Monday, January 16, 2017

This week....and Dengue

so this week we were either in the hospital or in the house but we got out and we were able to work like 2 days so we found this cambo area and it was awesome! haha im gonna try to send the video but lets see.. 

so this week is cambios and i a officailly starting my last 6 weeks here in paraguay and Lucerito... its wierd and thats all im gonna say for the next 6 weeks about going home... haha

So we were in the house casue my comp has signs of dengue. the doctors think its another thing... typical... but we really believe that she does.... just without the fever. But ya.... so we were in house for like this week.... 

BUT something awesome.. like a miracle happened! one of our investigators came to CHURCH!!!!!! her name is Lucia and SHE CAME!!! and a menos activo came too! it was awesome!!! i was freaking out! She came and loved it and we think shes gonna come again. She studied the JWs before and so she kept making comparasins with our church and theirs but she really loved sacrament and everything! She has a bpatism date for the 4th of febuary! woohooo!! were excited! shes like reading and praying almost everyday now and it is awesome!!!!! haha

Anyways here is some pics.... we see wildliife EVERYWHERE!! haha so theres some ducks.... when they were crossing the street they like would stop and stare at us... we thought they were like gonna charge at us haha 
The other is me in pants in our new campo area that we found!

Love you guys lots!
Hermana Breon

To Mom:

so im staying in this area! and hermana Killian is gonna be my comp! haha! we did a month map thing for this cambio and hermana killian is like counting down the days to freak me out.... im officailly the oldest in the mission of the hermanas.... just me and 2 other latina hermanas are going home with a TON of elders. Im kinda freaking out.... but im not letting myself think too much of it... haha! 

Oh  was thinking about this this week.... we were in the house all week so i studied and had a lot of time to think. Dangerous.... but this is good.... when i get home the first thing i wanna do is go to the temple. thats like at the top of the list. haha and then we can go and do other things. haha but thats at the top haha! im really down for any kind of american fast food besides mcdonalds and burger king.... i eat that here. haha 
And im thinking about trying to get a job at deseret book... i know wierd right? haha so can you hook me up? haha 

So we had an investigator come to church and that was awesome! 

I feel like the ward doesnt love me as much as my comp but whateves... im sure this cambio ill connect haha. Its just kinda wierd for me haha they all think im new haha im like ummmmm no im finishing haha! haha oh well. 

This week we ran to the hospital like more than twice and ya haha! 
i wanna send videos but i dont know how! thats what we do most of the time haha their like super funny! haha but i dont now how to send them haha

Anyways im doing ok! I fel like its the beginning of my mission all over again with the hospital but its been fun! haha but ya! 

Anyways love you lots!


We were drenched from the rain!


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