Monday, January 16, 2017

This week...CRAZINESS!!!

So this week we taught the family who came to church this last sunday with a family from the ward. WE have an FHE night and we taught the restauration and showed the fist vision. The girl, Daisy, was like i dont believe that it is possible but Manuel, her boyfriend, was like i know that this is true! So we were super excited to teach them and feel the spirit there... super strong! They didnt come this week to church but we have an appointment this week with them to visit them and see how they are progressing with the Book of Mormon. 

Also we visited a investigator that we havent vivited in a long time because of me and my comps health problems haha but we vivisted her and she was like i wanna be baptized! I was reading the book and i recieved that its true. But she hasnt about jose smith. so we told her to pray about it and see and so she is! 

Anyways that was the week this week!

Love you guys lots!

Hermana Breon

To Mom: 
I was really impressed by a personal thing that Presidente told me about my missionary work and i have relized that throughout my mission that i can do hard things. There is always disapointments, trials, sicknesses, and stuff like that but that really its all in the Lords plan for us. And that we can see miracles everyday. I dont wanna come home becasue i see how much good there is and happiness if we just trust in the Lord and His timing. He knows it  and us perfectly. But i know that this mission has prepared me for whats to come when im home. 

Thats awesome about dad! dont pul out his trache. thats bad haha! 

i know about coming home... my comp has just been reminding me everyday haha! shes got a countdown. haha! 

I went to the hospitla 2 last week because one was for hermana Killian and the other was for my hip. We were on a colectivo and i poped out my hip and stretched it accedentally when i was stopping. So it hurt alot. The i went in cause my stomache was hurting. Everything is fine now! 

Im like super nervous. Im gonna be starting my last cambio here next week and im freaking out. haha!


thats was the week.... there wasnt really much that happened this week. we wer in the hospital alot so ya not in out area much. I had check ups for my stomache but everything is fine! 

Love ya lots!


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