weeks of it! i want more! ahaha 

So the pics are me and my comp and my district!

Love you lots!
Hermana Breon
To Mom...
mom so heres amother list of what i want when i get home.... ive been thinking long and hard about this....
COSTCO pumpkin PIE!!!!!
and thats it for now.... OH! In n out! 

Ok im done now.... haha! 

so this week we were in house for  like most of the week and ya.. its was fun! but then we worked and wooohooo! we got some lessons and found some more people! Im trying not to think about going home too much.... but im freaking out! im glad that you told me about the travel plans because when we had the world wide missionary conference.... the elder who is going home after me got his travel plans and i was like wait.... haha did they buy the tickets? haha but im good now haha! 

So ya things are doing good here.... my body is falling apart.... my body wants to stop but my mind wants to keep going haha! but I'm totally good! Just super tired... haha 
I've come to realize that its coming to an end and i dont want it to.... becasue what happened to hermana badger (just got married!!) is gonna happpen to me one day and I'm freaking out. and i think its soon... NOOOOOOOOO!!! haha but ya.... 

that was all for the week! 

Love ya lots!

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